People Want to Know Who Is Fred Mastro?

We will help you answer the question of why Fred Mastro is famous? Many wonder what he does for a living. Fred Mastro is a fight choreographer born in Belgium. He is well known for protecting celebrities or being a bouncer. Fred Mastro is a professional defence master. With the skills he has acquired over twenty years in the security industry, he has revolutionized the security sector with valuable and realistic ways to deal with violence and assault incidents. He is acquainted with both professional self-defence and self-defence. Fred Mastro encompasses different techniques and tactics, which differ from one student to another. He specializes in the Mastro defence system, which is both simple and most effective, which he created himself. Fred Mastro has protected VIPs from all corners of the world over the years. Matro has also worked with celebrities like Liam Neeson on the film Taken. All the above is getting to know who is Fred Mastro as a defence expert.

Mastro Defense System

Fred Mastro developed his own Ladyfense and MDS, becoming more famous and relevant in the world’s defence choreographies. He also holds seminars for teachers and students in North America. Fred Mastro teaches students defence systems to help them disarm their attackers of deadly weapons such as knives. Fred Mastro has also been seen in real MMA fights, but he tends not to apply his maestro defence system when he is in the ring. His Mastro Defence System (MDS) has been adopted by private security agents, public and private sectors. Mastro’s defence system has proved to be resourceful in real-life situations.

What Areas of Defense Does Fred Mastro Classes Cover?

Fred Mastro is an international defense master, and he has taken the skills and knowledge about defense that he has and has diversified in teaching civilians, private sectors and also police men how to protect themselves from their assailants. Mastro offers the following services:

  • Civil self-defense
  • Close- protection services
  • Private self-defense, police, military and security
  • Fight choreographer and regulator physical cascades

Fred Mastro has also taken his skills on most social media platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, with millions of followers. He posts videos of seminars, training, and internships. Martial arts enthusiasts can also acquire one of his DVDs and have only Fred Mastro’s experience. In his videos, all his moves are explained in detail hence helping the viewers understand the movements. Fred Mastro is a BJJ brown (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).