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Texas is considering a resolution to ban textbooks with a pro-Islam, anti-Christian bias.


Gilbert Sewall, founder of the American Textbook Council, a non-profit group that reviews U.S. Textbooks, agrees with the resolution:

“My complaint is the misinformation and selected information that attend chapters on Islam,” Sewall wrote in an email response to queries from msnbc.com. “The resolution is correct that textbooks routinely doctor the meaning of jihad (or fail to cover it) and that Muslim intolerance/military aggression, (is) soft-pedaled or excised.”

"In a 2008 report called “Islam in the Classroom,” Sewall argued that progressive politics and “multiculturalism” have undermined textbook accuracy.

“Islamists use the rhetoric of diversity, rights, tolerance and democracy to use the struggle over textbooks to their advantage,” he wrote. The result, he says, is a publishing industry that “resists ugly facts about Islam.”

"He also makes the case that the omissions actually pose a security risk for the nation.

“From what they read in history textbooks, students and teachers are not likely to grasp why the United States and its allies consider militant Islam an enemy,” Sewall wrote.

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR spokesman, claims the truth is on his side:

“Islam has a wealthy history that goes beyond the battles, in the arts and cultures and sciences,“ said Rehab. . .  “There’s this strange attempt to portray anything Islamic as uniquely bad.

“When someone comes along and then speaks the truth, or basically renders an accurate account of reality, then (readers) are shocked and confused because it goes against everything they have heard, therefore it must be a lie. It’s what I call willful ignorance.”

Rehab's "willful ignorance" is known in Arabic as "jahaliyya"--a word used to define all history prior to the birth of Muhammad. It means "ignorance", and is sometimes also used to refer to non-Muslims as a group.

Hope the REAL truth prevails in TX!
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