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Obama’s “Dumb” Indians

by David Yeagley · January 31, 2012 · 11 Comments ·

Apparently there is still such a thing as a “dumb Indian,” but not according to the older stereotype. A dumb Indian use to refer to an Indian who simply lived in a different world, a world passed, and therefore he didn’t effectively connect with the subtle complexities of modern society. But today, a dumb Indian is an Indian who not only thinks that Barak Hussein Obama is a friend of Indians, but feels proud to donate money to his 2012 campaign.

Last week, January 27, 2012, Native Vote Washington, a liberal, Democrat NGO, held a fund raiser for Obama, inviting tribal leaders from only the richest (liberal) tribes. It was $35,800 a plate, according to the liberal correspondent and homosexual advocate of IndianCountryToday, Rob Capriccioso.

At least 70 Indian tribal leaders were expected. Capriccioso calculates that to be $2.5 million for the alien regime. The figure reminds us of the Obama (Democrat) budget for the Bureau of Indian affairs–$2.5 billion, only that BIA budget is divied up among 564 federal recognized tribes. The Bush (Republican) administration, of course, had raised the BIA budget from $1.8 billion to $2.2 billion during his administration, on the way to doubling it. Obama has certainly not continued the trend, but taken the opposite direction. (Perhaps this is all reason to sell the tribes to the private billionaires, like Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, or even George Soros.)

Early on in his 2008 campaign, Obama had recruited “dumb Indians.” Naturally, he picked the most vulnerable and corrupt tribe, isolated, and baptized in tainted rivers of casino gold: the mighty Crow. In May of 2008, he went to their reservation in Montana, and ended up not only with money, but a coveted Indian name. They called him “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land.” It was a small concession to make on the part of the Indians; for the Crow leaders thereby maintain their freedom to be corrupt and to oppress their own people. The next year, Obama naturally reciprocated, honoring a Crow elder, Joe Medicine Crow—in a most blasphemously un-Indian ceremony (–a non-Indian clowning around a real war bonnet, while comically trying to place a medal around the old chief).

In 2004, I met a full-blood Crow. He came to Washington, D.C. to speak at a National Press Conference on May 12. (I know, because I was also there, invited to give my opinion of Indian casinos as well. The event was barely mentioned in the Washington Times, and the casino issues weren’t mentioned at all, only the ironies of Indian Child Welfare Act). The Crow brave described conditions of excess misery and injustice on his reservation, all caused by the greed and ruthless operations of the casino business. I was therefore immediately suspicious in 2008 when, of all Indians tribes in the United States, Obama went to the Crow tribe for his Indian “connection.” I knew more than mawkish, hackneyed ethnic publicity was involved. (A Negro president honoring American Indians is like a black Santa Clause giving presents to German children. The irony was agonizing.) I was personally ashamed for the Crow.

Obama, and Joe Medicine Crow. A travesty of honor.

Of course, not all tribal casino operations are so dramatically corrupt and injurious to tribal people; but, enough are so that there is national concern from coalitions like Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, United Property Owners, and One Nation. I co-authored an article with Barbara Lindsay, “The Use and Abuse of Indians,” published in Ted Baehr’s Movieguide magazine, August, 2006.

Diane Humetewa, Hopi.

Obama’s Indians relations with casino tribes have apparently have continued and developed. An Indian fund raiser party of the caliber presented by Native Vote Washington ($35,800 a plate) is unprecedented, and speaks of the profound impropriety, outrageous corruption, and hideous hypocrisy in Indian Country. That leaders would even hold such an event, for a non-Indian, who has demonstrated no concern whatsoever for Indians—who in fact fired the first Indian state attorney general (Arizona’s Diane Humatewa, Hopi) the minute he took office, shows unequivocally that these Indians are not leaders of Indian people. They are self-centered indulgents, exactly like the Magic Negro they honor. They all charm one another with their hedonist, “community” solipsism.

“Dumb Indians,” as it were. They are unable or unwilling to consider Indian people above their own personal ambitions and notoriety. Yes, there are a lot of “dumb Indians” in Washington, and they come in all races. But for American Indians to sink into this role is piquantly tragic.

Posted by David Yeagley · January 31, 2012 · 9:21 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 David Yeagley // Feb 1, 2012 at 10:40 am   

  • 2 David Yeagley // Feb 1, 2012 at 10:42 am   

  • 3 David Yeagley // Feb 1, 2012 at 10:47 am   

    This is called poor planning, to say the least. Utter carelessness. So many different ways this could have been done. But, this is perfectly symbolic of the Obama attitude toward Indians.

    And by the way, Joe Medicine Crow is no dumb Indian. Like US military who have received even the Congressional Medal of Honor, must submit to the agonizing humiliation of receiving their highest honors from the alien, lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor in the White House. This is America, right now.

    Might an honoree postpone his honors until we at least have an American in the White House?

  • 4 ELIAKIM // Feb 10, 2012 at 3:22 am   

    Good to see Diane on this post David. Maybe you would like to sort this out.

    Well, well, well, people have a lot of different ways to make the mainstream headlines, looks like the Indians have picked up a few tips from Palleywood. Now we have the South Dakota American-Indian tribe in the headlines to do with a court case to do with alcohol. [1]

    Take responsibility for co-creation guys and gals, I do not see anyone pouring it down your throats except for yourselves.

    $500 million, good try. It is written in the report that the Oglala Sioux Tribe, are claiming that ‘on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation one in four children suffers foetal disorders caused by alcohol abuse.’

    So where is the research to back it up? Is it usual for a woman to drink alcohol while she is pregnant? No, of course not. One doesn’t have to be spiritual to have common sense either. Do the Indian tribes have any common sense? Many foetal disorders are due to inter-breeding.

    If the tribe are suffering from alcohol-related issues you can just imagine what else is going on there. You know what happens in a closed shop! From personal experience I’ve found the American Indians to be very closed indeed. With the men that I came up against, it was their way or no way. Same old male dominated society. Is it any wonder that there is what they call ‘alcohol related issues in the community?’

    It begins in childhood. You may well ask why all the Indian leaders of the tribes are men!

    Nothing has really changed has it? Still the same old male controlled culture. I tell you, I can smell a fish, and there is going to be skeletons that fall out of the cupboards of the Indians.

    LOL and at that same time there is a US-style alcohol test from South Dakota planned to be used on Londoners. Do give me a break. The US can’t even sort out its own nation and Indians, let alone bring its tests to UK shores. Whatever next! We have a saying in England, ‘You can’t teach others how to drive the car until you have learned to drive it yourself.’

    Can you understand it? They’re planning to electronically tag anyone that they consider drinks too much and test them every half hour, if the people are not sober, they plan to imprison them. Its no wonder that some are calling the intention of the British government ‘Draconian’. [2] Who do they think they are? Goodness gracious me, whatever next? The Home Office has pledged 400,000 for a pilot scheme.

    Alcohol is a health issue and not an issue for the Home Office. Its to do with the root causes of the core issues, and they can vary dependent on the culture and life experiences of the person involved.

    At the same time schools in the UK are closed due to the snow and that made me laugh because the LORD said ‘No school, schools out’.

  • 5 ELIAKIM // Feb 10, 2012 at 3:29 am   

    The links


  • 6 afrofogey // Apr 2, 2012 at 1:45 am   

    In my limited experience with Indians, they were almost as happy as Blacks to see Obama elected. I think most thinking Indians know Black are much more likely to have a sympathetic ear to Indians causes than whites.

  • 7 silaada // Aug 22, 2012 at 2:04 pm   

    No matter if BO is grimacing around the sacred War Bonnet or singing his version of “I’m so in love with you”,El takiya springs to mind…”Pretend to be his friend and then kill him” plus manipulation on the level of a three years old. Narcissistic perverts use both gaslighting and their “charm” in a very naive way. We, the indigenous should not forget that the enemy of our enemy is not always our friend. An elder said: “We indigenous have no beef against islam”.Well, I think we are the guardians of our land and we should have an entire buffalo against islam. When I asked my grandmother why my grandfather fought against Nazi she said “it was the right thing to do”. Some of our folks will not vote Romney because he is “from the right”. Come on guys, have you checked what “the left” has done for you, or maybe rather against you? I do worry: after uranium, what is going to be dumped on our land? 4th Reich? In prisons “Brotherhood of Islam”rules,our people are the most underprivileged prisoners. Religious rights of Native American prisoners…Where are we again? Oh,yeah there are “generic chapels available for worship”…Why in such case Bo’s gang tries to convince citizens that nearly 2000 muslim mosques are absolutely necessary?Hey,what about “generic chapels”? Don’t gas me, my tank is full! My father told me to never look at the name of a political party but to see people and their acts .Obama lacks of respect to our intelligence and our land.

  • 8 AvengingAngel // Dec 7, 2012 at 4:49 pm   

    Haaaaaaaaa. Resdog Yeagley seems to have a problem with Blacks. But see, Blacks are strong. They came as slaves to America and have produced great people. Meanwhile the LAZY NATIVE REZ DOGS just keep on whining. Use your energy to save your pathetic race and leave Blacks alone. Weird-looking donkey.

  • 9 Exu // Dec 26, 2012 at 12:30 am   

    The entire population of the Western world seems to be undergoing a rapid reconfiguring along many lines. There are deep and unreparable fractures WITHIN racial groups today, and yet hardly anyone notices it. Instead, most people keep talking about race vs race negatives. I would suggest that anyone interested in really understanding how all this is going to inevitably end, read “THE TERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE” and even “THE SOCIAL CONTRACT” in order to grasp the stark reality of the entire scenario.
    People GROUP. Most think of this as meaning they exist within races, and that’s true; but they also group according to interests and perspectives and which ideologies they find most attractive. And once inside a group, they inevitably grate against other groups that have differences to their own. They grate slightly whenever there’s plenty of food, shelter, entertainment, living space and privacy, and money to spend. Take these elements away and they grate severely against one another – even violently.
    The AmerIndians who are delighted that Obama is re-elected are in a group that grates against the White race. If the guy is Black, then wonderful! Support him! Just because he’s not White. Unfortunately, they aren’t connecting to the greater reality of what his policies and party are doing that will negatively impact AmerIndians in the very near future. But now we see other AmerIndians who do no support Obama. Possibly not as numerous, but equally as determined in their reasons. So, groups within a larger overall group are now grating against one another and will continue to do so as conditions for daily life deteriorate.
    When the “point of no return” has been passed and its too late for any chance of elections curing the social ills, the hypnotic trance most people are in will be broken, but at the same time they will be lost – like leaves in a violent windstorm.
    Don’t think people are in perpetual trance? Everyday? Uniteruptedly? Look into the astounding interviews between Jon Rappoport and Master Hypnotist, Jack True, which are contained in “THE MATRIX REVEALED”.
    And then there’s “MONSTERS AND MAGICAL STICKS”, another work which clearly explains entranced human populations and individuals.

  • 10 Solomon // Jul 28, 2014 at 9:53 am   

    US population (according to the 2010 census) is growing at a rate of -9%..the native American population is growing at a rate of +27%.Time is on our side..keeping the peace is to our benefit. That is why politicians are beginning to parlay with some tribes. Baring some unforeseen,unavoidable calamity native americans are the fastest growing voting population..with a majority of the population under the age of 35 & very politically aware. native americans have a higher ratio of activists & are curenty in the middle of cultural resurgence in many areas. Allbeit the subjects of our activism & culture are sometimes not recognizable to outsiders. Obama is politically savy & obviously well organized..they also were the only ones to make any type of overture. Mayhaps the ‘other party’ in the two party system will make a better deal next election but until then our gains during this administration are acceptable..much more acceptable then the backsliding that had been occurring.That said the ‘cowboy & indian’ phenomena that has recently come to be could be the precursor leading into the next elections.US politicians have long been manipulating the is good to at least be recognized as such&not just marginalized as minorities in our own motherland.When tribes started organizing &working together in the 1950s the idea of long standing enemies cooperating was seen by outsiders as laughable & predicted to soon fail as tribe turned against each other. That thankfully did not happen &over the last 60 yrs the mentality of native americans being one group has come to the fruition of those who categorized us all as such. There is nothing like a common enemy to bring different factions together.I am gratefull to our enemy for doing so..we have grown strong while they have grown weak.They have painted themselves into a corner while we have walked side by side with other races they have also marginalized.I say Obama is smarter then he has been given credit for & my proff is that he has made not only his own cabinet but his party strong and thus a force to recon with for many elections to come.That said I almost wish I were a democrat,or even a liberal..i am not though just a conservative republican who will vote not for who is best for the party but who is best for my nation AKA my tribe. :) If you can not understand that..then I think you should go spend some time on a will adjust your mind real quick to the way a native has to terms of survival & in terms of preserving am much of our culture for as long as possible.Intergration is a matter of modernization to most of us..the thought of intergrating culturally is as abhorant now as it ever was.Sometimes I think people forget what a warrior mentality is..mainly because so many have lost theirs.I am proud to say we have not..the proof is our survival and our ever growing numbers.The difference is we have no desire to marginalize other cultures nor to ever dominate other races..that is also key to our survival.This article is childish and obsessed with the mockery of a man who if you like him or not does have power..instead of mocking him a mature mind would have recognized what is working for him.A mind of equal or greater power would have even found things to an enemy not worthy of admiration is not a worthy enemy.Personally I have studied the tactics used and found them to be viable and a few things looked a bit silly.Think though..were they truly accidental or was it a a politician with the media at his disposal could easily have had a few akward photos omitted no?Yet doesn’t he look so laughable and benign..not a threat at all.Just the man with the most powerfull military in the world, every source of international media in his pocket, the UN &most of the worlds oil under his control.Mawkish indeed..i am sure they laugh often in the whitehouse.WHen I look at a person I do not look for their weaknesses..i look at their strengths..that is how I perceive the world & the people in it..perhaps if you could stop &try might just realize those two men in the picture are both smart.One is already a wise elder..the other is wise enough to laugh at himself because he knows as the most powerfull man in the world he can. :)

    Because one believes in oneself,
    one doesn’t try to convince others.
    Because one is content with oneself,
    one doesn’t need others’ approval.
    Because one accepts oneself,
    the whole world accepts him or her.”
    Lao Tzu (604 B.C.-531 B.C.)

  • 11 Solomon // Jul 28, 2014 at 10:20 am   

    P.S. the term homosexual is a european mentality not a native one.To us they are ‘two spirit’ people and not only seen as valuable but actually as sacred beings. I apologize on behalf of the writer of this poorly written article for their ignorance towards Rob Capriccioso.. obviously the author is of a European mentality.

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