A Detailed-Guide: Are Movies better than Books?

Movies are the recording of moving images that tell us a story. As time has gone by, movies have gotten extensively popular. So many series have fandoms, waiting for the next part creating a massive buzz in the industry. Movies play a more significant role than to entertain us- they actively shape our consciousness. However, this was not always the case. Books were all the rage and heavily influenced people’s opinions. It is now that motion pictures are becoming such a favorite in the entertainment industry. 

In-Depth: Are movies better than books?

Gone are the times when a piece of paper filled with words could bring so much imagination to our minds. Now we have action-filled, dramatically portrayed, or even terrifying films to get that job done! But sometimes this can spark a question in our minds, are movies better than books? 

It is understood that watching a film is more of an exciting experience than reading a book. Visually, they seem more appealing to our minds and hence, the desire to watch them. The added effects and filters make it seem like a real-life experience that excites you way more than just reading a book. Especially when you are physically going to a cinema whether, with your friends, family or only by yourself, the excitement, the wait-all makes up for a memorable time. 

Ending Thoughts

Books can still be a choice for many.  Besides, they reduce stress, improve your imagination, and build your vocabulary! Books can be a great benefit to your mental well-being. They can be a calming source for you to take a break, unwind, and turn off the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Just like movies, books come in several different genres and topics. So, it is up to you to decide. Whatever you want to read, because of old habits, or just that you love to read! It is enough reason for you to confide in books. Plus, not everyone can like the same things!