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German and Jewish: A Modern Exchange Between Schlussel and Martin

by David Yeagley · March 25, 2013 · 12 Comments ·

Not that every discussion about race has to end with Germans and Jews, but our recent directions on might be somewhat enhanced or focused by a recent exchange between a real Jewish woman (Debbie Schlussel) and an American “Nazi” (Mark Martin). Not that Germans were the first people ever to resist or attack Jews, but, World War II is distinguished as a white, European, even “Christian” effort against the Jews, as opposed to the ancient Egyptian, Canaanite, Assyrian, Babylonian and more recent Arabian and Iranian efforts. There is something particular about the white, European resistance to one of the tiniest religious/racial minorities in the world. (The European white nations were not historically marked with the same hysterical hatred toward the Jews as characterizes the Arab, Muslim cultures have always been.)

Debbie Schlussel, in YouTube collage.

On March 22 (2013), Debbie Schlussel, noted blogger, received a nasty (that is to say puerile, vulgar, and hateful) personal email from one Scott Frieh (who turned out to be Mark Martin, to which she responded with equality). Schussel exposed Mr. Martin as führer of the Ohio National Socialist Movement. (I am not certain whether this group is associated with the American Socialist Party in Ohio. I think definitely not.) The National Socialist Movement is reportedly the largest “Neo-Nazi” group in the United States.

Mark Martin, from the Schlussel files, noted
also in Time Magazine, 2006, and
in an FBI-centered article in 2007.

Interestingly, Martin is further “exposed” on the VNN Forum (a noted “white” exchange site) as a fraud–at least regarding his claims. This is worth noting in full:


I received some information today on the alleged military history of the NSM’s Mark Martin, who claims to have been a Marine combat veteran who has won several combat medals.

One of our members requested a military transcript on Martin to verify this information. This transcript shows that Mark Martin was expelled from the Marines seven days after joining boot camp for failing a drug test, due to the presence of cocaine in the blood.

Further, a review of Martin’s personal history shows that he has told several other lies about his background — in particular, he has never attended college and is not a “master chef”, as he claims.

Due to the behavior Mr Martin has shown towards our members, and the false complaints he has filed against us with the FBI, I thought it was important to make this information public.

Bill White, Commander
American National Socialist Workers Party

Marin is 50 years old at this point. Doesn’t sound like a peaceful character, but that is not a judgment of his cause. VNN commentary following Bill White’s testimony is extremely interesting.

Mark Martin, at a National Socialist rally.

Obviously, there is a need to be clear on the difference between racial hatred and racial preservation, between visceral rage and true fear of injury. There simply has to be a profound and dramatic differentiation between hate and love. One certainly desperately defends that which he loves; but, this is not hate. There truly is such a thing as hate, even separate from fear. Jewish people have certainly been hated, for millennia, but, I do not find a program of fear or hate toward other races in Jewish literature–certainly not in the Bible, the Midrash, the Mishnah, or the Talmud. (I speak of authentic texts, and not racist hoaxes like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I am only now looking at the Babylonian Talmud of 600 CE. I am much more familiar with the Mishna of 200 CE.) If Jewish dominance has been achieved to any degree, it was not by any obvious declaration of hate or even aversion toward other nations or races. Such are the techniques of anti-Semites.

But that is a different issues. What we want to observe in this Schlussel/Martin exchange is the hackneyed, crippled implements of failed rhetoric and the inexorable testimony of history. The former is too obvious to require further comment; the later somehow escapes the leering eyes of the suspicious, and their craving for blood.

The world can never eliminate Jews. Those have failed who have tried, and failed miserably. That is the history of the world.

Furthermore, the irrational aversion and hatred for the “state of Israel” (or, as Hitler called perceived it in 1924, “a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks”) has proven vain and futile.

Why then take a single step down the road of colossal failure and utter demise? Why think any thought that would lead to a repeat of such inimitable destruction?

This is precisely the point of these pursuits of the subject of The Core of Whiteness and The German Question. Whatever the White Problem is, it can never be solved by some narcissistic, nostalgic notion of re-enacting the sentinel sentiments of inenarrable nihilism. This is social retardation. This is some imbalanced extension of adolescence.

Anti-Semitism doesn’t work. It does not succeed. It does not solve the problem it identifies. It seems to me that the problem is mistakenly identified in the first place, and secondly, the proposed solutions are equally mistaken. How could any other lesson be drawn from history?

I am not sure what Debbie Schlussel said that attracted the attention of Mark Martin, but he is clearly in the throes of imbalance, and given to writhing. Ms. Schlussel’s response to him is of course ineffective regarding the issues at hand, however pertinent and personal it is. This exchange is an example of what Cool Hand Luke would call “a failure to communicate.” What such a failure does communicate, to all, is the inefficacy of attempts in this venue–personal insult and moral denigration.

The white race shall never be uplifted by tracing the path of failure; the Jewish defenders nothing by heaping degradation back in the face of the vile.

I have received what I would call juvenile hate messages from various “white” advocates, on FaceBook and elsewhere. I can’t take it seriously, because the individuals are just too imbalanced and immature to reason with. They are obsessed with vulgarity, and I suspect they were sexually abused as children or youth. There are all sorts of psychological red flags evident in most of their communications.

There are Jewish people who say that anti-Semitism is just irrational, and cannot be reasoned with, period. Maybe they are right. I’m not completely sure. It is certainly not my intention to make trouble for Jewish people, but, I do hold out a fundamental hope that “white-ists” can come to understand that to love and honor one’s own does not require hatred toward another’s.

Love that is dependent on hate is not love, but hate. True lovers of the white race have not yet articulated a sincere campaign, at least not one that is dominant in the cause. All that is evident so far, except for organizations like American Renaissance and, is a very low standard of morality falsely disguised as a noble race cause. This does make the news. And I’m sure anti-Semites will blame the news on the Jews. Be that as it may, true white-ists will just have to campaign for grass roots support.

My thought here is that much more good ground can be gained when the curse of anti-Semitism is dropped from the campaign for whiteness.

Posted by David Yeagley · March 25, 2013 · 6:58 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 Sioux // Mar 25, 2013 at 7:18 pm   

    Amen & Happy Passover!

  • 2 David Yeagley // Mar 25, 2013 at 7:31 pm   

    Thanks, Sioux! I’ve been a little convoluted in my observance, huh?

  • 3 Sioux // Mar 25, 2013 at 8:44 pm   

    My son just sent me a photo on the Net of the Seder he and his girlfriend celebrated tonight using his laptop. Oi Vey!

    I am all about convoluted observances, Dr. Y. I am tired tonight, or I would have been more convoluted in my response. I love convolution…..

  • 4 David Yeagley // Mar 25, 2013 at 10:03 pm   

    Yer killin’ me! (As usual!)

  • 5 Sioux // Mar 26, 2013 at 7:02 am   

    Glad to see I am not losing my touch ;o)

    Question: What is the difference among Anti-Semites & Anti-Jews of any Stripe & Anti-Zionists (anti-Israel with its “defined” borders)?

    I find that people use Anti-Semite to mean any and all of these things, which is just lazy hating in my estimation. There are orthodox Jews who do not believe that Israel should have become an actual Nation state. Non-religious Jews can be blamed for a lot of things if they do wrong, but that blame is shared with pagan Gentiles who are much more numerous and even more insidious IMHO.

    That Schlussel lady sure has some gonads, doesn’t she!

  • 6 David Yeagley // Mar 26, 2013 at 8:43 am   

    Truth is, I am not as informed as I should be on the nomenclatures involved.

    Anti-Semite: (coined in Holocaust days) means fundamental aversion to the Jews, their presence, their existence.

    Anti-Zionist: means against the idea that Jews should have a homeland, particularly in Zion (the ancient homeland, unfortunately called “Palestine.”)

    My only explanation for aversion to Jews is Exodus 15:16, 23:27; and Deuteronomy 2:25, 11:25. FEAR. The Lord put the FEAR of the Jews on all other nations.

    Since they are such a minority, I assume such provision had to do with their protection.

    But that also implies that they were fundamentally unwanted.

    Very strange story, the Jews.

  • 7 Thrasymachus // Mar 26, 2013 at 1:44 pm   

    Please forgive my ignorance on this matter, if I am mistaken, but is it not true that some religious Jews believe that the nation Israel should not — indeed cannot — be restored in the Promised Land until so restored with the coming of the Jewish Messiah? (I think I read this once, somewhere.)

  • 8 Sioux // Mar 26, 2013 at 8:01 pm   

    Thras – u r correct on that point about some fundamentalist rabbis who do not support Israel being defined with boundaries as it is today. When I was in college back in late 60s, I was told this by a Lebanese-descent friend who was trying to convince me of same. I don’t think he was a muslim, but then who knows. I didn’t even think about such things back then until I met the tall dark handsome Jewish guy, and then all hell really did break loose.

  • 9 David Yeagley // Mar 26, 2013 at 9:16 pm   

    We’ve been having intense exchanges on FaceBook, whence I post all the front page blogs. I’ve been familiar with most of these issues as nearly as far back as I can remember.

    However, I have never understood the arena, the architecture, or the scope Jewish Diaspora-as-Defense. The anti-Semitic comprehension of this is all very underdeveloped, and based on wrong premises, seems to me.

    I undertake these recent German blogs simply to clear the ground so we can talk about race without being accused of being Nazis.

    Why, a simple task, no?

  • 10 Thrasymachus // Mar 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm   

    “I undertake these recent German blogs simply to clear the ground so we can talk about race without being accused of being Nazis. Why, a simple task, no?”

    As it seems to me, people — especially Liberals — want to fram “race” in terms of extremes. You’re either a “Nazi” bent on genocide, or you’re one who believes that total racial promiscuity and systematic, socially engineered race-elimination practices are your delight.

    One thing I’d do is demonstrate the cruelty races and nations have shown towards their own people. The cruel child labor practices in England and elswhere in which children were seriously injured or died, the Japanese attacks against the Chinese, the leaders of the USSR against the citizens of that empire, etc.

    My theory is that evil men have harmed other races simply because the consequences were, as they imgained at least, less direct and less likely to affect them personally. In other words, because they thought they could get away with it. Such greedy men and women care only for money and power and will harm any human beings to obtain it. They are immoral to the core.

    Today, they are the Liberals and others who are taking jobs away from American citizens and turning to slave-labor overseas. Both of these are immoral, as those overseas deserve a living wage and Americans are put out of work without just cause.

  • 11 Thrasymachus // Mar 27, 2013 at 2:36 pm   

    “You’re either a “Nazi” bent on genocide, or you’re one who believes that total racial promiscuity and systematic, socially engineered race-elimination practices are your delight.”

    Should read: “You’re either a “Nazi” bent on genocide, or you’re one who believes that total racial promiscuity and systematic, socially engineered race-elimination practices are the final solution to the “Race Problem.”

    Obviously, peaceful nationalism is the solution to the “Race Problem.”

  • 12 theShadow // Mar 30, 2013 at 12:41 am   

    On the topic of Zionism I found this interesting.
    Just another view point I suppose, but informative.
    Two sides to every coin, as they say.

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