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Michele Bachmann: The Ideal Candidate

by David Yeagley · January 1, 2012 · 18 Comments ·

Michele Bachmann, 55, is an ideal candidate. Not that she should be expected to win the office of the President of the United States, nor even the nomination of the Republican Party, but, it so happens that she represents all the American fundamental, conservative values that patriots claim to hold dear. For this reason, The Bad Eagle Award for American Patriotism is given to Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann, 2012.

Bachmann is only the fifth recipient of this special award, the first (September, 2008) being Ann Coulter, famous conservative commentator and author; the second (December, 2008), Amil Imani, a Persian (Iranian) American who relentlessly resists the invasion of Islam into the Western world; the third (February, 2009), Charlie Meadows, a native Oklahoman who has done more than any single individual to effectively advocate conservative values in the state; the fourth (May, 2010), Randy Brogdon, a former Oklahoma state senator and Republican candidate for governor. Bachmann has shown a devotion and consistency together with a patriotism and conservatism which put her foremost in the country in American idealism and national values.

More than this, Michele Bachmann’s personal life is a refulgence of affection for family, people, and patriotism that recommend her as the most worthy of all candidates for the American presidency.
She has been married to Marcus Bachmann for thirty-three years, raised a family of five children, and provided foster care for 23 more children over the years. This is a woman with a great deal of love, and one who understands the technique of unselfishness. Her example is truly stellar.

Bachmann worked on kibbutz Be’eri in Israel in 1974, at the age of 18. She earned a B.A. from Winona State University (Minnesota) in 1978; in 1986, she received her J.D. from Oral Roberts University; in 1988 she earned an LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary School of Law. Bachmann worked as an attorney for the IRS from 1988 to 1993. She and her husband Marcus operate a Christian counseling business in Minnesota.

Michele Bachmann is conservative Christian, and believes in the exclusive sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. She believes that homosexuality is a choice, and this belief, together with her pro-life position, makes her the target of extensive media blackouts.

In 2000, Bachmann became the Republican state senator for Minnesota’s District 56. She won again in 2002. In 2006, Michele Bachmann became Minnesota’s first female Republican congressman—representing the 6th congressional district.

Bachmann’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 may or may not reveal a public appreciation for what she stands for. The media has blocked her out, essentially, due to its fearful bias in favor of the homosexual lobby. Pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Christian, and pro-Israel are simply not positions that invite media coverage. Bachmann is a career activist in these things, and cannot expect fair and equal media exposure. The media seeks to advocate the opposite of Bachmann’s values.

More than any other candidate running, however, Bachmann has demonstrated consistency in American conservative values. There is no question about this. There is also no question that these essential American values will not win enough votes to defeat the alien, lying black African Communist Muslim traitor in the White House. Not enough people really value America—as defined by the Constitution, as characterized by the most basic historical events. Not enough people believe a woman is strong enough to carry the burden of Americanism through the swamp of deceit and treachery in Washington. A woman with love in her voice will be buried alive.

The American people have no faith—no faith in the strength of truth. The people simply do not have confidence in the truth. The legal system has destroyed that confidence. Our free elections have proven that the weak outnumber the strong. The infantile prevail. And, “Woe unto thee, O land, when thy king is a child.” Ecclesiastes 10:16. has supported Michele Bachmann before. Although the words of Ann Coulter are the wisdom of the moment, we want, for the record, to say that Michele Bachman should be the next president of the United States. What she is and stands for is what America needs.

Michele Bachmann will not likely become president, nor probably do even reasonably well in the primaries. This does not mean, however, that she is the most worthy candidate, the most exemplary American, and the most patriotic candidate running. It simply means that most voters aren’t really American.

Posted by David Yeagley · January 1, 2012 · 11:02 am CT · ·

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  • 1 The Ideal Candidate « Interned In Northfield // Jan 1, 2012 at 12:59 pm   

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  • 2 Greg H // Jan 1, 2012 at 1:20 pm   

    I love Michelle Bachmann too. I don’t think a person like her can get elected President now. She is a born again christian and stands up for what is right. Referring to your last post, this country is too far gone now. This is a sinful, prideful, perverted country. Plus, the press completely anti-christ now. The MSM does not care about America or what made America great. Our days are numbered.

  • 3 Maharishi of Mayhem // Jan 1, 2012 at 1:32 pm   

    We might as well quit talking about any Republican candidate.

    Brobama will be reelected. The fascist regime already has everything in place to make that happen.

    The exalted amalgamated negro has already declared that he will govern without the consent of congress.

    This is a declaration of war against the American people.

    Buy ammo, buy ammo, buy ammo. The
    American pacifistic mentality must be ignited into a warrior spirit that is prepared to fight the deniers of liberty. Once the government crosses the line of being a denier of liberty, then we, must act. LEXINGTON & CONCORD!

    War is coming. Will you risk death on the field of battle, or resign to a certain death in one of Brobama’s death camps?

    This is real. Quit watching MTV and fumbling with your I-phones and get ready. Christians must come alive and realize that we too must bear arms in the fight.

    All the fairy-ized metrosexual white males must grow up and be men. You white women quit worshipping at the altar of the Black male. These apes will cut your throats at one order from Brobama.

    There is no Republican party. But there is hope through combined strength.

  • 4 Maharishi of Mayhem // Jan 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm   

    We are not safe from our own government:

    Friends, I do not ever want this nation to disintegrate to the point where we have to actually consider that our government has an agenda to take away our liberties. I never want to fight my government. I still believe in the phrase, “One Nation, Under God, INDIVISIBLE, with Liberty and Justice for all.” No man, including myself, wants to think that someday a civil war could once again happen in this country. That would be awful. It would be the worst of nightmares.

    However, we are obligated as citizens to protect ourselves from tyranny and to support and defend our Constitution from all enemies.

    When I joined the military, I took an oath to defend the Constitution from “all enemies,” both “foreign & domestic.” What is a domestic enemy and how do we respond? What is the singular act that defines a “domestic” enemy.

    At what point do we declare our own government the enemy?

    What do we do when we are gathered like animals and taken to FEMA Camps to rot without trial just because we speak out against the injustices of the current Cartel?

    Is anyone else awake out there, or do we really want to think that the Republican primary is important?

  • 5 Maharishi of Mayhem // Jan 1, 2012 at 3:12 pm   

    Happy New Year from your Government:

    Scroll down and watch video.

    We are in the last hours of this great Republic.

  • 6 David Yeagley // Jan 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm   

    Isn’t is bewildering how that so many, more than half the nation, voted for the alien, lying black African Communist Muslim traitor? The liberals have done their work through the government education system and propaganda. The liberals have targeted natural human weakness, and exploited it, promoted it, glorified it, and yes, deified it.

    Most Americans are so doped on selfishness that they don’t see anything offensive at all in the alien, lying black African Communist Muslim traitor. Nothing at all.

  • 7 David Yeagley // Jan 1, 2012 at 9:08 pm   

    These early caucuses and primaries are a show for the media and the arrogant but insignificant populations of these sparsely populated states.
    This media hype is shameful, and the Iowa caucus means NOTHING. Very really nothing.

    Everyone plays into it, but every thinking person knows it means really nothing. This is the kind of vanity that discourages people from believing in anything anymore, least of all the American political process. It is as vain as our legal system.

  • 8 JollyGreen // Jan 1, 2012 at 9:42 pm   

    “These early caucuses and primaries are a show for the media and the arrogant but insignificant populations of these sparsely populated states.” Yeagley

    One of the Republican candidates said that “Iowa picks corn…not presidents.”

    Pretty good analysis.

  • 9 Asaph // Jan 2, 2012 at 6:26 am   

    Perhaps one of the major reasons Bachmann will not be the Republican nominee is precisely because the likes of Ann Coulter are considered as wise by conservatives.

  • 10 David Yeagley // Jan 2, 2012 at 9:47 am   

    Ann acknowledges the quality and value of Bachmann. Ann just doesn’t think she can beat Obama. If that’s true, it is a matter of ultimate concern.

    Much as I hate to admit it, Rove said Christine O’Donnell would be buried. She was–even after a spectacular local win.

    Sometimes, these people know. It is years of experience. Professional experience.

  • 11 zephyr // Jan 2, 2012 at 9:55 am   

    Martial law in the U.S., aka National Defense Authorization Act (HR 1540 and S 981)

    The bill in its entirety funds national defense for the coming year. Nothing new in that.

    At issue is the new provision in this bill that allows for the arrest w/o cause and indefinite “detention” of U.S. citizens. Just quietly tucked into a budget bill.

    Most GOP and Dem reps voted for the bills. Instead of voting for it, they SHOULD have sounded an alarm to the American people. But they didn’t. Probably never even read the bill before voting. They usually don’t.

    Although Obama claims he wasn’t happy with this provision for the arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens, Sen Carl Levin says that Obama is actually the very one responsible for that provision:

    Another lie from the White House. Wonder if he’s going to declare martial law before the election in November? The OWS group certainly provides fuel for the fire.

  • 12 David Yeagley // Jan 2, 2012 at 11:58 am   

    OWS are to NDAA as Fast&Furious is to gun control.

    Here’s a late take on Bachmann, from liberal LA Times:

    Down in polls, Michele Bachmann preaches at the pulpit
    By Robin Abcarian
    January 1, 2012, 3:22 p.m

    Bachmann carried her own Bible as she and her husband, Marcus, walked into Jubilee Family Church, a charismatic evangelical congregation about an hour southeast of Des Moines.

    Moments after she began a talk billed as a testimony to her faith, a church aide came up to the altar to turn on her microphone.

    “Thank you,” said Bachmann, who is holding steady in last place among Republican presidential candidates here. “Turning on the power. That’s what we’re going to do this morning. And when you plug into the power source, there is no end to how far and wide His word goes.” The pews erupted in cheers and applause.

  • 13 REG // Jan 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm   

    Zephyr “Most GOP and Dem reps voted for the bills. Instead of voting for it, they SHOULD have sounded an alarm to the American people. But they didn’t. Probably never even read the bill before voting. They usually don’t.” No, they read it and signed it willingly. Numerous congressmen, both Republican and Democratic objected to the bill because of that stipulation. Over 61, I think. However the rest were adamantly for it. The only problem between the White House and Congress was that Congress specified that the US Military had the authority to suspend habus Corpus and Obama wanted the president to have the authority instead. In other words the Congress and White House was bound and determined to take the last visage of the Bill of Rights away, they just couldn’t agree on which body to give the club too. The news media buried the actual result in gibberish and so we don’t know if it will be uniformed or plain closed intruders in the middle of the night. Won’t matter because it will be dark anyway.

  • 14 David Yeagley // Jan 2, 2012 at 10:25 pm   

    Why do people keep quoting Palin, or asking her about anything? She’s become nothing. Why is a thought in her head national news? Why?

    Palin On Michele Bachmann: It’s Not Her Time
    January 2, 2012

    Palin is no political example. Her opinions are no more worthy than your next door neighbors. It is part of the media gig, the media boredom, the media desperation, to drudge up low level opinion like this. I think I’d rather hear my next door neighbor, actually.

    Michele Bachmann

    Maybe it isn’t Michele’s time, but, it isn’t for someone like Sarah Palin to say. As they say, even a stop clock is right twice a day.

  • 15 Asaph // Jan 3, 2012 at 6:51 am   

    Why would Palin’s comment be any less worthy than any other talking head? Why would it be different than others stating Palin’s time has not yet come, which they did months ago.

    Just curious, has Bachmann spoke out against the new law? How did she vote? Has Santorum, or any of the others besides Ron Paul?

    I must say I am so sick of talking heads putting down Ron Paul for his foreign policy when the man seems the only one who truly cares about domestic freedom and liberty.

    Who is ANYONE to comment about ANYTHING? I’m totally sick of hearing Karl Rove, too. He gave us Bush. And that went well for America?

    It’s all a game. It’s all a ruse. It’s all evil.

  • 16 whitetrash // Jan 3, 2012 at 11:41 am   

    “I must say I am so sick of talking heads putting down Ron Paul for his foreign policy when the man seems the only one who truly cares about domestic freedom and liberty.”

    Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in Corporate Owned and Operated America. They have to make him look like the crazy uncle in the attic. He’s a legitimate threat to the cultural elites because he rejects the anti-white racism of multi-cultism, and he is a threat to the fraudulent “wealth creators” because his policies would restore real competition to the market place.

    Unless the Tea Party can pull a rabbit out of a hat, the Republicans will never nominate Ron Paul.

  • 17 Larn_Conner // Jan 8, 2012 at 11:08 am   

    I found your web site when I was looking up info on Michael Landon and read your article on him and I agreed with what you were saying about him.

    I was not surprised to find that we also share the same opinion about Michele Bachmann. Out of all the GOP candidates I am familiar with, she was the only one I liked and would vote for.

    I’m afraid I don’t hold Coulter in high regard any more, that lady appears to be a publicity seeking person like Palin and she’s even on some homosexual show. I don’t know what you still think of Coulter, but she’s been getting flaky lately.

  • 18 AvengingAngel // Dec 7, 2012 at 5:00 pm   

    Haaaaaaaaa. Rez dog Yeagley seems to have a problem with Blacks. But see, Blacks are strong. They came as slaves to America and have produced great people. Meanwhile the LAZY NATIVE REZ DOGS just keep on whining. Use your energy to save your pathetic race and leave Blacks alone. Weird-looking donkey.

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