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Amil Imani:  A Knight in Shining Words
by David Yeagley
December 12, 2008

Old Glory, the American flag

The Royal Iranian Flag

For his tireless efforts to inform the Western public of the nature of Islam, and to warn against its ceasless onslaught against Judeo-Christian societies, particularly that of America, the second Bad Eagle Award for American Patriotism goes to Mr. Amil Imani, Iranian-born American patriot.  He willingly puts his own life is at risk, daily, in his defense of American Judeo-Christian social values.  Few people in America are so courageous.  

Mr. Imani has been a member of BadEagle.com for some time, and, as he rather quickly developed as a writer, he began writing op-eds for major internet news sites.  His writings have appeared all over the West, and portions of his work have even been read on air by Rush Limbaugh, who mentioned Mr. Imani by name. Mr. Imani has appeared on numerous radio programs, but, for personal safety concerns, has not appeared on television, nor allowed any photographs of himself to be published.  

Mr. Imani was acknowledged on BadEagle.com in our own piece,  The New Crusader.  

He created his own web site, Amil Imani.com, on which one can find a vast array of essays on Islam and its ill effects as it is presented to the West.  

Mr. Imani's latest work, for example, is on TheNewMediaJournal, entitled, "Thirty Years of Living Hell," about interior Iran.  He has also frequently published on TheAmericanThinker, his most recent article there being "Obamanomics."  Mr. Imani writes so many articles that he hasn't had the time to participate on BadEagle.com as frequently as he used to.  He is in demand as a speaker at conventions concerned with the encroachment of Shiria law on Western societies.  He is personally familiar with all the major personalities connected with these concerns.  He is well-known now.

It is a great joy, privilege, and honor to acknowledge Mr. Amil Imani as a great American patriot.  It is a very dangerous thing Mr. Imani does, speaking out against Islam so loudly, so boldly, so relentlessly.   (He has been published on FrontPageMagazine.com as well.  A simple Yahoo Search of "Amil Imani" yields 336,000 references.)  Mr. Imani has of course been acknowledged by the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (March 7, 2007), as his efforts certainly extend to his homeland.    

Special thanks to Beakerkin (a BadEagle.com member) for quickly recommending Mr. Imani for the Bad Eagle Award.  Ann Coulter was the first recipient.  Mr. Amil Imani, our Persian friend, our Iranian-born American patriot, is second.  Please join me in honoring Mr. Imani in his courageous stance for America and its Judeo-Christian values.   Mr. Imani is indeed a crusader, a patriot, and all in the spirit of the ancient Persian Emperor, Cyrus the Great.  It is a fine thing we have in Mr. Amil Imani.  A very fine thing.
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Congrats, Amil!
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Dear David,

Thanks for your kind words and this flattering recognition. I do not believe I deserve all the kind words you continuously have been saying about me and my work.

When I started getting involved in this, I had no idea how much time it consumes and how much efforts are needed to put into this to make it happen. Actually, I was more involved in writing poetry and love stories than paying attention to dirty business of politics. Nonetheless, the love for both my adopted and native country, and the atrocities of these ruthless and barbaric rulers in Iran changed everything. Hence, I redirected my efforts at writing something that might, in some small way, recover the fare name of our people and my homeland. So, that tells all.

I am honored and eternally grateful for your wonderful words and badeagle Award. We have come a long way.

With warm regards,

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only.
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