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Help Me Sue the Professional Smear Mongers of the Left

I ONCE wrote a column called, “The Only Good Indian is a Liberal Indian.” It was for good reason. The last thing liberals want is an Indian free of their control.

Some people are terrified at the thought of an American Indian conservative. They can’t stop me from being conservative, so they’re doing the next best thing; they’re desperately trying to deny that I’m Indian.

Recently, a number of individuals and media institutions began spreading the rumor that I was adopted, and therefore not really Comanche. They are lying. My Certificate of Live Birth clearly shows who I am. It proves that my parents really are my parents — something I never imagined I would be called upon to prove!

I have retained an attorney to sue every person and institution involved in spreading this lie.

Cybersquatters Dr. Al Carroll (upper left) and Brent Michael Davids (lower left) have led an online smear campaign against me through their pirated blogs and Among other falsehoods, they charge that I am adopted, and therefore not Comanche. Major media outlets have repeated their lies. On the right, Carroll boasts on his blog that he and “Brent” have deliberately conspired to destroy me professionally. Both claim to be part Indian.

Our lawsuit will focus initially on two individuals; Dr. Al Carroll and Brent Michael Davids.

Dr. Carroll wrote a book containing numerous libels against me. Among others, he repeated the lie that I was adopted, even suggesting that my birth certificate had been fabricated. From the beginning, Mr. Davids has allied himself with Dr. Carroll, collaborating openly and extensively in libeling me.

After we have proceeded against Dr. Carrol and Mr. Davids, we will move to the next step. We will sue every person and institution that helped them disseminate their falsehoods — including major media organizations which have knowingly repeated their lies.

Because I am an American Indian conservative, Carroll and Davids have tried to rob me of my identity as a Comanche Indian. They have tried to deny that I am the great-great-grandson of Bad Eagle. They have dishonored my mother’s memory and defiled her grave by denying that I am her son.

Their collaborators in this outrage include some of the wealthiest, most powerful media corporations in the world.

You are invited to join me in defending the truth, in defending my name, my honor, and my Comanche identity. You will be helping me clear a safe path for other conservative Indians who fear to reveal themselves publicly, lest they too become targets of people like Al Carroll and Brent Michael Davids. You will be supporting the cause of American Patriotism among American Indians. Please contribute to our Legal Defense Fund today.

Dr. David A. Yeagley

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Posted by David Yeagley · January 14, 2009 · 12:57 pm CT ·