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Yeagley for Comanche Chairman: Platform

by David Yeagley · April 3, 2012 · Post Comments ·

Comanche Nation Election

Dr. David A. Yeagley is the great, great grandson of Bad Eagle (quin-ne kish-su-it, also known as Cruz Portillo, Ko-dose, Tu-vi-ai, etc.), 1839-1909. Dr. Yeagley’s mother was Norma Portillo Yeagley (d. 2005). Her father was “Anacleto” George Portillo (d. 1987). He was the son of Ygnacio Portillo (d. 1903), who was the son of Bad Eagle, or Cruz Portillo.

Dr. David A. Yeagley

PLATFORM: (goals to be achieved gradually, over a period of years)

1. SELL THE TRIBE to achieve true sovereignty. Under private management, we can write our own terms, and create a new treaty, while preserving our national relation to the US government. Under a business model government, we can have control over our future.

2. CREATE A NEW CONSTITUTION that will reflect our true intuitive, tribal ways as a people. I have already drawn up a new constitution that reflects these original values. We will also have an executive, legislative, and judiciary government.

3. ABOLISH THE CBC (Comanche Business Committee) and eventually establish a representative government. We can set up a virtual government, a shadow government, and within five to seven years, develop and entirely new and efficient government to replace the present form.

4. ABOLISH BOARDS which are responsible for non-representative decisions, and which allow for selfish and wasteful abuse of tribal money.

5. ABOLISH DEPARTMENTS which have wasted millions of dollars annually through salaries, expenditures, and nepotism.

6. ABOLISH COMANCHE JOBS that have allowed individuals to take millions of dollars from the tribe.

7. LIMIT SALARIES to $25,000 a year. No employment for the Comanche Nation should be remunerated with more than the US national poverty line allows.

8. MORE CASH TO THE PEOPLE as the result of the elimination of all waste, inequities, and Comanche “jobs.” Eliminating departments, high salaries, and unnecessary programs would put tens of thousands of dollars in the hands of the tribal members where it belongs.

9. ESTABLISH COMANCHE NETWORK including all forms of media to insure participation of the people in necessary and appropriate government decisions.

10. HONOR FULL-BLOODS by placing them in all our governmental positions, so that we encourage our people to value Comanche blood. We should also have a special council of full-bloods as advisory to all major tribal directions.

For more details about each point of the platform, see: Yeagley Platform.

Posted by David Yeagley · April 3, 2012 · 8:37 pm CT · ·

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