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Tall, Dark, and Scarey

By David Yeagley

The black man is the most sexually exciting creature in the world, judging from the white female’s subconscious reaction to him. Is this just Freudian psychobabble, or do white women secretly crave black men?

Why doesn’t “tall, dark, and handsome” apply to the black man? In English/American Romantic literature the phrase is used in reference to white female fantasies about Mediterranean men, like the Spaniard, the Italian, the Greek, but not the Negro.

The average dominant white male despises the thought that his white woman has some deep lust for a black man.

The darkness of the Negro has always repulsed other races. Even eighth century Arab Moslems, dark as they were, sharply distinguished themselves from the Negro (while they were selling him in their international slave markets). 

The Arabian Nights (ca.8th century) shows dramatic loathing for the Negro in the very first tale, “The Story of King Shahryar and His Brother.”  Both Shahryar and his brother Zaman are aghast and disgusted when they caught their wives in egregious adultery with a “big, slobbering, filthy, hideous blackamoor” with his “crude features, rolling eyes,” and greasy, grimy body.

But their wives had indulged their secret desire to be ravished by the black ‘ogres.’  Stark racial contrast itself was sexually exciting to them. The more hideous and repulsive the man, the more sexual passion evoked in the female, and the more abandon she felt.     

However, Freud theorized that sexual desire is actually independent of physical objects and emphasis on such objects causes perversion or deviation. (Three Contributions to The Theory of Sex, 1909).  Robert J. Stoller suggested that risk, illusion, and hostility are the emotional root of sexual arousal.  (Sexual Excitement, 1979). 

If the white female is subconsciously attracted to the dark male, then we should expect the more “civilized” the woman, the more deeply she would hide the desire. She’d never consciously think of the black male as a sexual object.   She would completely disguise all desire for such ‘risk, flight from reality, and death wish.’ 

Perhaps white women in Western Christian culture express their loathsome subconscious desire through the noblest motive of all―self-sacrifice for the “salvation” of another. The Christian woman must save the dark man. 

The Christian psychodynamic starts in childhood. The children’s missionary song, for example, says, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world … e’en the dusky little heathen far away.” The white Christian must pity the darkness, both spiritual and physical, of the poor, lost, dark man. 

In our inevitably human terms, this is a formula for romance in which sexuality is used for saving, not for pleasure.  (Freud says selfish pleasure makes everyone feel a little guilty). If the white woman can think of herself as saving the dark man, then her abhorrent subconscious fantasies are exonerated, or, at least sufficiently disguised.   In the name of Christ, she abandons herself to darkness, and her wildest arousals are ennobled.

And in today’s completely liberalized Christ-less Christianity, the woman doesn’t even have to be religious. According to the ‘60’s ‘social gospel’ she can save the black man with her own body. She can give him equality in one simple act. Then he’s “hugging freedom,” like old black Lazarus hugged his white bitch. (Eldridge Cleaver, Soul On Ice, 1968.) 

American advertising now promotes interracial sexuality. The black man is promoted as a legitimate sexual object. In this way, he will be made equal, when in fact this Leftist equality is his deepest enslavement. He’s sold for sex, now, openly, not subliminally.   

This last February, the month of St. Valentine’s Day, Yahoo internet e-mail ran an ad picturing the shirtless torso of a black male, in an atmosphere of intimacy. “Give him something that touches his heart,” the slogan said. It was an ad for cologne. 

Since most of the Yahoo e-mail “sign out” ads picture white women on dieting plans, it’s clear that white women are big Yahoo e-mail users.  It’s also clear the St. Valentine ad exploited the black male as a sexual object. “Have a heart,” it said to white women.  “He has a heart, too.”   

Perhaps this all results from cultural circumstances, from integration of the black race with the white race.  Perhaps this white female fantasy might otherwise never have occurred.  Perhaps, in the West, the black race is inevitably victimized.

Whatever the case, our culture is becoming ‘black-maled’ as it were, and the media seems to say, “Oh, hell. If we can’t save him, we can still sell him.”



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