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Welcome to Indian Country

by David Yeagley · November 6, 2012 · 72 Comments ·

The Republicans have campaigned not on morality, but on prosperity. It was money over morality. Conservatives agreed.

And so the America you once loved is no longer. The country you believed in, lived for, and loved everything about, has passed into history. Let me be the first to welcome you all to Indian Country!

Indians know what it’s like to live in the past. Now you American patriots will know. You’re on an ideological reservation now, and soon, perhaps, you’ll be on an economic–or even geographic reservation.

If the Republicans erred, it was in their failure to emphasize the basic moral issues of the country. They left the door to moral abandonment wide open when they allowed an alien free access to American political life–even to the White House. No one has pursued the truth, not sufficiently, and a alien, lying anti-American has been given free reign to wreck the country. More than half the people loved him.

The Republicans allowed crime after crime to go unpunished, since the Clintons. Ultimately, a lying murderer occupies the Oval Office.

But, rather than having the courage to call out sin by its name, the Republicans chose to talk about the economy. That was the most important issue. And conservatives apparently agreed. That was safe. That was politically correct. That was non-offensive. That was non-religious. That was about dreams, hopes, prosperity, and other high-minded notions of reality.

The truth is, none part of the American dream can happen when the foundation is lies, crime, and total fraud at the root. This Obama, his administration, and all his supporters. Profound social delusion, it is. But not so mysterious. The false reality evolved through wrong values. “Whatever it takes,” Al Gore used to say.

And so the triumph of sin looms before us, at 10:15 p.m., Central Time. (This piece was begun at 10:06 p.m.) Sin. Wrong doing. Transgression of the express will of God, just like in Eden. The Fall continues. It’s that simple.

A great horror lies ahead for the United States, and for the world. Sin ultimately meets its end, as do all who participate in it.

Benghazi was the nation’s last warning. It was unheeded. The Republican leadership decided to talk about money, about prosperity, rather than call Obama on his cowardly murder of Americans.

This failure to reprove sin has to be the only explanation for why so many people in the country are so blind. Mass of people in New York and New Jersey, in devastated conditions, without the basic necessities of life, still voted for the lying murderer in the White House. Thus, we see the result of failure to name sin.

I don’t normally write this religiously, this fundamentally. But, I have a deep feeling that America is lost now. Oh, the buildings will remain. The roads, the land, even Washington, DC. But, the country is gone, forever. America is passed.

What is the new name of the new social entity? Fraud. The country of Falsehood, where lies rule. But it won’t stand. More storms will come, until the social entity is reduced to total desperation. And then the leaders and people will not know what to do. They have forsaken the truth, and are left to their own delusions. Simple as that. A horrific future, indeed.

Indians never had it this bad. It is a cursed reservation that awaits the patriots. I’m sorry for this. I grieve for this, but, it appears on immediate horizon. Perhaps one day the patriots will rise up again, and recreate America. Until then, I welcome you all to your Indian Country.

Fox News just announced that Obama won the election of 2012.

Posted by David Yeagley · November 6, 2012 · 10:30 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 David Yeagley // Nov 7, 2012 at 2:04 pm   

    Wheeler: I hold fast to the Will of God. The Jews are to wander, and the Jews are to be suppressed as it was under Christendom. If we don’t suppress, they will rule, for they are the aristocracy of the human race, Cream rises to the top.


  • 2 David Yeagley // Nov 7, 2012 at 2:11 pm   

    53 House Members Demand of Obama: Were Pre-9/11/12 Benghazi Bombings in Presidential Daily Briefs?

    Way too little, way too late. This is the Republican Party. Weak, political correct techniques.

  • 3 Georgia // Nov 7, 2012 at 2:18 pm   

    At last the “whats wrong” part–not sure about the business deal.

  • 4 Georgia // Nov 7, 2012 at 2:33 pm   

    Correction: “last” should be least. I am watching as I type. He is not asking for money, he is making a point.

  • 5 Asaph // Nov 7, 2012 at 3:23 pm   

    David, as I mentioned before, it was obvious the House was not going to push on Benghazi with their own elections on the line. Polticial cowards, to be sure. Now they’ll push and hopefully turn Obama into a crippled POTUS, if not impeach him outright.

    Too little too late to keep him from getting elected, but hopefully enough to turn him into all bark and no bite, if not see him convicted.

    It is war now. Total war for America.

  • 6 David Yeagley // Nov 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm   

    Wheeler, what is your account for the state of Israel? You talk like a Muslim on that point. I know of now place in the Bible that says the Jews will never have a country in Palestine after 70 AD.

    I do know that they have never, ever congregated there except under divine providence.

    The plane fact is, they are there. They have a country. Do you see this as blasphemy? On what basis?

  • 7 zephyr // Nov 7, 2012 at 4:59 pm   

    David: “It might not have very much to do with anything in our discussion, or it may have everything to do with it. It’s a non- specific, heavy weight assignment.”

    It has a lot to do with it. Blaming women for the loss of the election is as ridiculous as saying all black ppl are evil. Categorical statements are rarely true.

    I spent half of the election day as an election challenger at the polls. The GOP focuses on the most corrupt areas, so of course I was in a heavily Dem polling place (Obama rec’d 98% of presidential votes in that district.) Steady stream of voters the entire time, long lines. At least half the voters were men. Apparently not intelligent men, but men.

    The entitlement class–a creation of the Dems–including untold illegal immigrants and children of illegal immigrants– plus union confederacies with the White House won this election. And there were just as many men voting for the dictator in these groups.

  • 8 David Yeagley // Nov 7, 2012 at 6:23 pm   

    Well, now I can’t even remember how we got off on this subject (women and the absence of men).

    Ah, it was our friend Wheeler! “Leadership is male.” And before that, “You can’t have a traditional country with women voting.”

    Gemini cricket!

    I guess we were trying to account for how men came about to have been edged out of their role. I did not blame women. You exaggerated that. I said,”women’s rights play into this disappearance of the male leadership role.” I think that’s an accurate generalization (oxymoron). Perhaps it is coincidental. But the rise of women has coincided with the disintegration of the family, homosexuality, and a host of other social issues, and when it comes to abortion–the man’s opinion over his offspring is left entirely out of the picture. It’s a “women’s rights” issue. That is the classic example.

    Now, women’s rights, as a political movement, naturally distorts the legitimate concerns about eh treatment of women. All movements tend to distort their own impetus.

    But, apparently, women reacted generally with self-absorbed paranoia and self-idolization, and voted for the lying murderer in the White House. That may have nothing to do with the actual subject of the treatment of women, but, that’s how it comes out, politically.

    Politics is some kind of curse, maybe…

  • 9 Asaph // Nov 7, 2012 at 8:26 pm   


  • 10 Sioux // Nov 7, 2012 at 8:49 pm   

    James 1:2-4: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

  • 11 Sioux // Nov 7, 2012 at 8:52 pm   

    Unintended Consequences:

    Women and the Vote – Bad, very Bad ( don’t care about freedom and vote for security)
    Women in the Workplace -Bad, very Bad. (want jobs they aren’t qualified for thereby displacing men who are qualified).
    Women letting other people raise their children – Bad, very Bad

  • 12 WHEELER // Nov 7, 2012 at 10:44 pm   

    On the woman suffrage. Eve was easily deceived. God put Eve under Adam to protect her and guide her. Look on how many women voted Hussein! It was the female vote that put Hitler into power.

    Leadership is male and women have to respect that.

    In the Book of Deuteronmy, Dr. Yeagley, it is stated that the Jews have to “OBEY every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”. Every word. For disobeying this word, they have to wander. Look at Deut 28:14.

    LXX Deut. 28 63 “And it shall come to pass that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you, so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you. …And the Lord thy God shall scatter thee among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other.”

    The Jew is to wander!!!! Wander permanently till the second coming. Their home is NOT Palestine—but Heaven.

    Please read LXX Deut 30.1 “And it shall come to pass when all these things shall have come upon thee, THE BLESSING AND THE CURSE.” That Israel is first a blessing—and then becomes a curse. This is why the Catholic Church has always taught the Suppression of the Jews because they are cursed. They are kept to their ghettoes, segregated from Christian/European communities. It is to prevent the Jews who are accursed to spreading evil. It is to protect us and them.

    The Jews are a very materialistic race. They are not a philosophical people, they are not transendent. Throughout the Old Testament, their viewpoint of “salvation” was physical material land. Under the New Covenant the Faith was revolutionized into being Transcendent, Spiritual, Metaphysical. Their homeland is NOT on earth. It is IN Heaven. They don’t see this. God’s punishment is their medicine.

    Please read Deuteronomy chapter 28 in the Septuagint if possible. It is all there. The Blessing and the Curse. The Curse Must fall on the Jew. What has been happening is that the Jew is running from God like Jonah ran from God.

    You can’t run from God. The Jews have NEVER learned their lesson. They are the prodigal son. Jonah is a type of Israel. They are running from Jesus Christ the LOGOS, the Word of God. You can not run, you can not hide from Christ.

    Because the European has failed in his job of obedience to God, the Jew has become his destroyer because the European set the Jew free.

    There is a Doric saying recorded by Plutarch, “We are not in this world to give the laws, …but in order to obey the commands of the gods”. The Jew thinks he can make his own rules, “fix the creation of God” in his Tikkun Olam. No. That is why salvation came to the European, we obey (or we used to). Now we are all going to Hell, led there by the Jew because we don’t obey God.

  • 13 David Yeagley // Nov 7, 2012 at 11:03 pm   

    What about single women? That’s not a crime, you know. What if she intends to take care of herself, support herself, etc. She shouldn’t need a “women’s rights” law to do that. But, that’s what it took. Law always provides for a universe of unintended applications. The abstract (the law), applied (induced) leads to things the law was never intended to be applied to.

    Anyway, there are slob men out there that have abandoned women, and those women have had to fend for themselves and their children. There are women who have found no man suitable to them, and are not married.

    This is part of reality.

  • 14 the Drace // Nov 7, 2012 at 11:17 pm   

    Woe to thee, O Land, when thy king is a child. (ecclesiastes 10:16)

  • 15 zephyr // Nov 8, 2012 at 12:08 am   

    Wheeler–not really interested in your take on women. It is clear that you are an anti-Semite as well. Neither misogyny nor racism are biblically supported.

    It seems that you don’t give women too much credit for IQ either. It’s just easier to say none of us are intelligent enough to vote–even though our money is apparently good enough for the government to take.

    Since I support the First Amendment, I believe ppl can be as racist, as bigoted, and as misogynistic as they want to be, and they can say so. And those who are not are free to ignore them.

    “Leadership is male and women have to respect that.”

    We don’t “have” to do anything of the sort. No one has to respect any leader who is incompetent and even dangerous. Behaving like a lemming leads to falling off a cliff. Following your logic, Obama is a much better leader than Palin or Bachmann could ever be.

    No way. Values matter. IQ matters–and either of those women could think circles around Obama/Biden.

    Sioux–a bit surprised at your view. I take it, then, that you do not vote or work outside the home?

  • 16 Thrasymachus // Nov 8, 2012 at 12:59 am   

    Hey, this is getting complicated here!

    My opinion is that women should have a meaningful and free choice in whether they want to work outside the home (if quality careers are available), or to be old-fashioned housewives. No one-size-fits-all should be forced on them. Different women have different needs, and no one among them should be made to feel guilty as some kind of “nonconformist.”

    One problem with modern America is that everyone is expected to be highly extroverted and personally ambitious for money. Yet some of the greatest people have been introverts and of only moderate ambition in money-matters.

    In modern America, the “success pie” isn’t growing (it’s actually shrinking), but competition for those ever-decreasing slices of it is!

  • 17 Asaph // Nov 8, 2012 at 7:23 am   

    Wheeler, I must agree with David here on this point: the eggs are terribly scrambled in society. If you believe the Scriptures then you must believe all mankind is disintegrating into something God never intended. That has caused untold factors to arise for women. Women who hate men for whatever reasons, or women who have no use for God’s order have been an influence on American society in negative ways. But women who are not married, or were married with children to feed and clothe and house cannot be expected to shun the free markets in whatever way they can gain from them. Otherwise they become wards of the state, which becomes far worse.

    Nothing is in God’s order on earth, save in the homes of those who worship Him, and even there Satan works fiercely to destroy.

    I agree with Zephyr on this one for sure – just about ANY woman in political life is more intelligent and articulate than Joe Biden.

  • 18 zephyr // Nov 8, 2012 at 8:45 am   

    Thras–I support women who want to stay at home. I just don’t agree they must.

    Anyone who chooses to have children should do so with the understanding that that will be the most time-consuming, challenging thing they ever do in life. Children do not raise themselves. They are not an addendum to life. They require constant attention when they are young. A parent SHOULD be at home to raise them, and in the current state of affairs, home-schooling them. The public school system is basically a tool for government propaganda at this point.

    Financially, even for a modest lifestyle, the stay-at-home parent ideal is becoming more difficult for ppl to accomplish. That’s not going to get any easier in the long run.

    Personally, I think couples should forego having children if one of them can’t be home with them for at least the first few years, even if they have to bring some form of work or add’l childcare into the home in order to make ends meet.

  • 19 Thrasymachus // Nov 8, 2012 at 9:31 am   

    Thanks, Zephyr. I completely agree with what you’re saying. :)

  • 20 WHEELER // Nov 8, 2012 at 10:50 am   

    Here you go Dr. Yeagley, I got the purrrfect example and horror story for you:

    Brian Leiter is a philosophy professor at the University of Chicago and runs a blog LeiterReports. He has an article now 2012 Election Post Mortem farewell to white men where he writes, “The message in this is clear: the Republicans are doomed by demographics…”

    and he began his article this way:

    “but let’s face it, the crop of white men in the United States these days is unusually benighted, and it’s only because of them that we risked electing a Republican/Randroid ticket that would have endangered the well-being of tens of millions of people in the United States and, given recent history, many more internationally.”

    The hate that is dripping off his pen is outstanding. His hatred of the people who built America is amazing. This man has no respect for traditional Americans.

    He is a Jew and an Atheist and he is the Majority of Jews. Not only do they have a hatred of Christianity—they have a hatred of Europeans. It is amazing that when I say the Jew needs to be suppressed, I’m called anti-semitic. Yet, when someone like Brian Leiter exposes his hatred of Europeans and his wish for their subjugation—nothing. No one calls him anti-European. It is his policies, his thoughts that are driving politics in America.

    This turns on a Life and Death situation. Brian Leiter wants the death of the European and Christianity. Do I stand up for my people and Christ, or should I cower under the attack of being an “anti-semite”. What does John Hagee, that vociferous, adamant philo-semite do, when the people he champions, are celebrating Evangelical defeat and subjugation?

    Either Evil rules or Good rules but neither can do so together. What happened in Mother Russia when the Brian Leiters ran Russia? The Russian Royal Family was genocided and over 200,000 Orthodox clergy and monks were killed. 90% of all Christian structures damaged or destroyed.

    Brian Leiter is part of the ruling aristocracy of America. This is who rules and decides what goes on.

    This is the exact same situation in the Weimar (pseudo-)Republic where Communists, Jewish led socialist groups seized cities throughout Germany. If it wasn’t for the National Socialists, Germany would have turned communist.

    It is either us or them. His attitude shows his hatred and it is disgusting and revealing.

  • 21 Bonus Gift // Nov 9, 2012 at 3:42 pm   

    I agree with Wheeler. Also, I am tired of the hypocrisy of name calling and related ad homonym attacks on someone who is just pointing out a fact. The fact is that the majority of Ashkenazi want all European Christians disposed and finally dead (i.e., genocide). Not to be pedantic, but it is incorrect to call someone who points out such a fact an “anti-smite” for the following reasons:
    1) It’s true.
    2) Ashkenazi are not Semites, they are mostly, if not exclusively European Caucasians; therefore, if you would use a term I would have to be something like anti-Ashkenazi.
    3) It is beyond hypocritical to criticize someone for the truth yet not criticize an anti-American racist who wants all Christian Europeans dispossessed and dead.
    Please can we try to deal with facts and less emotional mass media/brainwashing induced ad homonym attacks?

  • 22 Worst_of_Times // Nov 13, 2012 at 9:16 am   

    If Dr. Yeagley is correct in his eloquence (and I believe he is), that America has lost its soul and will pay, along with the world, a terrible price for that fact, then from where will our salvation come?

    I believe that humanity’s last hope is Israel. Some of you, I gather, would be less than pleased with that statement. But if anything remains true and good today, it is the greatness and courage of Israel and it’s brilliant people. Cultures, nations, and peoples who hope\plan\work to destroy the Jews reveal a profound sickness in themselves, one that is fatal.

    America is down, its patriots scattered and impotent. It is impossible to know when its soul will be recovered, if ever. If Israel goes down, however, the human race is finished.

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