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The Olympics have never been postponed other than war, but due to Covid-19, the world has come to a standstill. Hence the Olympics 2020 has been postponed to 2021. Since all the countries have been impacted due to Covid-19 and the cases are increasing day by day, the wise decision was to wait for this year’s Olympics to stop the contamination. 

This news left all the spectators and participants disheartened. Other than wars, the Olympics have never been postponed. Since the uncertainty of the situation demands an immediate response, hence this decision was taken.

The loss the country might have to face is also significant, and the participants’ safety. This will impact the sponsors and broadcasters who have spent billions on the Olympics. The virus has canceled many volunteers who were to participate in this year’s games and the biggest celebration for which people come from all over the world.

Breaking and Latest News

Debut Games

This time in the Olympics, certain games will make their debut. Let us take a look at the games that will take place this year.

The Committee gave allowance for skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, baseball, and karate. Certain games are added to the Olympics every four years while the old ones retire from the games.

Retired Games

One of the top-rated games is dropped from the Olympics this year, and that is wrestling. Although not an easy decision, the committee wanted to look at other sports this year. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the Olympics and very trendy amongst the spectators. However, the decision had to be made because the Committee wanted to give other sports a chance.


The Olympics are supposed to occur in Tokyo this year, and 11,091 athletes are expected to participate. There are 206 countries expected to take place in the Olympics, which will be held at Japan National Stadium.