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Guns & Liars

by David Yeagley · January 19, 2013 · 15 Comments ·

“Winchester,” solid brass trim, 1866. “Barack Obama,” 2012

Guns are personal. More than money, food, sex, or fame, guns represent the last stand for the soul of the America. The government can take life through abortion, poison, or military “missions;” the government can control the production of food, its marketing, and its consumption; the government can take money through fraud, threat, or coercion; the government can take career opportunities through libel, racial preference, or information control.

But the government cannot take away guns–without a gunfight.

The American people have tolerated the most hideous breaches of trust and integrity in our present puerile government. We have born with extraordinary patience the fundamental perversion and obvious misbehavior of elected leaders, their media, and their dishonest management of our money. The people have watched the officials in Washington, D.C. sink lower and lower into moral denigration of every species, and develop more and more elaborate schemes of deception, fraud, and lying.

But the people will never allow the government to take their guns.

This is stepping into the personal life in a way that is simply intolerable. This is beyond the pale of intuition, instinct, and the most animalistic sense of survival. It is like taking the teeth from a lion, or the claws from a bear.

The word-ists of the Left may call it what they will. The word-icians of the liberal Democrats and Communist affiliates may denounce the ‘bitter clingers’ as immature, scared, fear-mongers, and what ever other moral failure they can name. Janet Napolitano can imply that gun owners are the biggest threat to American homeland security (–note: the original DHS statement has been taken down); Obama may denigrate white America (especially the South) with all the polished racial hatred in his deceived soul, but he cannot take their guns.

Perhaps he wants a second civil war. Perhaps he wants to agitate America into chaos, so that the supreme Communist power can evolve forth with ultimate triumph. That’s the plan that worked for China, Russia, Cuba, and of course, Germany. (That’s right. The Nazi regime was modified Communism. Make no mistake. Hitler just wanted to distinguish himself from Russian “Jewish” Communism.)

The Democrats have succeeded in usurping every other decent instinct in American society. They have successfully called evil good, and good evil. They have pronounced the killing of 1.2 million infants a year as “freedom of choice.” But they will never be able to call the confiscation of guns anything other than robbing the people of their defense.

We can never have freedom without weapons. We can never have safety without freedom. We can never be America without preserving our past, and that means our Constitution.

But Communists don’t want this. Democrats want a disarmed population because they want complete control over the people. They don’t like freedom. They don’t believe in freedom. They despise therefore the Constitution.

Now, the context of this most deplorable condition of government is the culture of pretense. Hollywood is ever so popular in the Washington because pretenders like the Clintons and the Obamas have a profound sense of acting, of pretending, of fake reality.

At this point, one horrendous fraud after another is sustained by media longer and longer, as though it were beyond its own reality, as though it were reality. Media fraud is universally known and the media is profoundly discredited, beyond that which most of us can sustain in our own minds!

Romney, when campaigning, said the tax-payer bailed-out GM was sending Jeep jobs to China. The Democrats declared him a liar. PolitiFacts declared Romney’s claim the “Lie of the Year.” Of course, it was easily demonstrated, even at the time Romney said it, that he was completely correct. But now, REUTERS has declared Romney correct, and The Weekly Standard thinks this is noteworthy.
(I say, Too little, too late, Weekly Standard. Conservatives don’t know how to stand behind their man.)

And now the whole Sandy Hook ‘massacre’ is under severe doubt, as those bothering to check facts are dismayed by the media’s handling of this episode. There is serious doubt whether the event was what media reported it to be, at all.

Delusion par excellence, at 1.2 million abortions a year in the US.

The poor Notre Dame football star, Manti Te’o hoax, the “reality tv” shows, the Clinton shams, the Lance Armstrong life lie, etc., are all part of the culture of non-reality. It is highly exciting and marketable–when it’s happening and after it’s happened. Scam, sham, and scandal are highly lucrative media events. Certainly the life image of “Barack Hussein Obama” is the grandest fraud of our times. To this day, the man is essentially unidentified. All the vital information of his life is kept hidden, by law. (Rush Limbaugh believes the day of reckoning is coming for B.O. He will be vetted, in the future.)

If the party identities are themselves illusory, certainly the Democrats are much more obvious and blatant about it. At the ethereal financial level, who knows what’s cooking? But most people don’t live at that level. Most people live on the street, on the concrete. You need guns there, figuratively and literally.

This cultural ambiance of artifice is powerful; the aura of delusion is ineffable. This is precisely why the people will never allow their guns to be stripped from them. It is their last sense of safety, freedom, and personal integrity.

The hater in the White House will fail on this gun issue. But he needn’t worry about it. He will succeed on every other issue. Why, Americans are just too decent to revolt against our own–in this case, those who even pretend to be our own. “Our first task as a society is keeping our children safe,” Obama says, as he encourages 1.2 million abortions in America every year. This is success, for the party of death and for its jihadist leader, Obama. But even the most denigrated, deluded liberal in America still prefers his own life, and he won’t give up his gun–or at least, the gun hired to protect him.

Posted by David Yeagley · January 19, 2013 · 9:14 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 Following Him // Jan 19, 2013 at 11:35 pm   

    Yes … spoken as “TRUTH” should be handled. Wonderful telling article Dr. Yeagley. I just had to post it with all my FaceBook friends. Hope you don’t mind.

    You are a voice crying out in the wilderness. Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yes … the Word of God.

  • 2 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 8:41 am   

    Dr.Y- “Conservatives don’t know how to stand behind their man.”

    I would say it’s more like they don’t or won’t stand behind TRUTH.

    Everyone is in for a world of hurt because we are allowing the TRAITORS to take us down. These diversions of Armstrong and the lame football player who may or may not be innocent (too soon to tell on that one) – more street theatre for the Peasants. I refuse to watch anything on tv any more that purports to be “news.” Disinformation abounds, particularly on the shooting massacres (pick a winner: Gifford, Aurora theater, Fort Hood, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook). All collateral damage perpetrated by the Evil in our Govt. and fascist-operated Businesses.

    The Goal is to take down America ASAP – who is going to step into the power vacuum? China? Russia? Stay tuned.

  • 3 Bonus Gift // Jan 20, 2013 at 9:19 am   

    I agree, good article. Keep up the good work DY.

    Regarding Sioux ‘s comment on disinformation, I kind of like something I just read on the trivium (the classic foundational/Christian education: (1) grammar – expressing thought, (2) logic – the art of thinking, and (3) rhetoric – communicating thought). It seems that all forms of communication (e.g., especially mainstream media & entertainment, government, academia, etc.) continually and remorselessly push for the opposite of the trivium. For example, they name call (e.g., ad hominem attack, i.e., attack the person not the argument) and push emotion over logic & clearly expressed thought. This is one reason why the precious few that read something like DY’s article are almost simultaneously relieved and happy when they find some nugget of truth in the wasteland of lies and other false propaganda out there. The sad part is that we just keep marching like sheep to the slaughter with but a small percentage able to logically deduce what is happening as we struggle mouths agape as to the why. It does seem the forces of cultural Marxist evil massively overestimated and misunderstood the current limits of their power to push for registration then eventual confiscation, but we all know they will keep trying unless soundly routed and ridiculed. Sioux, I think we not just need conservative leaders that receive support, but we need those that will keep the pressure on.

  • 4 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 10:07 am   

    The grotesque truth of the Liberal plan of action is that it’s there in Plain Sight – tried over and over again for almost a hundred years — they hide nothing about what they want to do to the whole world. Why can’t my fellow Americans see that we are not exempt from such horrific consequences? Truly, this is a God thing – abandonment of another known Play Book, which also works when studied and applied – The Bible…

    Yes, BG, we need to keep the pressure on if nothing less than to slow down the Enemies Within. I am still waiting to hear back from my Congressman, Justin Amash – one of the so-called rebels that got banished by Boehner. Still no word as to why he isn’t going after the real enemy, Barry Soetoro and his Band of Fools.

  • 5 David Yeagley // Jan 20, 2013 at 11:33 am   

    BG, I seem focused on using the term “Communism.” The reason is simple: the word Communism is horrid, hated, and considered passé. People think it is no longer. It died with the Soviet Union. Reagan killed it.

    This is obviously wrong. Communism is the very ideology of Karl Marx. It is alive and well, in the White House. It is an idea, not a country.

    “Marxism,” while dark and ugly, is still but academic. It is a historical term, limited and made to seem less significant, by association with a single man, long dead.

    To personalize it is diminutive.

    Communism is what’s going on. Hard core Communism. If you use the term, everyone think’s you’re ignorant, and passé yourself. I know.

    But I use it anyway, because the horror and repugnance of Communism is what is properly associated with Obama & Co. (Liberal Democrats).

  • 6 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 11:43 am   

    Communism is a lot like Islam – evil at its root and it doesn’t go away, it can merely be suppressed only through aggressive force and not chatter.

    I read this review on a movie I now want to see. Have you heard of it, Dr. Y – it sounds like someone is trying to tell some truth:

    Does a Film Mirror America’s Future? A Review of Barbara

  • 7 zephyr // Jan 20, 2013 at 11:43 am   

    BG: “the precious few that read something like DY’s article are almost simultaneously relieved and happy when they find some nugget of truth in the wasteland of lies and other false propaganda out there.”

    Amen. I joined the Tea Party just to be with a few patriots and ppl who had an ounce of sense.

    Sioux: ” Truly, this is a God thing” Yep!

    Nice that you have Amash as a rep; I’m stuck with Upton. But as you say, even the so-called conservative reps in Congress have failed miserably in banding together and leading out in impeachment of BO, Biden, Clinton, Holder . . . i’d be happy if they’d even pick just one person and go after them.

    Tired of hearing conservatives crow about Marco Rubio, who co-sponsored legislation with REID, for the feds to take over the internet. Rubio is playing a political game. No conservative would EVER consider such a thing.

    Chris Christie was hailed as another conservative darling. He’s up to his armpits in the MB–how “conservative” is that??!

    “. . . God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”
    2 Thes 2.11-12

    We are seeing this fulfilled today; it, too, is part of God’s plan. Hard to remember at times.

  • 8 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm   

    Zephyr, it’s so hard to choose which one to impeach first. I kind of like Holder, but the Hillary would be even better considering all of her previous crimes in that 2fer-presidency with Bubba (including murder and mayhem).

    Upton, the jerk who brought us the Chinese lightbulb- my sympathies to you, Z. I totally agree about Rubio and Christie – run very fast from both of them. Anyone being touted in the Media should be rejected.

    I would have a huge amount of respect if either Rubio or Jindal would come out and say, “No, I will not now or ever be running for President. I believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution — I am not a natural-born citizen as both my parents were not citizens of the US when I was born in America. I love this country and would love to serve you as president, but I will obey the Constitution.”

    Don’t you just know that the traitorous Media will go after Rubio if he does run just like they did McCain. Barry Soetoro remains 100% unvetted to this day.

  • 9 David Yeagley // Jan 20, 2013 at 12:01 pm   

    Sioux, I’m finding that, despite the adage that history repeats itself, and those unbelieving this are to inevitably repeat history, etc., that fact is, in my mind, no moment in history is replicable. No era, no circumstance, can be re-enacted. Nothing can be repeated.

    Maybe it is indeed because of the way our minds work, individually or collectively; maybe our minds are the reason we simply cannot learn from history, and therefore inevitably repeat it.

    But, because of cultural differences, local circumstances, etc., we can’t even see the repetition–when it is happening.

    Certainly, government is the blindest element in the mix!

  • 10 zephyr // Jan 20, 2013 at 1:24 pm   

    btw, David, nice graphics :-)

  • 11 Bonus Gift // Jan 20, 2013 at 2:22 pm   

    While it is true that history doesn’t repeat itself, I like the Mark Twain quote about history not repeating but rhyming. It is a fact that humans tend to see patterns where none exist, and tend to ignore patterns that do exist and are often easy to see. For example, it has been documented that for certain conditional probability problems/paradoxes it is easier to train a pigeon than a human. That noted, I think a good deal for the average person of what is happening, and incidentally why false propaganda is so effective, is that they tend to expect tomorrow to be similar to today, etc. Essentially looking ahead far enough to notice where the train tracks lead is not typically contemplated (essentially the analogy of the frog boiling in the pot slowly yet never jumping out). Sometimes this may simply be due to not wanting to face the truth about what has happened and your role in the affair, and other times it may be due to not wanting to face reality, or both.

    Regarding forecasting, forecasting details can be tricky (if not impossible; at a minimum because of the seemingly almost infinite permutations and combinations possible with so many variables at the detail level), but identifying trends and unsustainable systems is something else (e.g., the current debt load is not sustainable). Only a person not open to critically reviewing history cannot see this one coming. That is, it is not a “black swan” on the horizon, but a clearly white one (i.e., relatively forecastable). America is exceptional; though not because “it cannot happen here”, but because of things like its Constitution, people (no, I don’t count illegals , their offspring, economic opportunists, anchor babies, and related interlopers), and unique history.

    Also, there just isn’t a moment for most people in the political and/or civic realm where they decide to stand and fight. Bringing this full circle, this is largely why jumping from something like Sandy Hook to threatening almost immediate gun grabbing/confiscation is so traumatic and opposed. It is opposed largely because axiomatically it is so traumatic. This has been a case where many frogs jumped, or at least were seemingly prepared to jump, out of their pots because they quickly realized that they are being boiled to death. It shows how really evil and stupid our communist overlords are (yes DY I’ll try to stick with that term, but I admit it’s hard for me). They just need to keep with the slow boil and nothing that tangible and clear in order to complete the herding of the proverbial cats over the cliff. Maybe not “a death by a thousand cuts”, but more like dozens or a few hundred. As humans we are just so imbued with things like a normalcy bias, wishful thinking, and just plain optimism that we find it hard to make the intellectual leap from what is not so difficult to forecast and identify. Even if we can forecast or identify with some degree of accuracy, it is nevertheless a hard pill to swallow to admit that many of our fellow citizens (and fellow travelers/interlopers) want us unarmed and, if we don’t support their utopia, well, they want us dead. Furthermore, to admit that the president, and possibly a guy you voted for, is a usurping traitor is just too much for most. Again, the various stock versions of some long overused ad hominem like “you racist Nazi …” is hurled before you are even able to get your boots on. In short, it can and is happening to the U.S.; and our own salvation is up to each of us and the other frogs who may be in a mood to jump.

  • 12 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 4:06 pm   

    Alas, I am going to have to disagree with the great and omnipotent Dr. Oz…I mean, Dr. Y!

    History repeating itself merely equates human nature over time, which I think is pretty reliable. I am looking for patterns, not exact replicas of events. Leaders tend to grab more and more power and more and more of the peasants’ stuff over time. While the peasant may have no sense of history beyond his/her own immediate community, I guarantee you that these despotic leaders knew then & know now the Plan of dividing and conquerring.

    If it weren’t for the alternative Media, most of us would be in the dark just like most the other peasants on the planet. Now there is no excuse for being ignorant — our traitorous “leaders” are intentionally repeating history here in the USA. We can be in denial that our leaders are different — this is not like when Castro brought the communist revolution to Cuba, so it isn’t history repeating itself here in America.

    Sandy Hook could have turned out very differently on making frogs jump out of the pot. Had I not seen the coroner’s crazy interview on youtube or the analysis on a website of all the bogus disinformation, I would never know that it was anything but what we were officially told…and Big Sis would be gathering the guns right now.

    So, I will always try to connect the dots and ask questions – so far that’s still legal, but probably not for long.

  • 13 David Yeagley // Jan 20, 2013 at 6:05 pm   

    Pay no attention to that man behind the computer.

    I’m saying that history “repeats” itself, because there’s some social mechanism in culture that disallows governments and societies from learning anything from the past.

    They always try to steal our little dogs, and we always wind up in la-la land, for a while, anyway.

  • 14 Sioux // Jan 20, 2013 at 6:40 pm   

    Please don’t take my Toto – please!!!!

  • 15 David Yeagley // Jan 21, 2013 at 10:25 am   

    Okay, okay. Pipe down. You can keep the little mangy little bag of fleas. The Great & Merciful Obama has spoken.

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