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Protecting Columbus Day
Years of protests and lobbying from radical Indian groups have nearly succeeded in abolishing Columbus Day. The Bad Eagle Foundation supports Columbus Day. White people have the same right as any other people to choose their own heroes and celebrate their own holidays. Indians should not be in the business of trying to change other people’s cultures to suit our tastes.

Protecting Thanksgiving
Indian activists are now attacking the tradition of school Thanksgiving pageants, in which children dress up as Pilgrims and Indians. They claim such pageants’ “degrade” Indian culture. The Bad Eagle Foundation supports Thanksgiving pageants — festivities whose very purpose is to honor the Indians who welcomed English settlers to these shores.

Protecting Indian Sports Mascots
Indian activists have been waging war against school and professional sports teams which use names such as Braves, Chiefs, Warriors and so on. The Bad Eagle Foundation supports Indian Sports Mascots. As long as they are presented respectfully, these names and images honor the memory of Indian warriors.

Protecting Indian Place Names
Everywhere one travels in these United States, one encounters rivers, lakes, mountains, cities, states, counties and towns bearing Indian names. Many Indian activists are trying to wipe these names off the map — and with them, the last trace and memory of the Indian people they commemorate. The Bad Eagle Foundation seeks to preserve the precious heritage of Indian place names.

Bad Eagle Leadership Project
Through training and internship programs, the Bad Eagle Foundation seeks to raise up new Indian leaders, imbued with the wisdom and courage of Bad Eagle.

Bad Eagle Patriotism Project
The Bad Eagle Foundation promotes the teaching of patriotism in American schools. In 2001, Dr. Yeagley initiated legislation in Oklahoma, supported by then-governor Frank Keating. This legislative initiative continues to develop.

Bad Eagle Speakers’ Bureau
Through our speakers’ bureau, schools, corporations and other institutions can find keynote speakers who reflect our commitment to traditional American values and American patriotism.

Bad Eagle Media Project
The Bad Eagle Foundation seeks to disseminate its message through all media, including radio, television, film and all forms of new digital media.

Bad Eagle History Project
Bad Eagle deserves more prominence in the history books. The Bad Eagle History Project will publish all available information about Bad Eagle, drawing both from historical documents and from Comanche oral tradition, so that future scholars may draw from it.

Suing Phony Indian Activists
Recently, a group of phony Indian activists — led by one Dr. Al Carroll, who claims partly Apache descent — began spreading the rumor that I was adopted, and therefore not really Comanche. My Certificate of Live Birth clearly disproves their charge. I have retained an attorney to sue every person and institution involved in spreading this lie. In so doing, I hope not only to defend my own honor, but to clear a safe path for other conservative Indians who may fear to reveal themselves publicly, lest they too become targets for the Al Carrolls of this world.

– Dr. David A. Yeagley

Posted by David Yeagley · January 14, 2009 · 12:57 pm CT ·