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Dr. David A. Yeagley
Enrolled member of the Comanche Nation,
(Lawton, Oklahoma)

Pianist, Composer
Writer (scholarly, fiction, poetry)
Portrait Artist
Political Commentator

Bachelor of Music, 1974: Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH
Master of Divinity, 1979: Yale University School of Divinity, New Haven, CT
Master of Arts, 1981: Emory University Institute of Liberal Arts, Atlanta, GA
Special Student, 1983: Harvard University Department of American Studies.
Artist Diploma, 1990: University of Hartford Hartt School of Music, Hartford, CT
Doctorate of Musical Arts, 1994: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Ford Fellow, 1976-78, Emory University
Cultural Ambassador Candidate, 1993, University of Arizona
Kellogg Fellow, 1993-94, Americans for Indian Opportunity
Alumni Delegate, 1995, Emory University Assembly XIII

Humanities (Ancient and Modern); Psychology; Literature; Music; Philosophy.

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City, OK, 1996-2001
University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK, 1997-98
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 2001

At Oklahoma State University, OKC, Yeagley founded a literary journal, The Raven Anthology, edited by Gretchen Kifer.

Private Music Lessons (piano, composition, voice)
Youth Bible Class (Seventh-day Adventist Church)

Young America’s Foundation
John Birch Society

Yeagley has participated on various discussion panels in Oklahoma City on national issues. For example, June 26, 2008, he was asked to by the League of Women Voters speak on the immigration issue. In 2003, Yeagley ran for Oklahoma City Council, taking over 40% of the vote. In 2007 he ran for Vice-chairman of the Comanche Nation.

In 1998, Dr. Yeagley spoke in Caesarea, Israel. He lectured on music, and presented a new style of cantorial chant. He performed on his American Indian cedar flute. His three-movement duet for oboe and basson was premiered also: “Three Spirit Dances on the Bark of an Ancient Stump.” Meirav Kadichevsky (oboe) and Ayelet Ballin (bassoon) were the performers.

In 1999, Dr. Yeagley went on a lecture tour in Iran. He spoke on American culture, government, history and literature. He spoke at the University of Teheran and the Ferdowsi University (Masshad). He also visited Neshabur and Torbat-e-hederya. The final day in Masshad, Dr. Yeagley performed on his cedar flute.

Dr. Yeagley has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs, including Ken Hamblin’s show, Hannity & Colmes, Bill O’Reilly, and C-Span. He was the key interview in History Channel’s “Comanche Warriors,” and was also interviewed in a Danish Television international documentary on indigenous peoples. Dr. Yeagley assisted in the production and shaping of both these documentaries.

WRITING, columnist, columnist
AmericanEnterprise, former colunnist, guest
Persian Heritage Magazine, contributor and editorial board member since 1997

Bad Eagle: The Rantings of a Conservative Comanche (R & R, 2007)
Altered States: The State of the Dead, the State of the Holy (2007)
“The Historical Influence of the String Bow on Musical Notation,” in The Journal of the American Liszt Society, vol. 19 (June 1986).
“Liszt’s Dante Sonata: Origins and Criticism,” in The Journal of the American Liszt Society, vol. 37 (June 1995).

Dr. Yeagley has written over a dozen academic manuscripts to be published in the near future, in small book form. These works include the topics of music, literature, religion, and also include fiction and poetry. Dr. Yeagley has written a large volume of epic poetry, Jahan-dideh, dedicated to Farah Diba Pahlavi, former Empress of Iran.

MUSIC (developing)

2004 – Awakenings: New Music for Native American Flute by David Anthony Yeagley. James Pellerite, Native American flute. Cleveland, Ohio: AZICA Records.
2004 – New Music for the Northern Plains Flute. Contains Yeagley’s Clouds of an Evening Sun. Performed by James Pellerite, Native American flute, with the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Katowice, David Oberg, conductor. OPUS ONE Records.
2005 – HaNitzol, for oboe and orchestra; Jacek (opera). Performed by the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, David Oberg, conductor. OPUS ONE Records.
2006 – Masterworks of the New Era, Vol. 8. 2 CDs. ERM Media. Contains Ha Nitzol by David Anthony Yeagley. Performed by the Kiev Philharmonic, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor.
2007 – Visions, Dreams & Memories. Contains Wessi vah-peh by David Yeagley. Performed by James J. Pellerite, Native American flute, with the Moravian Philharmonic, Lawrence Golan, conductor. ALBANY Records.

Yeagley is the first American Indian to be commissioned to write complete film score. He was hired by the Oklahoma State Historical Society to write a symphonic sound track for the 1920 silent film, “Daughter of Dawn.” The music was completed in June, 2008. Yeagley was commissioned in December, 2007.

Yeagley is the first American Indian classical composer to have a complete album of his own works, Awakenings (AZICA, 2004), ten etudes and a sonata, for solo American Indian flute, James Pellerite performing. As of 2009, Yeagley is the only American Indian composer to write classical music for the Indian flute.

Yeagley is the first American Indian classical composer to write a grand opera, and his opera is the first grand opera on the Jewish Holocaust. The music was completed in 2000. A portion of Act I, Scene 2 was recorded by the Polish National Radio Symphony, and released in May, 2005 (OPUS ONE).

Yeagley’s works have been broadcast on NPR stations across the country, and he has by far the most professional label recordings than any other American Indian classical composer.

Yeagley began composing in 1964. He as written works for piano solo, violin solo, vocal solo, American Indian flute solo, as well as choral works of all genres, chant, and symphonic works, as well as chamber works. He wrote complex contrapuntal music for chamber ensembles in 1965. After studying with Dan Asia at the University of Arizona (where Yeagley completed his Doctorate in 1994), Yeagley developed a new system of harmonic organization. A few of his compositions are displayed on YouTube. These are from live concerts at the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC.

Meditation and Rhapsody No.2 (violin solo)
Comanche Hymn (women’s chorus, alto flute, drum)
The Writhing of Earth Worms (chamber trio, oboe, viola, bassoon)
Sancte Michael (chant)

In 1987, Yeagley created the art/lecture show, “Bad Eagle and His Descendants.” It was first shown at the Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians, then at Yale Peabody (1989), Phillips Academy Peabody, and Presidents Church in Boston (Quincy). It was shown at the University of Arizona’s Art Museum in 1994. The show comprises six individual portraits–of Bad Eagle and and descendents, including a self-portrait of Yeagley. There are lectures about Comanche culture, Indian issues in general, and talks on each individual in the portrait series. It was the first genealogy in portraiture of a single American Indian family, the last generation being the artist himself.

In 1986, Yeagley created three graphite portraits of Diane von Furstenberg, and a fourth in 1987. In 1987 he also created portraits of Farah Dibah Pahlavi, Dolly Parton, and others. He called this series “Pretty Feathers,” though it was never shown publicly. Yeagley designed the clothing and jewelry in each portrait.

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