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Though one may think that the big oil companies are private companies- the truth is YES they are private companies legal formatted paper wise CORPORATIONS, not really privately owned except for the Zionist behind the scenes on Wall Street that tout they public owned via stocks, however public stocks are about all common shares not PREFERRED SHARES owned by those who pander and sell the public stocks on Wall Street while owning the Majority of Preferred Shares thus controlling the Oil Companies via a layer of shell companies as subsidaries of CONGLOMERATES of bundled up CORPORATIONS. Nothing remained uncontrolled by the Zionist Cabal in America after the Civil war, not even Southern Cotton as you can read about below.
done through the U.S. Treasury.
Who Owns and Operates the Federal Reserve Banks?
For many years, the ownership of the 12 Central banks was a well kept secret. Listed below are the owners. Note: The owners are Zionist Jews.

1.  Rothschild Bank of London

2.  Warburg Bank of Hamburg

3.  Rothschild Bank of Berlin

4.  Lehman Brothers of New York

5.  Lazard Brothers of Paris

6.  Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

7.  Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy

8.  Goldman, Sachs of New York

9.  Warburg Bank of Amsterdam

10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Based on this list, it appears that 60% of the Federal Reserve Banks are owned by foreign countries, and that the bankers are tied to the London Banking Houses. In reality, the London Banking Houses are also owned by America's Zionist Jewish Bankers. The Banks are located in these foreign countries, but they are still owned and controlled by the American Zionist Jewish bankers.

Jews in the Banking business during slavery in America

How did the Jews become so wealthy?  Jews were heavily involved in the American slave trade. The Jewish banking network was not limited to the American south, but it existed in every area of the continent where Jews settled and opened businessess.  Listed below are only a few well-known Jewish bankers, who operated banks in the south during slavery in America. This is how these Jews made their millions.  They took their profits and started the banks in the north, and they are doing business in America today. These same bankers also control the printing of America's money, through their ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Lehman Brothers, in the state of Alabama, bankers, slaveowners, cotton traders/factors

J.L. Solomon, Arkansas, banker, Security Bank and Trust Company

Jacob D. Goldman, Arkansas, Bank President. 3 banks merged with cotton magnate Goldman as president

Ezekiel Solomon, New Orleans, Banker, slaveowner, United States Bank official

Morris H. Rothchild, Woodville, Mississippi (known as "Little Jerusalem") Bank Vice President

During its heyday, Woodville was known as "Little Jerusalem" due to the prevalence of Jews in this small town in the southwest corner of Mississippi. Woodville was founded in 1809, and grew after the West Feliciana Railroad came through town in 1831. It became a regional cotton processing and marketing town. Jews began to arrive in Woodville once it began to flourish economically. According to some reports, Jewish peddlers stopped in Woodville as early as 1810.

Jews in the Cotton business during slavery in America

Jacob D. Goldman, Fort Smith, Arkansas, cotton broker. 1870s-1900s; Adler-Goldman company; Lesser-Goldman Cotton Company; opened the $300,000 Goldman hotel complex in 1911.

Abraham Lehman & Company, New Orleans, Louisiana, dealers of cotton. Large scale cotton dealer; in 1878 sold 69,410 bales valued at $5 million.

Newgass Lehman & Company, New Orleans, Louisiana, dealers of cotton. Later renamed Lehman, Abraham & Company.

Emanuel and Mayer Lehman, New Orleans, Louisiana, dealers/investors. 1870s; annual marketing of 80,000+ bales; also, large investors in other ventures.

Lehman, Stern & Company, New Orleans, dealers, plantation suppliers; established 1892, (capitualized with $300,000), to buy and sell plantations and agricultural products of all kinds.

Joseph Solomon, Helena, Arkansas, cotton broker, 1900s; became the "kingpin" of cotton trade in Helena area.

The above information was compiled from texts written by prominent Jewish scholars and historians such as Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus, Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, Dr. Betram W. Korn, Dr. Abraham Karp, Dr. Herbert I. Bloom, Isaac S. Emmanuel, and Leo Turitz, all of whom were also rabbis. To learn more about the Jewish involvement in the American slave trade, please read the books: "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volumes I and II".
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You understand history??  You see you got to have a civil war to be able to take over the number one cash crop in the southern states - King Cotton- to take it over and make it "YOUR BUSINESS" from the 1870's on.
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