April 29, 2004
Polls, Pals, and Pills

Liberal media rejoices with the news from pollsters "Iraqis Want US Out of Country." What a wonderful testimony of objectivity, truth in journalism, all in brave, bold letters. (Of course, that's Yahoo's headline. TPO's headline reads, "Iraqis Impatient with US Presence." Big difference, but, that's a different story. The article referenced above is the same article under both headlines.)

Of course, it's a Gallup Poll, not something known for objectivity of interpretation. "There's a sense of disillusionment," said director of international polling Richard Burkholder, Thursday. "They had higher expectations of us. If we can sweep their army aside in a matter of weeks, why can't we stabilize their country? We're a victim of their high expectations."

We didn't sweep their army aside. The snakes went into their holes. They're coming out in spot attacks now, supported by foreigners like Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Palestinians, and even Iranians, coming in from all Iraqi borders. The resistance to US presence has already had indirect Russian and French political support, from the start.

And where is it recorded that the Iraqis expected us to be in and out, with no struggle or variables? Whose expectations is Burkholder talking about?

The media is a great ally of the "make America look bad" campaign of the liberal commies. We all know that. This is expected. The media is pals with propaganda, always. Of course, American propaganda in media is expressed through the presumption that truth and justice behind every headline. In other words, to appear objective, true, and reliable, the news must knock America. This is provacative, this is exciting, this is good journalism, on all sides. So they think.

The media is pals with pollsters, too. It is understood, by all who think, that polls are the most subjective, liable, and therefore most unreliable source of opinion forming information ever devised in Western culture. They but rarely reflect a balanced assessment. They are biased in their very nature, in their slection of pollees and the formulation of questions, and then their results are "interpreted" after that. A generally hopeless exercise in seeking truth.

It's all in whom you ask your "set-up" questions. You can get whatever answers you want. Of course, an article about a poll is nothing but interpretation. We aren't given the "who was asked" information, which is vital. We weren't given the "how many were asked" info either, which is equally important. We weren't even told the "where people were interviewed," which makes the whole report nearly useless.

"3,444 face-to-face interviews" were taken? Where? In Baghdad? In Fallujah? How many in each different place, if there were different places? Were the polls taken wherever and whenever it was convenient (safe) for reporter pollsters? Without such vital information, the article appears to be utter propaganda.

News is like a pill. You take pill to help you feel a certain way, or because it has a salubrious effect of some kind. I think we can assume that most news reports are designed to excite, to provoke, and the best way to do this is through offense. To offend the American people, their trust and love of America, this is the pill of the news. It's designed to make you feel bad about America. That's provocative. That's good news reporting.

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April 26, 2004
The Wondering Whites

The Spring 2004 issue of the Oberlin Alumni Magazine (Oberlin is my own alma mater) contains an article about Geoffrey DeGraff '71. Oberlin is a fascinating college, indeed, so fascinating that Mr. DeGraff became Thanissaro Bhikku, a Buddhist monk at the Metta Forest Monastery in northern San Diego County. He got into meditation at Oberlin in 1969. He must have missed something in his home back in rural New York State. Ah, but he's a liberal monk. He reads and teaches Chinese historical fiction, authored by another American, an Oberlin grad ('71) and his friend Jeanne Larsen. DeGraff also use Harry Potter stories to teach with. "Good lessons about loyalty and integrity," he says. Indeed, lessons he must have skipped growing up.

Mr. Geoffrey DeGraff, aka Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Then there's Mr. Quick, who became Shayk Abbdallah Hakim, back in 1970. He is a profound zealot of Islamic ascendency, particularly in America. He's a little more careful with his background information, leaving little on the internet for the public. Perhaps he feels this truth would invalidate his Islamicism somehow. We don't know his full "white" name, only "Abbdallah Hakim Quick."

Shayk Abdallah Hakim Quick

What is it with some white people, heirs of the most creative, constructive race in the history of the modern world? Once known as "slavs" the white race rose to universal power, achieving more in a few centuries than all the other races in the history of the world, combined. How could modern white people feel so lost, so confused, so willing to embrace foreign religion and culture?

Is it just a modern phenomenon?

There have been many converts from other races and religions, who decided to become Christian, and adopt "white" ways of Western culture. This is generally a step up, socially, economically, and certainly in terms of self-development.

But why do some white Westerners feel they must personally embrace all that the white race has risen above?

Pat Buchanan thinks its some kind of white guilt for being superior. Death of the West, he notes how revisionist history of white liberals (communists) condemns America for its accomplishments. (On pp.155, 156, he quotes one of my FrontPageMagazine articles in which I tell a story about a white female student who was ashamed of America.)

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just freedom to be free, to search, to wander, to explore, to find something you didn't have, or that you thought you didn't have. But maybe Frank Baum had the idea right in his Wizard of Oz (1900). Little Dorothy said it best: "If it's not in my own back yard, I never really lost it anyway."

Well, that was in the day when Baum called for the extermination of American Indians. As an Indian, I'm grateful that that kind of white pride has been mollified somewhat.

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April 23, 2004
The Politics of Morality

The issue of abortion is a test case of how politics can use morality. The heaviest moral weight rests on the issue. Politicians want to cash in on it, but it's a little tricky. It involves rights--of the unborn child, the women, and last but not least, the man.

Kerry of course is coming down on the the side of the women voters, most of whom are already galvanized into feminist or women's rights voting blocks. He wants their votes. That's as far as his thinking goes on the issue. They're for abortion. Therefore, he's for abotion.

Bush is working against abortion, step by step. At least this has some semblence of courage, and actualy morality. It isn't so popular, but that's what authenticates Bush on this issue. He's making decisions by principle, not for votes.

Naturally, most women feel they have the right to decide the issue themselves. Yet, there's a curious anomaly in circumstance. Lower income women are the ones who have most of the abortions, and that puts them on the liberal, Democrat side of so-called "rights." But now there's a another group of lower-income women emerging who are anti-abortion.

You guessed it. Black women.

One might wonder a bit why they haven't united before. After all, in recent years up to 70% of black births were illegitimate. (In Franklin County, Ohio, in 1992, it was 76.6%.) And these unwed mothers of illegitimate children all get a monthly check for each child, in some states amounting to $1,500 per child or more. It's a living.

So now they're all uniting behind a Republican slogan of anit-abortion? Liberal black women are hotly protesting the hypocrisy. In fact, Jill Nelson posted a nasty piece on Condoleeza Rice, accusing her of the same kind of hypocrisy. (I guess liberals don't want to see anyone leave their ranks, for any reason. Any darkie who sees the light of conservatism must be a natural fake. )

Well, it's hard to exist these days, in any condition, without being identified politically. Politicians and parties are desperate, it seems. All people must be grouped, identified, and registered to vote! All people must count. How patriotic. Step right up, caste your vote, be a winner!

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April 21, 2004
Another Innocent Arab

A typical foreign graduate student at an American University? Another fine Middle Eastern professional seeking to better his life by getting a degree in the United States?

Sami Omar Al-Hussayen is a 34 year old doctoral student in computer science at the University of Idaho. How innocent, how wonderful. What a tribute to American freedom and opportunity. A person can come from the other side of the world, and end up in the whitest of white environments, deep in the recesses of the American 'frontier,' and just have a wonderful life. How noble.

Sami Omar Al-Hussayen- Sami the Rat

But Sami, a Saudi Arabian, is in court now, accused of creating web sites that supported the Palestinian militant group Hamas and organizations that advocate attacks on the United States. Al-Hussayen is been accused of maintaining bank accounts in four states to funnel money to a Michigan-based organization that federal agents said has links to terrorists. The government also has filed visa fraud and false statement charges against Al-Hussayen. (The terrorism counts are punishable by up to 15 years each, the visa fraud charges by up to 25 years each, and the false-statement counts by five years each.)

Just another typical Middle Eastern grad student. Just another poor foreigner trying to make his life better. Just another friendly Saudi, like the 19 who demolished the WTC.

A test case for the Patriot Act? The Patriot Act is against American freedom! It is an attorney's response to another attorney's accusation. The Patriot Act is therefore naturally a failure of principle, a failure of duty, and a betrayal of Americans. It is a fraud from start to finish, and represents moral weakness and perfidy on the part of American legislators and the legal system.

DEPORT the Arab Muslims! And don't let any in! This is the true patriot act. This is the true solution. This is a mere inconvenience to them, at worst. This is non-violent. This is simple, efficient, and effective--for everyone except the attorneys. This would protect Americans, this would make Arab leaders answer to their own people, and force responsibility on them.

Al-Hussayn is a wonderful, typical father of three, and he lives in the Idaho town of Moscow! He's been treated with such wonderful liberal compassion. He's such a good man, and the American attorney's and the judges simply rejoice in the good will of their courts and the whole system of American betrayal. They are so self-congratulatory.

And of course, Al-Hussayen was not working alone. Four other Arabs have been arrested, all living near Syracuse, New York. Those charged in that case are Rafil Dhafir, 55, an oncologist in Fayetteville, N.Y., who is an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen; Maher Zagha, 34, a Jordanian who attended college in New York state; Ayman Jarwan, 33, of Syracuse, a Jordanian citizen born in Saudi Arabia who worked as the executive director of Help the Needy; and Osameh al-Wahaidy, 41, of Fayetteville, a Jordanian citizen employed as a spiritual leader at the Auburn Correctional Facility and a math instructor at the State University of New York at Oswego. They funneled money through a Arab charity in Michigan, that great harbor of Arabs.

Just all one happy family of murderous Arabs, living happily in the land of their enemy--the United States of America.

Therefore, I hereby accuse every attorney, every judge, every law officer, every citizen of America who is not willing to immediately deport every Arab Muslim from the United States, of treason, cowardice, and betrayal of America.
Every such legislature, public official, or officer, in any capacity, who is not willing to initiate the process of deportation is obviously a deluded person, unable or unwilling to exercise the strength of conviction and purpose to be a true American patriot.

This condition of delusion is, at this point, the cause of perpetual, murderous terrorism in the world. There are white Americans who are the worst enemies of America. What shall we do with them?

There is a war of whites against whites, here in America. The "darkies" are merely being used as puppets. If the whites can't handle their own, some patriot 'skins' are going to have to rise up and do the job. Let it be skin against skin, then. I'm an American patriot, not a racist.

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April 18, 2004
Spain Caves In

Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has given the order to Spanish troops to pull out of Iraq as soon as possible. Zapatero has decided not to wait until June 30, when the new Iraqi government will take power under its new constitution.

Why are the Spanish people so unwilling to be involved in the effort to establish freedom in Iraq?

It isn't just because of the Madrid bombings (3-11), or the discovery of more threats of the same. The Spanish people, basically socialist, as is the vast majority of their Parliament, were against the war in Iraq all along. And they certainly made their position public after the Madrid 3-11.

Socialism has an affinity with Islam. Both operate on the basis of tyranny. Hussein espoused Marxism. Islamic militants are the "proletariate" front which Marx prescribed, now otherwise weakened if not absent in the former communist world effort.

Patio de los Leones, Alhambra

But there is more. Spain has deep Arabic Muslim roots intertwined in its culture. The Arabic Muslims came across North Africa, and into Spain by 711 AD. They remained in control of most of the Iberian Peninsula until 1492. Arabic culture affected Spanish religious sentiment (in enthusiasts like Ignatius Loyola), arts, architecture, and music. For instance, the most quickly identifiable Spanish rythm in the world, the habanera, is Arabic, straight from the Moors.

The Arabic influence may yet be understood to have even deeper affects.

One of the most famous of all Spanish cultural traditions is the flamenco music and dance, as exhibited most examplary by musicians like guitarist Carlos Montoya. What is flamenco music? Gitano music. Gypsi music. Music of the Gypsies, who had reached Barcelona by 1447 (coming across Europe, around the Alps.) Another group also came directly across Gilbraltar.

Gypsie dancer, 1967, from the Steven Kahn collection.

Though the indigenous people of Spain are white, a large portion of the people are a tri-racial mix, at the minimum. (Spain was a Puerto Rico before Puerto Rico!). They are mixed with Arabs and Gypsies. They do not feel a terrible aversion to the third world, nor particularly to the Arab world.

However, the Basques, those whose modern political party has resisted modern socialist politics in Spain, are actually the indigenous, white, and most ancient people of the peninsula. Suevi, Vandals, and Visigoths invaded in the early 5th century AD, and these were Aryan (German) tribes, but even these were not the indigenous whites. The Basques are the originals, at least theoretically and ideologically. So, in a way, it looks like Basque party represents the "American Indian" position of Iberia. Modern Spain naturally hates them today, because they challenge the modern "foreign" government of Spain.

In any other circumstance, the Leftists of the world would support the indigenous uprising! Alas, the Spanish indigenous are white. Such luck.

Strange, so much of that for which Spain is most famous in the world, did not originate in Spain, whether architecture, religious extremism, music, and now even race and politics. Rather, Spain has seen foreigners invent marvelous things on her own soil.

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April 15, 2004
Another Devil Wants Peace?

The coward himself, the most arrogant, deluded maniacal murderer of all, wants peace? Osama Bin Laden offers a truce? He thinks he can control Europe now, since there are so many immigrant Muslims there. His PR agent is as deluded as he is. This alleged offer of peace is not a show of power. This is another cowardly murderer who has weakened, like the immature Al-Sadr, and who must be eradicated.

Osama Bin Ladin, madman, murderer, etc.

Why can't the world unite and eliminate the foul breath of this madman? He hides behind the complexity of free government. He takes advantage of the magnitude of free institutions. He is unencumbered. The murderer walks more freely than the legislator. The murderer consults only himself. Freedom leaders consult the people.

There is an option, but more complicated than eliminating Bin Ladin. (But, if the West won't show strength in the easier task, how can the West perform the harder task?)

The option is deportation of Arab Muslims. OBL wants Europe to withdraw it's troops from Muslims nations? Europe should say yes--as soon as all Muslims have withdrawn from Europe, and returned to their own wonderful countries, which provide such unparalleled peace, prosperity, opportunity, freedom, and joy.

Europe's response so far has simply been not to listen to Bin Ladin, nor to be affected by his words at all. Yet, look what happened in Spain. The people listened. And the people did not think. They showed they were incapable of reasoning clearly. They reacted with fear and frustration. This can happen to any country that comes under attack. Spainish socialist president Zapatero has vowed to remove Spanish troops from Iraq if things don't work out by June 30, the deadline set for the new Iraq government. He speaks from fear, not resolve. He has been threatened.

The only real safety is for every western country, partcularly those involved in Iraq, is to deport all the Arab Muslims from their own countries, back to their homelands. With their presence comes the threat of sabotage, suicide murderers, and unspeakable havoc. This is the overwhelmingly obvious fact.

Bin Laden rightly observes, "What happened on September 11 and March 11 are your goods returned to you so that you know security is a necessity for all." This he can say because the Western countries are too impotent to take the serious action necessary--deporting Arab muslims, imposing a strict world travel ban on all of them, and creating a lock-down on their countires, at least temporarily, until all this insanity subsides.

Security is a necessity, only because of weakness in the west. It turns the spirit of the brave to gaul, this studied weakness, this impotence. Western liberal ideologues continue to project the wonderful complexity and refinement of centuries of Western Judeo-Christian civilization onto madmen, dogs, and murderers, as if civilized treatement of them will engender civilized behavior from them. Daily the foment of mania blathers from the souless void of the murderers, and there are Western leaders who will continually look the other way, and insist that peace is possible with them? Let the sons and daughters of those liberal traitors go live in Yemen. Let those leaders go themselves.

Our worst enemies are those who cannot think, but who feel their indulgence of the devil is a sign of righteousness. Their self-righteousness is destroying us all.

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April 14, 2004
The Devil Wants Peace?

Moqtada al-Sadr want's peace? The immature, fanatical cleric of the Sunni Triangle who has been fomenting murder for many weeks now wants to call a halt? Through a negotiator he claims he wants to spare Najaf, the city in which he takes refuge, a terrible bloodbath from the US forces.

Negotiator Abdelkarim al-Anzi, in front of a
poster of Al-Sadr with that infamous demonic
look in his eyes, that Islamic look. But the
negotiator seems like quite a different and
better man.

What a lie! Najaf enshrines the tomb of Imam Ali, and the place is sacred to the Shi'ites. Al-Sadr's taking refuge there is like the murderous terrorists holding up in the household of defenseless women and children. What a muderous, deceitful coward he is! Just like the Palestinians, who heartlessly murder Jewish women and children, then come back and try to hide behind the hijobs of their own.

Al-Sadr is a fake and an arrogant son of Belial. He is merely seeking a tyrannical control over people, like most of the clerics. He knows if he causes destruction of a Shi'a shrine, he will loose power, that's all. He is not concerned about anything else. Nothing is sacred to him, not life, not people, and not women and children. His satanic fanaticism is concerned only for his tentative tyranny.

The only terms we should offer him is to turn himself in, or die in the dust of Najaf, along with the people and the shrine. He is responsible, totally.

He thinks he can dictate to the world? He think's he's a patriot? He has abandoned himself to blind, murderous folly. He cares not for Islam, but for power. The most degrading thing that the US-led coalition can possibly do is to dignify his idiocy with response.

Level Najaf and see how many other maniacal clerics will be welcomed to take refuge at other Shi'a sites.

The mercy and patience with which the Bush administration continues steadfastly to display is remarkable. No motive can be assigned. It is incomprehensible. We have no basis for believing it will be effective, except faith. This is a faith-based initiative. American leaders have faith that, if the Iraqi's experience real freedom, they'll prefer it to anything else.

In the meantime, we sacrifice lives to provide them the mere opportunity. Will Iraq have experienced freedom by June 30? Well, they have experienced more of it in the last year than ever in their modern history. We shall have to have faith that more and more of them will be willing to fight for it. So far, few have when brought to the test.

They're already acting like liberals. They want to luxuriate in "freedom," but aren't willing to lift a finger to obtain it themselves.

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April 12, 2004
Cease Fire? For What?

The second day of a "fragile" cease-fire continues in Fallujah, Iraq, scene of the worst figthting since the American invasion over a year ago.

Indeed, Iraq reason is lost in the "Sunni Triangle" like reality is lost in the Burmuda Trangle. Newly trained Iraq troops refuse military duty in Fallujah. They didn't sign up to fight Iraqis, they say. So who did they expect to fight? Americans? Sounds like they signed up for a meal. The Iraqi police are a much braver group. Are the new Iraqi troops thinking the army must never raise weapons against its countrymen? Well, Iraq hasn't adopted the American constitution yet. The Iraqi police are like a military force, in a way. But Iraq is as yet an undefined country, with an undefined government.

Yet, if a huge group of Americans rose up against Washington, would the government not declare insurrection, and martial law, and immediately imploy the armed forces? That is the blueprint Bill Clinton concocted. It's happening in America. Troops are being used as police force. Are the new Iraqi soldiers already more patriotic than American government permits our soldiers to be here in America?

The whole matter of the Sunni Triangle is like some American internationally projected cancer. The Sunni Triangle in Iraq reflects breaches of American values here at home.

In Fallujah, as well as here at home, America insists on some combination of weak chemotherapy and mild radiation, rather than radical surgery. There is a nasty job that needs to be done. The issue of who has the "authority" or "propriety" to do it is immaterial. In the Sunni Triangle, the job undone jeopardizes the whole mission in Iraq. If the mission fails, the effects will be catastrohpic.

Iraqis do not fear America. Strangely, we are there, changing their country. But there are those who defy the effort. And they will continue to murder, terrorize, intimidate and torture until they are annihilated. They will not change their intents or tactics. They prefer death. I say, let them have it. It is their choice. Why continually deny them their wish, and instead let them kill other people who want to live?

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April 11, 2004
America's Finest Lady

Condoleeza Rice is a rather remarkable lady. Her poise and self-possession seem undauntable. She has demonstrated an elegance beyond what most are capable of appreciating, let alone imitating. If there was ever a person of the Negro race who ought to be held up as a model of behavior, it's Condoleeza Rice. Forget the black athletes. Forget the civil rights leaders. Just look at how Condoleeza handles herself, and has been handling herself. Indeed, her self-control outshines the whites around her.

Many people have high intellects, and administrative talents. Many people have been successful with a steady course over years. But not many people can handle public scrutiny, and especially the kind of idiotic, low, mean aggressions of the press, and their animal frenzies for high level gossip. Not many people can maintain elegance in the face of obvious and egregious egotism on the part of so-called professionals.

Is Rice a politician? No. Does she campaign? No. Does she criticize her opponents? Does she make accusations and judgements about their character, their personal life, or even their ideology? No. These things are not her job. She merely does her job, and does it better than most can comprehend.

Of course she's going to defend the White House. She is not trying to make a name for herself and seize power like Richard Clarke. Will she later cash in on her experiences and write a book, like so many others have done, and claim she was the President's "closest advisor?" Will she take advantage of her position, and assert herself as some special authority, as have so many other "former" office holders after they've been fired, terminated, and become frustrated or disgruntled for one reason or another? Will she try to peddle her "scoop?"

Maybe. She's no doubt as human as the rest.

But for now, let's seize the moment! Let's recognize supurb behavior when we see it. Let's acknowledge superior character and demeanor when it is manifest. Let's hold up the exemplary triumph when we have a chance to! Such a person would seem to qualify for any office. Such a person transcends gender or race.

So what's "black" about her? Is she just imitating whites? Is she being white? Why should black people look up to her? I say its her ability to recognize pretense in herself, and to dispense with it. She will not deceive herself. This is the ultimate ascendency.

Colin Powell is fine gentleman, also. Ah, but he's an islander! Condoleeza's one of us.

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April 09, 2004
Women and Children Aren't Innocent

The favorite cry against war is that "innocent" women and children are killed. Therefore, war is immoral, and must be avoided.

This is actually a false pretense. Defenseless does not mean innocent. And some of these women and children naturally lie to protect their men relatives, who often are deady murderers.
And some Arabic women and children themselves are daily becoming suicidal murderers. How innocent are they?

Every people always has women and children in it. If killing women and children is unforgivable, no war therefore could ever be justified. But women have children that grow up to be men, and men have wars. Is a newly hatched scorpion "innocent?" Is a newborn viper an object of compassion?

Palestinians, for instance, encourage suicidal murderers. There are apparently Palestinian mothers who encourage their children to sacrifice themselves for the murder of Israeli mothers, children, and infants.

Iraqi girl holding child as US Marines
flush out Fallujah. AP World Photo

The same is becoming true for all terrorist murders, whether Saudi, Syrian, or Jordanian, and the Sunni triangle is full of all of them. While all Iraq is actually making wonderful progress, there are the few hot beds of murderers and suicidal murderers who would destroy all, even their own people, for the sake of their power-crazed egoes. Arabic-styled Iranian mullahs are in on it with major financial support.

America is taking a "compassionate" but weak approach to Iraq. There is no need to spare their "innocent" women and children. It is time for "shock and awe" in the very real sense. These cities should be leveled, without warning. This would simply prevent more lost lives of "innocent" people in the future. We can lose a small number of innocents daily, and let the tally increase to emotionally unbearable proportions, and the tyrannical peaceniks will say, "Pull out of Iraq!" and leave Iraq to its own dogs. Or, we can eradicate a few specified cities which will not only end the war, but the final result will save many more lives.

American leaders should not be caught up in some Liberal ideology or Leftist rhetoric that results in protracted death and torture of thousands, when the right move--limited annihilation-- would end it quickly, and many more thousands would be spared.

War is horrible. But to avoid it is to yeild to the enemy, and lose everything valuable to the tyranny of the primitive egotist. To judge war by the number of people killed, or worse, the quality of people killed, like "innocent women and children" is truly naive and dangerous. All people are equally valuable in a moral sense. However, there is evil in the world, and one has to decide how to handle it, or succumb to it. To save the most number in the long run, sometimes the few have to be sacrificed for the moment. That is war. That is this world. It is not always a beautiful place.

I want to admire the patience and steadfastness of the Bush administration. However, it remains to be seen if our ideology of freedom can change the hearts of the Islamic masses on their own turf. In the mean time, each moment of patience does cost American lives, and the lives of other nations represented there. Each life lost is a political tool in the hand of Americas enemies.

If it is control American must have in the Middle East, then by all means, TAKE IT! Changing the political culture of the Middle East will be a lot easier when people can see clearly what their choices are.

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April 08, 2004
The Long Haul in Iraq

Obviously, a great crisis develops in Iraq. America is there, with a purpose, but can it be fulfilled? Will America stay the course?

These seem to be the right questions, but they really aren't. These are political questions, not reality questions. Theses are media bites, not serious thinking. To understand the situation takes a little more time and more careful consideration, and a lot less emotionalism.

Oil and natural gas are indeed key concerns, but they must be understood in the right way. In as much as the petroleum industry and related products accounts for practically unfathomable volume in world economy, and in as much as it seems unlikely that any non-fossil fuels are going to be developed any time soon on any significant scale, it is completely critical as to who controls the oil sources.

The Arab countries possess the largest oil supplies in the world. America has been pleased to do business with the Arab oil cartels. However, the Arab countries have shown themselves enemies of America, American values, and American life. Therefore, the relationship between these countries and America is changing.

Yes, America has it's own oil and gas supplies on our continent. Yet, all supplies everywhere are limited. Supplies will one day run out. Therefore, who's supply is it in America's best interest to have run out--ours or theirs?

People who truly believe in America, know that strength alone keeps America America. Therefore, America must remain not only strong, but the strongest. This means planning for the future. This means not running out of fuel supplies, and basically controlling what supplies there are. It is as simple as that.

America has never denied anyone necessities. Indeed, America supplies necessities for much of the world's needy. America develops underdeveloped countries. But, to remain the strongest, America must be in control, else Americas enemies will gain ascendency, and seek to literally destroy America, as the Arab Muslims have demonstrated.

America's purpose of Iraq is strategic. America must have a secure presence in the Middle East, because of the energy supplies. America's only ally in the Middle East, Israel, is not enough. America must be there. Jordon, Syria, Saudi, are not allies. Their people, when push comes to shove, and even before, have proven to be enemies of America. In fact, people from Syria, Jordon, and Saudi, are the people who incite the Palestinians, and who are also now inciting Iraqis to fight against America.

Sometimes, in the way of the world, you just have to take the upper hand. You just have to be stronger, if you're going to be at all. The long range plan of harnessing the Middle East is necessary. It costs, but, the broader vision is for the security and prosperity of America, and any other country who shares the principles of a free republic. These values we believe are best, are superior, and we intend to preserve them, at cost.

That a particular American oil company, or a particular contracting company gets controlling interest in Iraq is a mere implementation of the long range plan. That America is investing business interests on foreign soil is just one element in the process of securing the future.

America's future as a free republic seems dependent on having controlling influence over the energy sources on the planet. So be it. Someone, some force, some government, or some ideology will always seek to dominate. Let it be America. America is not anywhere near perfect, but America is by far the greatest country in the world. Her critics are only envious.

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April 05, 2004
Beauty to the Rescue

When all else fails, let women be beautiful. When all other attempts to civilize the beast in man have failed, let the beauty of a woman charm the savage. Let beauty soothe. Let beauty heal.

That's what Revlon, L'Oreal, and Clairol think. These major cosmetic companies invested in a multi-million dollar program to bring beauty to Afghan women. This is remarkable, yet, perfectly appropriate. The Islamic Taliban's regard for women was the most repressive in the history of the world. It is a marvellous thing that the major cosmetic companies of the world should step in and lend an uplifting hand to Afghani women. There are hundreds of beauty salons in Kabul now. The Taliban is gone, thanks to America, and Afghani women are feeling much happier.

The ancient Persians understood the power of beauty, too. Artaxerxes (465-422 BC) knew all about the use of beauty in the management of the Persian empire. He ruled over 127 provinces (countries), from from India to Ethiopia, and how did he seek to bring all this diversity together? Female beauty.

Artaxerxes (Ahasuerus in Hebrew) organized the first Miss Universe beauty pageant in history. Read all about it in the book of Esther. He required each country to have it's own contest first, then to send the winners to the imperial palace at Shushan. There they would spend 12 months in training and development, and then the grand contest.

Of course, it turns out that a nice young Jewish girl, from among the ex-patriated captives in Babylon, was the winner. Esther became the Queen of Persia, all because of beauty, all because of Artaxerxes' attempt to let each country of the empire have a place, or at least a chance to have a place, on the throne. This was rather remarkable. It is an untold story, really, and the 'fall-out' ought to be carefully researched.

Beauty has healing power. Yes, it's in the eye of the beholder, and all that, but, it's effects are the same. Depending on the "illness," the medicine of beauty can come in exotic forms. It can be music, poetry, or affection. Sometimes, just the right face of the right woman can resurrect the dead.

Diane von Furstenberg, from a different time,
a different place.

This picture of Diane von Furstenberg was made in 1981, and appeared in the New York Times magazine section. I remember it, because I was in a bad way at the time. I was a resident counsellor in New Haven, CT, at a treatment center for emotionally disturbed children. These children were abused. I had never before known of nor seen such human suffering and psychological damage. I became physically sick myself. It was a very dark time.

Diane brought me to the moon, in an ancient sort of way. Just her eyes. The relief, the sense of healing, the beauty! I'll never forget it. In fact, I later created a series of portraits for her, one of which hung in her 5th Avenue studio for a time. I created American Indian fashion, designed especially for her, in all the portraits.

So I have great hope for Afghanistan! Great praise for Revlon, L'Oreal, and Clairol. A woman a least has the right to her own face. Let the women come out and be beautiful. It will heal the country.

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April 02, 2004
Korea: The Real Enemy

More dangerous than the Arab Muslims, North Korea is the real enemy of the world. Kim Jong's cruel communist North Korea supplies weapons, drugs, counterfiet money, and nuclear technology to Al-quaeda, Iranian mullahs, and other terrorist murderers.

According to William C. Triplett's The Rogue State (2004), North Korea not only explorts supplies of arms, counterfeit money, and nuclear technology to the Arab world, but has also offered its own land as training ground for terrorists, including Bin Ladin's Al-quaeda. This is what Triplett told Pat Roberson on the Christian Broadcasting Network television show last night, Thursday, April 1, 2004.


Triplett's new book, The Rogue State:
How a Nuclear North Korea Threatens
The United States.

North Korea is a disastrous and dangerous place. It is the avowed enemy of all freedom, and devoted to its overthrow anywhere in the world. It's dismal interior statistics show that the country is merely a front for world terrorism. Masses of people of North Korea are literally starving to death, while the murderous thugs that run the "country" live in sumptous luxury. It is nothing more than a mafia family, really, with no regard for the country whatsoever. Kim Jong is worse than Saddam Hussein. The center of the Axis of Evil is indeed North Korea.

Triplett said that parts of North Korean test missles have actually fallen down on Alaskan home land. NK has been testing missles for some time, with the intend of putting a nuclear head on them, easily capable of hitting the US mainland. NK brokers deals to any nation in the world who can afford them. Pakistan got it's nuclear capabilites from North Korea. Furthermore, according to Triplett, all this black market business is under the auspices of another coutnry: China. China is using North Korea for it's own dictatorial agenda, while China attempts to keep a straight face before the West.

But it's all a lie. Bill Clinton wants China to replace America as the world leader. It is not a matter of who has the right to lead. It is a question of who offers the best leadership. Who offers the best life to the most people? What form of government is most desirable?

If there is any question in anyone's mind, it is only because of propaganda and bias, and media lies. There is no other government comparable to the United States of America. What America offers it's citizens is astounding. That any Americans should work against America, only shows that they are deluded power graspers themselves, and anxious to join the world dictatorship under the UN or some other such globalist tyranny. This is a most desperate delusion.

But those 'Americans' who hate America do not intend to leave. They are in a wonderful position of influence. They can better destroy what they hate by being in the middle of it. They have everyone thinking they're "American," when in fact they are not. A person who does not in heart value America is not American. Though they may be "citizens," they may even pay taxes, they are enemies of America. And there are many of them.

So, do you value what America offers, even if you think you got the short end of the stick? Do you value America more than other any other country? If you don't, arrangements can be made for you to go elsewhere. Why won't you go? Does dissing America make you feel significant and powerful? That's like a Chijuajua barking at a Great Dane. Do you like creating discontent? Then don't expect support from patriots.

No, we don't have a perfect man in the White House. And our whole government has become infested with spineless politicians, greedy for power, and we even have congressmen openly antagonistic toward foundational American values. Yes, we have serious problems. Desperate problems.

Some people like divorce. It seems like the easiest way out. Others say love conquers all. Love takes greater strength. I say, if you don't love America, leave it. Walk out. If you love America, well, keep on loving her! Once in a while we have to re-shape the relationship, but, the marriage vows never change.

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