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Launched on July 28, 2002, is the only voice of conservative American Indian thought on the Web. It features my blog, my columns and the lively Bad Eagle Forum, one of the fastest-growing online communities on the Internet. Redesigned
With generous financial assistance from the community, we hired Richard Lawrence Poe — former editor of David Horowitz’s — to redesign our site. We launched the new site on January 14, 2009.

The Bad Eagle Foundation
The Bad Eagle Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of traditional American values and American patriotism. These values are highly prized in Indian country, but not always prized by the tiny cabal of leftwing Indian activists holding tenured professorships at universities. We seek to build a new Indian leadership imbued with the fighting spirit of Bad Eagle, and a new intelligentsia of Indian artists, writers and scholars faithful to our tradition of American patriotism. The Bad Eagle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, launched in December 2006.

The Bad Eagle Award
The Bad Eagle Award for American Patriotism recognizes people who take a courageous, pro-American stand in any walk of life, be it in the arts, sciences, religion, public service or uniformed services. So far, we have given the award to three people: Miss Ann Coulter (September 29, 2008), for her fearless, patriotic books and political columns; and Mr. Amil Imani (December 12, 2008), American-Iranian crusader, for speaking out against radical Islam through his Web site; and to Oklahoma state legislator Charlie Meadows (February 5, 2009), for leading a conservative restoration in our state.

The Nyack Indian Foundation
The Nyack Indians disappeared more than 300 years ago. Their name lives on, however, in the Hudson Valley community of Nyack, New York. In 2002, the Nyack Board of Education ended Nyack High School’s long tradition of using Indian names and symbols for sports teams. Local parents invited me to Nyack to help them fight the ban. I assisted them in forming the Nyack Indian Foundation, Inc., a non-profit charity dedicated to keeping alive the name and spirit of the extinct Nyack Indians.

Defending Indian Sports Mascots
What happened in Nyack, NY is happening all over these United States. Pressured by leftwing activists — both Indian and non-Indian — sports teams are abandoning words and symbols associated with the American Indian. We consider this cultural genocide. America needs to remember the Indian warrior. Sports mascots help us remember. I have defended Indian sports mascots through numerous speeches and media appearances, including a nationally televised debate with Sioux activist Russell Means on the Fox News show Hannity & Colmes.

Regulating Indian Casinos
Indian sovereignty is under fire. Many politicians want to end Indian sovereignty, so they can tax our casinos. I have proposed a compromise — a regulatory system that would preserve Indian sovereignty while appeasing the tax collectors. On October 20, 2004, I presented my plan to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, through his legal advisor Peter Siggins. My proposal figures prominently in the ongoing debate over Indian casinos.

Speech at the National Press Club
On May 12, 2004, I spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on the problems surrounding Indian casinos, and the abuse of Indian sovereignty by greedy politicians and organized gambling syndicates.

Exposing Indian Impostors
Director Mel Gibson vowed he would use only American Indian actors to portray Mayan people in his 2006 epic Apocalypto. The star of the film, Rudy Youngblood, claimed to be Comanche. I exposed Youngblood as a fake, forcing him to recant, and hopefully sending a message to other impostors who try to claim jobs and money which have been set aside for real Indians.

The Bad Eagle Book
The liberal establishment has shunned my book proposals, but a small Christian publisher in Oklahoma City approached me on its own to publish a selection of my writings titled Bad Eagle: The Rantings of a Conservative Comanche (R&R Publishing, 2007).

– Dr. David A. Yeagley

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