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Rabbi Ari Kahn, and the “Yeagley Shiurim”

by David Yeagley · November 16, 2012 · Post Comments ·

By this Sabbath, November 16, 2012, I am convinced that the only hope of redirection, regrouping, or reviving the American public is through a recovery of trust in a personal God, and the belief that He has spoken to the lost human race. The iniquity and corruption in Washington, D.C., the continual revelations of moral failure, the fall of valor, the cheap, selfish, voracious indulgence of pride, greed, and arrogance, are all beyond legislative remedy.

On that conviction, I should like to share a series of short YouTube videos I have made on Genesis (Bereshith). I introduced the series before, when only eleven of the lessons were completed. That was in March (11) of this year, in celebration of Purim. There are now 97 shiurim. The lessons begin at Genesis 1:1 and continue through Genesis 3:24, or the first three chapters of Genesis.

By way of background, I have to say, the inspiration for this venture was Rabbi Ari Kahn, whom I met in Israel in 1998 (in Caesaria). It was at a Common Denominator gathering in a large private home. The political organization was only two years old, and leaders were mostly rabbis and organizers. I was impressed with Rabbi Kahn‘s clarity of thought and expression, and I followed him on the internet when I returned to the United States.
He published regular parshim for, and then also began presenting recorded shiurim on his own site, and elsewhere. It was classic Jewish rabbinical thinking, so perfectly clear that “he may run that readeth” (Habakkuk 2:2), as it were.

Rebbi Ari Kahn.

Yet, obviously, I didn’t create my own shiurim until 2012, 14 years later. There is a bit of an explanation for that. Not surprisingly, I suppose, it involved a beautiful young Jewish girl I met at the University of Arizona. Let’s call her Cher. Cher sustained that prophetic impetus, so often found in young Jewish girls, well into her 30’s. She explored, ventured, and sought for truth, like few people do. She was a singer, a model, a businesswoman, and even sang as a cantor in a synagogue. She even became Christian. Unfortunately, I would think, she was finally disappointed in the human relations she experienced in the Christian communion, and learned to appreciate anew what a fine upbringing she had had in Judaism in the first place.

I have maintained contact with this precious person throughout these years. One day it occurred to us that I should put together some basic scriptural lessons for her. That was the door that opened my latent desires to introduce my own methodology of Bible study. I have to say, Cher was quite impressed and pleased that I should undertake this project for her, yet, she was not hesitant to inform me that my style and pace were exceedingly un-rabbinical. “Too slow. Way too slow,” she said, kindly. “I’m used to full throttle.” I knew exactly what she meant. Rabbis generally don’t waste a single word, or a single minute. Alas, it seems I am extravagant on both counts. (I just want my listeners to think–with me. I don’t really know what to call this methodology.)

Example: Yeagley Shiurim 1.20, on the division of the mayim (waters), Genesis 1:9. Previous shiurim carefully prepare 1.20.

Nevertheless, I am happy to point out that my shiurim have found their way on to several sites of apparently Jewish collections, and I don’t think it was just because of the word “shiur.” I would flatter myself that there was worthy content in them. Here are a couple of site listed under Google’s “Yeagley Shiurim”:

If I am mistaken as to the quality of my shiur, I hereby apologize profusely to all Jewish people, particularly the rabbis. I can only plead that two Jewish people inspired me, Rabbi Ari Kahn and the lovely Cher. What can I say?

Here are some miscellaneous sites:
Before It’s News
Cast TV
Twonky (BETA)

It’s somewhat of an endless list. The point is, I made 97 shiur because I wanted to. Sure, shiur for Cher, but, I don’t think it was a crime. She wanted them, and that made me do what I’d been wanting to do for a long time. (I just wish she had received them a bit more enthusiastically.)

Here are The Yeagley Shiurim. (The numbers after the word “Shiur” do not reflect chapter and verse, but general topic divisions):
1. Shiur 1 (Methodology; Gen. 1:1)
2. Shiur 1.2
3. Shiur 1.3
4. Shiur 1.4 (the matter of form, shape; Gen. 1:2)
5. Shiur 1.5 (identity of God)
6. Shiur 1.6 (light, good; Gen. 1:3,4)
7. Shiur 1.7 (study of names)
8. Shiur 1.8 (summary of Gen. 1:1-5)
9. Shiur 1.9 (review of Gen. 1:1-5)
10. Shiur 1.10 (summary of God-hood)
11. Shiur 1.11 (assessment of methodology)
12. Shiur 1.12 (narrative architecture & structure)
13. Shiur 1.13 (concepts of “creation” process)
14.Shiur 1.14 (space, matter, plane, dimension)
15.Shiur 1.15 (light and darkness)
16. Shiur 1.16 (more on light and darkness)
17. Shiur 1.17 (Gen. 1:6, development)
18. Shiur 1.18 (division, heaven and earth, etc.)
19. Shiur 1.19 (Gen. 1:6-8)
20. Shiur 1.20 (Gen. 1:9)
21. Shiur 1.21 (about water)
22.Shiur 1.22 (more about water, and un-water)
23. Shiur 1.23 (eretz, dry land, waters, etc.)
24. Shiur 1.24 (Gen. 1:11; botanical life)
25. Shiur 1.25 (Gen.1:12, 13, Day and Night)
26. Shiur 1.26 (Gen.1:9-13)
27. Shiur 1.27 (Gen.1:14, with review)
28. Shiur 1.28 (Gen.1:14-19; luminaries)
29. Shiur 1.29 (Gen.1:16;day/light;nigh/darkness)
30. Shiur 1.30 (Gen.1:18; more on day/light,etc.
31. Shiur 1.31 (Gen.1:20, zoological life forms)
32. Shiur 1.32 (waters, seas, distinguished)
33. Shiur 1.33 (Gen.1:22; replicating life forms)
34. Shiur 1.34 (Gen.1:24-26; the 6th day; fowl)
35. Shiur 1.35 (Gen.1:26; man in “our image”)
36. SHiur 1.36 (Gen.1:26,27, dominion)
37. Shiur 1.37 (Gen. 1:28, fecundity; dominion)
38. Shiur 1.38 (philosophy of eating)
39. Shiur 1.39 (philosophy of eathing, con.)
40. Shiur 1.40 (Gen.1:31; all “very good;” God/man)
41. Shiur 1.41 (Gen.2:1; the 7th Day)
42. Shiur 1.42 (Gen.2:1-3; concept of “week”)
43. Shiur 1.43 (Man, time, days; no eighth day named)
44. Shiur 1.44 (Numbered time segments;human recognition)

45. Shiur 2.1 (Gen.2:4; is God attractive, of interest?)
46. Shiur 2.2 (Commentary on creation story)
47. Shiur 2.3 (God’s new name after creation)
48. Shiur 2.4 (More on God; rain–new concept)
49. Shiur 2.5 (Gen.2:5,6; rain, water works)
50. Shiur 2.6 (Gen.2:7; detail of man’s being)
51.Shiur 2.7 (clarifications of Hebrew term)
52. Shiur 2.8 (more on the “soul”)
53.Shiur 2.9 (Gen.2:8; garden made for man)
54. Shiur 2.10 (Gen.2:9,10; good and evil)
55. Shiur 2.11 (Gen.2:8-14; mystery of 4 rivers)
56.Shiur 2.12 (concept of direction; man’s job)
57. Shiur 2.13 (Gen.2:16; God speaks to man)
58. Shiur 2.14 (Analysis of the command/warning)
59. Shiur 2.15 (Gen.2:17, con; aversion to death)
60. Shiur 2.16 (psychology of good and evil)

61. Shiur 2.17 Genesis 2:18; reflections on Eve.
62. Shiur 2.18 reflections on Adam and Eve; responsibilities
63. Shiur 2.19 Genesis 2:21-23; detail on creation of Eve.
64. Shiur 2.20 about replication, reproduction, multiplication
65. Shiur 2.21 sexuality, attraction, nudity.
66. Shiur 2.22 review; beginning of Genesis 2. Tree of knowledge of good and evil.
67. Shiur 3.1 Genesis 3; thoughts on the Fall.
68. Shiur 3.2 more on phenomenology, as applied to shiurim.
69. Shiur 3.3 enter: the “subtle” serpent.
70. Shiur 3.4 description of temptation, deception.
71. Shiur 3.5 Genesis 3:1; more reflections on the serpent’s deception.
72. Shiur 3.6 Genesis 3:1; Serpent contradicts God.
73. Shiur 3.7 more analysis of Genesis 3:1, the contradiction.
74. Shiur 3.8 more analysis of serpent’s forecast
75. Shiur 3.9 Eve follows the lie, disobeys; Adam follows; Genesis 3:6
76. Shiur 3.10 results of transgression; nakedness; language.
77. Shiur 3.11 death, divinity, immortality.
78. Shiur 3.12 all about death.
79. Shiur 3.13 review of all, Genesis 1,2, and 3 (the Fall).
80. Shiur 3.14 review of changes (results of transgression.)
81. Shiur 3. 15 more review of changes caused by sin
83. Shiur 3.16 change in mind and heart of man, toward God (Genesis 3:9).
84. Shiur 3.17 conversation between God and Adam. Character of God
85. Shiur 3.18 the response of the Lord to Adam and Eve.
86. Shiur 3.19 all about the serpent.
87. Shiur 3.20 more about serpent, woman; Genesis 3:15,16
88. Shiur 3.21 enmity between serpent and woman; agony of birth
89. Shiur 3.22 about the curse.
90. Shiur 3.23 Changes in man’s relation to earth.
91. Shiur 3.24 what is pain? how was life affected by sin?
92. Shiur 3.25 “Eve” the mother of all living; hope, Genesis 3:20.
93. Shiur 3.26 coats of skins, made by God
94. Shiur 3.27 mortality of all life forms;
95. Shiur 3.28 Consideration of “good and evil” in combination.
96. Shiur 3.29 more on immortality, mortality (transmission).
97. Shiur 3.30 more results of curse.

(More links will be provided in immediate future. This page, this blog, will be come the reference page for these shiurim.)

Posted by David Yeagley · November 16, 2012 · 8:54 pm CT · ·

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