About bad eagle

Comanche leader Bad Eagle, 1839-1909
BAD EAGLE was my great-great-grandfather. He was a Comanche leader of vision and foresight, who helped our tribe survive its most difficult years — the years of defeat and captivity.

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Bad Eagle told the Comanches it was time to stop fighting. He said we could survive in other ways. And we did.

Bad Eagle understood the white man better than most Comanches. Captured in battle at age 16, he lived among white people for many years before returning to his tribe. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of white people; their faults and virtues. He knew them as human beings.

Bad Eagle taught the Comanches to live in peace with the white man. We have kept that peace to this day. And our people survived, just as Bad Eagle told us we would.

The Vision of Bad Eagle

Bad Eagle told the Comanches that their fate was linked forever with the United States of America. They must honor the American flag. They must become Americans.

Of course they would always be Indians. But they would be American Indians.

This Web site is dedicated to Bad Eagle’s vision. Today more than ever, his spirit cries out. Americans must listen. As Bad Eagle’s great-great-grandson, I created this Web site to give new life to Bad Eagle’s words.