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American Indian Sovereignty Is Over: US Government Says Negroes are Cherokee Indians

by David Yeagley · September 21, 2011 · 47 Comments ·

The United States government just destroyed Indian sovereignty. In the United States District Court of Columbia (DC), Negroes were declared citizens of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The Negroes won, again. No human beings on earth will ever be allowed to deny the Negro anything–even the fact that he’s not Indian. And no Indian nation is sovereign now. Negroes are Indian, by federal court fiat.

In the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the Cherokee Nation (of Oklahoma) made an agreement with the attorneys of the Negroes, the 2,800 “freedmen,” restoring their citizenship Tuesday, September 20, in the Cherokee Nation, with all their rights–including the right to vote in the up-coming election September 24.

Diane Humetewa (Hopi), first American Indian woman
appointed as a state Attorney General (Arizona),
December, 2007. Fired by Negro president, Barry
“Obama” Soetoro, August, 2009.

The Negroes had been denied their citizenship for obvious reasons, like, not being Indian; but, the Obama Administration, i.e., the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), threatened to withhold $33 million dollars of federal money from the Cherokee Nation.

Thus, the United States government determines who is Indian and who is not. It is no longer the American Indian nation. Indians no longer determine who is Indian. With the Negro in the White House, all Negroes are Indian. The Negro will not be denied anything he wants, for any reason.

It is a sad day for Indian people in America. Sovereignty is most definitely over, forever. Treaty rights are annulled. Indian identity is invalid, uncertain, and meaningless. declared Barry “Obama” Soetoro the enemy of Indians even before he was elected. The first thing he did was fire the only American Indian (and female) state attorney general, Diane Humetewa. The Negro is aggressive, arrogant, and will not be denied, or threatened. All must bow to him. No race is without the Negro. No nation can deny the Negro. The Negro rules.

And that means the imaginary “Palestinians” and their imaginary “state” cannot deny citizenship to Jews, or Negroes.

Let the lamentation begin. American Indian sovereignty is over. Racial independence is over. The Negro is sovereign. The Negro will be part of your race, your country, your government, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you are. The American Indian nations are ended. There are no more Indians. There is only whom the government says is Indian. Anyone can be a member of an Indian nation. You don’t have to be Indian. You don’t have to be American. It’s all a social club, and a Communist conclave.

Mexicans will next be declared American Indians by the US government. Indians will have no say. The government will withhold all treaty provisions–all BIA money.

Of course, Indians gave up the hope of sovereignty when they signed casino deals with politicians and the syndicate. was against casinos from the beginning, for that reason. Comanche Nation per capita payments are taxed by the federal government as income. Indians are not in fact independent, sovereign nations, not financially, not politically, and now not even racially. Indians no longer determine who is Indian, or who is a citizen of their own nation.

In our anti-American state of politics in Washington, no one is to be denied citizenship in the United States. Therefore, Washington will not allow Indians to deny anyone citizenship in any Indian nation.

Here come the Negroes. And the Mexicans. And the Arab Muslims. Everyone’s Indian now.

I just have to wonder, Are there any Indian warriors left? Are there any Indians who will stand up and fight to preserve our identity, our existence, our people? I’ve fought all I can fight. I’m still fighting, even for the rights of others to preserve their own race and nationhood. Where are the warriors in the world? Where are the people who love their own?

Posted by David Yeagley · September 21, 2011 · 5:00 pm CT · ·

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47 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Thrasymachus // Sep 21, 2011 at 6:06 pm   

    It’s a very sad day, indeed.

    The Negro does not want to be a Negro; he wants to be anything but. If he loved his own, he would not threaten other peoples.

    It is doubtful that the American Indian could have his own exclusive cable television network. The Negro et al would demand inclusion. Otherwise, such a network might strengthen American Indian Identity and pride.

    We are seeing the curse of having our little sons and daughters taken captive, Dr. Yeagley — both with your people and with mine.

    All this has been the result of our national idolatry — sadly instituted into law by Ronald Reagan.

    — Θρασύμαχος

    Hey! If it’s any samll comfort to you, you’re not alone: they’re doing the same thing in Ireland and Scotland and France — and in the Netherlands.

    Breng hem hier (Bring him (the Negro child) here

  • 2 BrockTownsend // Sep 21, 2011 at 6:07 pm   

    Are there any Indian warriors left?

    Hell, are there any white warriors left, for that matter? Posted.

  • 3 Thrasymachus // Sep 21, 2011 at 6:41 pm   

    First the Commies take away your sports mascots, which is a direct attack on your identity. Then they demand that you include racial aliens in your numbers — which is a severe attack against your identity.

    I honestly believe that the answer must be an uprising against the MLK Jr. Holiday. People must unite against this in the name of “No King but King Jesus!” That’s what the Colonists did, when confronted with the demands of King George.

    Whites must take their kids out of schools on this “holiday.” They must protest it vigorously. This is the main line of attack. Expose this wicked man for what he was and things might take a turn for the better.

  • 4 Thrasymachus // Sep 21, 2011 at 7:09 pm   

    I wonder what this must mean in terms of Bible Prophecy, that the Negro race has gained such worldwide political power?

  • 5 Thrasymachus // Sep 21, 2011 at 7:17 pm   

    The West is falling from within, and the results are affecting the American Indian — as they cannot help but affect all of us.

    This quote is worth thinking about:

    “We were never beaten by our enemies, we were betrayed by our friends.”
    –Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia (from 1964-1979)

  • 6 David Yeagley // Sep 21, 2011 at 8:53 pm   

    I’m thinking that only people who value race and nationhood can recognize the significance of what has happened in Oklahoma Indian Territory.

    This is indeed a mile stone. The (Northern) Cherokee leaders sold out for money. The Negroes were valued at $33 million. That money was more important than Cherokee sovereignty, than Cherokee identity!

    This is profound.

  • 7 Pamela K. // Sep 21, 2011 at 10:04 pm   

    Once again, the United States Government has resorted to intimidation to force the Cherokee Nation to comply with their demands, even if the demand this time is based on falsifying history in regards to slavery as practiced by Cherokee Indians. Once again, all a group of disgruntled black people had to do was cry, “Racist!” and they get their way. It makes me sick.
    Contrary to their wishful thinking, slavery was not a widespread practice with the Cherokees. In the early days of tribal warfare between the Cherokee and their implacable foes, the mighty Iroquois Confederacy, there were captives taken on both sides, but that had more to do with the spoils of war than actual slavery.
    The wealthy southern Cherokee planters, those who had acculturated themselves into white society did own black slaves. It was a legal business practice. However, prior to their exile to the West, the average Cherokees were farmers, who worked the land themselves, as they had been for hundreds of years before the white man, and the black man, for that matter, came to these shores. They did not need slaves, and although blacks and Cherokees lived side by side as neighbors in different areas of the South, they stayed within their own communities. Intermarriage between the two groups was extremely rare, and basically frowned upon, as were unions between Cherokees and whites.
    In 1866, when delegates from the Cherokee Nation traveled to Washington DC to negotiate the conditions of the Treaty of 1866, they were duly alarmed by the position taken by the Government, which stated that the Cherokee Nation had forfeited it’s rights because of their support for the South and therefore were in no position to refuse any of the conditions imposed on them by the new treaty. In reality, only about one-third of the Cherokees fought for the South. There were, in fact, two regiments of Cherokees who fought for the North. However, so much harm had already come to their people and the Cherokees were intimidated by the white government that had once tried to exterminate them. And so, they reluctantly agreed to the terms of the new treaty.
    The government not only forced the Cherokees to sell a large tract of land in southeastern Kansas for a dollar an acre to an association of speculators working for a railroad company, but they also acceded, against the wishes of the Cherokee people, the right of way for two railroad companies across their land. And, they opened their lands to newly freed blacks and white settlers, giving them “full rights” or the same rights as the Cherokees, as long as they lived on the specified land. The rights of freed blacks pertained to living on the land and having protection under the laws and access to the courts within the territory. It never granted them membership into the Cherokee Nation.

  • 8 MidwestSteve // Sep 21, 2011 at 10:50 pm   

    David, is this about money? Why do these people, who are so far removed from the Civil War, want to be considered part of an Indian nation? How involved are they in Indian affairs? How many of them live on Indian land?

    The first story I saw on this said they would lose financial benefits. What do they really gain with voting rights? They’re not Indians, why do Indian affairs matter to them? Are they just upset they’ll lose money they didn’t earn?

    Pamela, if it’s as you say, they should have no problem winning in court.

    I’m really disgusted the U.S. government is continuing to screw over Indians. Unfortunately, as David said, the more entangled they get with the government, the less free they are.

  • 9 Afrofogey // Sep 22, 2011 at 12:57 am   

    While I think many of the comments in here are way over the top. I must agree it is a damn shame, the government going in and dictating that the Cherokees must accept who they do not want despite the tribe voting otherwise.
    It may surprise you but it happens to us too. Mulattoes have long be classified as Black with no input from us. Even people with one Black grandfather are being called Black and can claim so on census without question. This was a first so whites could avoid have black blood intermingled with theirs , but now it is for political power. We sold our identity for politics seems your people have for casinos. Ugly business.

  • 10 Asaph // Sep 22, 2011 at 7:25 am   

    The legacy of Darwinism and evolution of the human race – from Africa.

    Has to be a pretty heady thing if you believe the human race started from you. Everybody owes you. Everybody must bow down to your primal place in humanity, regardless of current place.

    Obama is a product of machinery designed to bring mankind back to some conceived place of total primordial population control. A modern Babylon.

  • 11 David Yeagley // Sep 22, 2011 at 7:29 am   

    Black people, of any mixture, are not a nation here. There is no corollary. They have never been a nation. They are not to be compared to Indians in any way, for any reason. The “common plight” abstraction confuses all issues, and ends up denigrating the Indian.

    The American black man is simply an American. Nothing more, or less. There bears no relation to American Indian history or presence.

    Black people are not a people. They are only a race, probably from a number of different African tribes, originally. But, here, in America, they are not a people.

  • 12 David Yeagley // Sep 22, 2011 at 7:34 am   

    MidwestSteve, yes, it is about money, but, treaty money is not the equivalent of welfare. Indian treaty money was bought with blood, with war, and with sacrifice.

    The conscious identity of the Freedmen has evolved from some historical place to a modern political manoeuver of black politics. It is black aggression, from DC down to the Cherokee nation.

    But, the problem with the Cherokee nation is that is was divided, North and South, during the Civil War. The Negro issue is intimately connected to the Northern Cherokee, who sided with the North. In a way, they’re getting what they deserve on this one.

    Unfortunately, how it’s panning out, all Indians are denigrated by it.

  • 13 Pamela K. // Sep 22, 2011 at 8:58 am   

    The Cherokees that decided to take up arms with the South was not due to any loyalty they felt to the Confederacy. The opportunity to fight against Georgians who had forcibly evicted them from their ancestral homeland was one of the motivating factors of their service.
    Their alleged “defection” to the rebels was undoubtedly due to the terror of being exterminated by them. All the forts within Indian Territory had surrendered to the confederates; all US troops had been previously withdrawn from that part of the country. The Cherokees were left without protection from the federal government in Washington, and, it further left them without incentive to be loyal to the Union, having suspended the payment of their tribal annuities.
    The Confederate Government stepped in and offered to pay what Washington refused. Yet, many Indians refused to be pressed into service for the rebel side.
    They, along with members from the Creek Nation, the Seminoles, Chickasaws, Quapaws, and half a dozen other tribes-about six thousand people in all- fled to Kansas, where they suffered terrible during the winter of 1962.
    The Cherokees in particular did not willingly abandon their allegiance to the US Government. An 1863 report from the Indian Bureau stated, “The Cherokees, prior to the Rebellion, were the most numerous, intelligent, wealthy, and influential tribe of this superintendency.(the southern). For many months they steadily resisted the efforts made by the rebels to induce them to abandon their allegiance to the Federal Government; but being wholly unprotected, and without the means of resistance, they were finally compelled to enter into treaty stipulations with the rebel authorities. This connection, was, however, of short duration, for upon the first appearance of United States forces in their country, and entire regiment of Indian troops raised ostensibly for service in the rebel army, deserted and came over to us, and have ever since been under our command, and upon all occasions have proved themselves faithful and efficient soldiers.”
    However, within a year’s time, many Cherokees joined the rebels, an estimated several thousand of the wealthier portion of the tribal nation co-operated in one way or another with the Confederacy. The result of this at the end of the war was the Cherokees loss of their land by the federal government and internal warfare between different factions within the Nation itself. Many who had been loyal to the Union felt that the returning Confederates should lose their homes and properties. Yet, all the Cherokees were made to suffer once the government opened up their lands to freed blacks and white settlers.
    The Civil War was less about fighting to free black slaves, and a whole lot more about states’ rights and the southern planters’ refusal to pay the exorbitant taxes and tariffs imposed on them by the federal government on their cotton exports. Prior to the Civil War, many southern states were doing business directly with England and the feds felt that they should be getting a cut of the money. That’s what it was all about, money and greed!

  • 14 whitetrash // Sep 22, 2011 at 3:27 pm   

    Wow… This is just incredible. I know zip about the issue of tribal membership, but I do know it’s a pretty arrogant thing to tell the Cherokees who to accept into their tribe.

  • 15 David Yeagley // Sep 22, 2011 at 4:09 pm   

    There is much on the internet about the Cherokee. What is not on the internet, so much, is the rift between the Cherokee that sided with the North, and the Cherokee that sided with the South.

    We’re talking OKLAHOMA Cherokee, all those that came to Oklahoma in the mid-late 1830’s. THESE were divided into Northern and Southern, according to the Civil War.

    The current issue is with the Northern Cherokee. These are the ones who got in with the federal government. Not surprising, then, that the Negroes would expect everything from them.

    “Southern” Cherokee in this context does not refer to Cherokee in the Southern States. All Cherokee originally came from the Southern, southeastern states. That’s not the “south” aspect we’re talking about here.

    The other part of the story is how, in the early 1900’s, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) wanted to enter the Union as two separate states–Eastern half (all the five civilized tribes, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole), and the white rancher half–the Western territory. The Indian population of Eastern Oklahoma was overwhelmingly predominant. They wanted an Indian state.

    Teddy Roosevelt refused them. One state, or no state. Negroes were shipped in by the wagon loads. “Share croppers,” by the wave. This was for the intent of diluting the Indian population so that there was no racial dominance. Oklahoma entered the Union in 1907, as a single state,

  • 16 Asaph // Sep 22, 2011 at 6:12 pm   

    I have not followed this story. I am curious though. If blacks and Cherokee got together at some point a century ago; marriage, whatever, and had children, how does that effect the children tribe-wise? Obviously whites mated with Indians and offspring can be considered Indians. Why not blacks?

  • 17 whitetrash // Sep 22, 2011 at 6:18 pm   

    Black folks have long been a political tool of White elites. I guess it comes as no surprise that they were used to help prevent Indians from organizing economically in Oklahoma. Bad for the Black Folk, bad for the Indian Folk, bad for the White Folk that never found that line for their privileges and sense of entitlement.

    Bet some of the big ranchers made out nicely though.

  • 18 David Yeagley // Sep 22, 2011 at 8:32 pm   

    Some counties are named after them, indeed. In this country, the white man is on top. Shouldn’t it be so? He created the country–with his own blood. He earned it.

    Asaph, this current issue isn’t about blood. It is about the descendents of Negroes who were owned by Cherokee. The Negroes in this case are not claiming blood, just rights and privileges of Cherokee citizenship–in other words, rights to everything Cherokee.

    Limbaugh is right about that part. This issue is all about benefits.

  • 19 ELIAKIM // Sep 22, 2011 at 8:56 pm   

    Issued against the Corporations known as the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and United Church of Canada.

    By Elders in Council from the Inuit, Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Anishnabe, Basque and Gaelic Nations under traditional and sovereign Land Law Jurisdiction

    As of this day, Sunday, September 18, 2011, your organizations, their clergy and officers, are forever banished from our territories and lands, and your property and wealth are claimed and re-possessed for the use and benefit of all our people. Your right to operate on our land has been forfeited by your rape, torture, and murder of our children, by your refusal to change and do justice, and by your betrayal of your own faith and public trust.
    Depart, Now and Forever

    If you continue to operate on our land after September 18, 2011, your clergy and officials will be in a state of criminal trespass and public mischief, and will be subject to immediate arrest and detainment by our Common Law Peace Officers.

    We call upon all the members of these churches to honor this Banishment Order by withdrawing their financial and material support for these criminal corporations posing as religious bodies, lest they be found guilty of complicity with these crimes.

    This Banishment Order will be enforced through direct, non-violent actions by our people to peacefully occupy the church properties of these corporations, and use them to house the homeless and feed the hungry.
    We invoke the Great Law of Peace and the Sovereignty of our respective Nations as we proclaim the Permanent Expulsion and Banishment from our communities of the Roman Catholic Church, Inc., the Church of England, Inc. (Anglican-Episcopalian), and the United Church of Canada, Inc.

    Posted at these churches around the world at 11 am, local time, Sunday, September 18, 2011 – Issued under the authority of the Council of Nine Traditional Elders of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Chruch and State – Jeremiah Jourdain, Convenor

    Taking back what is rightfully theirs. And about time too.

    I hope that they ensure that the same applies to Islam because they have been converting Native Indians.

  • 20 whitetrash // Sep 23, 2011 at 8:00 am   

    “In this country, the white man is on top. Shouldn’t it be so? He created the country–with his own blood. He earned it.”

    Depends on which white people you are talking about. The people who get rich are very seldom the people who did the work or shed the blood.

  • 21 David Yeagley // Sep 23, 2011 at 9:16 am   

    Heirs of the kingdom, eh? Well, maybe that’s why so many feel so free to give it away. I called them white oedipal liberals…out to destroy the fathers, that’s all.

  • 22 David Yeagley // Sep 23, 2011 at 9:20 am   

    Eliakim, Interesting note. Thank you.

    How do you suppose the Canadian Indians will enforce any such notion? This is more fantastic than Russell Means notion that the Sioux treaties are all nullified–because the Indians declare them so…

    I doubt this will ever happen, in Canada, or anywhere else, though I’m sure many, many Indians agree with it.

    Thanks for the info!

  • 23 Obama Screws Native-Americans~Gives Negros Cherokee Sovereignty, Says “Negros Are Cherokee Indians” « The Mad Jewess With Breaking News By Donna Spellbound // Sep 23, 2011 at 9:55 am   

    […] American Indian Sovereignty Is Over: US Government Says Negroes are Cherokee Indians […]

  • 24 Thrasymachus // Sep 23, 2011 at 1:43 pm   

    “Teddy Roosevelt refused them. One state, or no state.” — Dr. Yeagley

    Oh! The blunders of the white rulers! The constant stream of mistakes and misrule has brought us to our present condition.

    The two-state solution would have been a benefit to the Cherokee; the white ranchers would not have suffered any loss either; and the precedent so desperately needed for the ideal of supporting ethnic peoples would have been set.

    No race has the right, morally, to force integration and dilution on other races. What a disgrace! :(

  • 25 Demetrios // Sep 24, 2011 at 12:43 pm   

    Hi David, I have a question. I agree with your article, as i always find myself doing, But doesn’t the blame also rest with the Tribal Leaders? What I mean is, 30 million dollars seems like a small amount to pay to keep your tribes pure. Of course they shouldn’t have been forced to pay anything, they should be free to decide who is in their tribe, but if it were me, I would have told the Govt to take their money and shove it. Certainly a casino could have helped pay 30 million to the tribe to be able to self govern. It seems like the casino should have stepped up. Basically the Govt offered a to high selling price and the Indians balked and wouldn’t budge. Trust me, 30 million is nothing to pay to escape the misery the tribe is going to get in the future by retaining them. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks again for your columns.

  • 26 rebelbill // Sep 25, 2011 at 8:23 pm   

    I am cherokee the grt grt gandson of Capt.James Frank Baker,grt grand son of Pvt James Baker and Sgt. Sam Sixkiller. Cherokee Brigade CSA. If you are offended by the goverments actions may be you need to stop honoring the theif Ross and study up on Gen. Stand Watie-are you realy surprised at the goverments actions? Take their money and they own your soverienty.

  • 27 rebelbill // Sep 25, 2011 at 8:34 pm   

    Alot more Cherokee support the south than one third. The Confederates mounted a full Brigade (IE) Cherokee Brigade. The trator pins help make up 2 partical regiments of yankees. Thats our history the issue is why do we accept these hand outs and federal control over our soverienty?The goverment has for years controled who gets to call them selves Cherokee using the Daws roll as the weapon of choice any one who claims to be cherokee should know you wont find any of the Confederates on it. The reason the 4 elderly Capt. sent in to Webber Falls to sign up were murdered by the regular federal authoitys – PINS

  • 28 rebelbill // Sep 25, 2011 at 8:43 pm   

    The Federal goverment has never kept its word to anyone so why is everyone surprised by this?The Confederacy promissed the Cherokee their new lands in IT (now OKLAHOMA) that is why they supported the south, even Ross until he found no money to pilfer.

  • 29 rebelbill // Sep 25, 2011 at 8:52 pm   

    the Capt.s were Alaxander P. Foreman and James Frank Baker; the other two are not now known. They were pulled from their horses beaten stabbed shot hanged in an old shed then burned with the shed what remained was thrown down a well. None ever registered on the yankee rolls.

  • 30 AldwulfOfWessex // Sep 26, 2011 at 3:29 am   

    Greetings from the England. Your plight is familiar to many across the world,those who read Marx do not want us to be individuals they seek to dominate by bringing us down to the lowest common denominator.They have no respect for your customs, traditions and history it means nothing to them,the same can be said of my way of life.Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland through devolution have their own Parliaments and assemblies put in place by the last socialist government under Blair.England has no Parliament of its own that deals solely with English affairs. I fear it would only be a talking shop anyway as the real power lies with the Marxist elite running the show in Brussels.So beware of BHO as he is out of the same mould as Tony B liar.

  • 31 Manu // Mar 3, 2012 at 11:17 am   

    The truth of the matter is that the Cherokee sold their sovereignty for $33,000,000. They could have refused the money and denied citizenship to whomever they pleased. The Cherokee were slave traders and slave owners anyway, any “negro” who desires to be a part of their psuedo-nation is out of his/her mind. The Cherokee need to man up and quit crying!

  • 32 lafingwaters // Mar 3, 2012 at 1:11 pm   

    This article is horribly racist. Don’t fall for the divide and conquer trap. I am reading internalized racism. Many runaway slaves were helped by Native people in the South and joined their clans, married in and had children together. Archaic terminology and thinking in this article, appalled!!

  • 33 lexvortex // Mar 3, 2012 at 3:27 pm   

    you “indians” are quite arrogant and misinformed first of all. the so called negro was here before you asians and hindu’s migrated here and mixed in with the real native americans who were a “black people” the oldest americans are descended from the olmecs and oldest remains in the americas are a black people do the research, when the whiteman came to these lands you mixed with him and your off springs with lighter skin was coined with the title as the original native americans the original yamasee and cherokee was a black people and none or older than the black washitaw, so what are you complaining about? if you really want justice go back to asia and india were you belong, the nerver of you people. your a bunch of mix breed sell outs who integrated with the whiteman, if you are the original people of america then why are you so white in your faces? and if that’s the case then why did the natives call the europeans paleface if they faces just a pale? come on stop the bullshyt, the so called negro’s did not all come here from africa as you would like to claim, another case of stolen identify, ok so go back to asia with that bullshyst.

  • 34 mikonabi // Mar 6, 2012 at 7:09 am   

    You wrote “Thus, the United States government determines who is Indian and who is not. It is no longer the American Indian nation. Indians no longer determine who is Indian. With the Negro in the White House, all Negroes are Indian. The Negro will not be denied anything he wants, for any reason.’ This comment alone proves to me that your understanding of the actual historically events that surround the Cherokee and all True Americans on this land mass is grossly deficient . Though I am not a fan of Obama it laughable to suggest that denationalization of the people began with him. In actuality most of you mixed breeds would not even exist if not for the efforts of Presidents such as Andrew Jackson who along with Dawes sought classify the original ( black ) progenitors of the 5 Nations out and re classify them as freedmen in the first place, It is also very apparent the your understanding does not predate the 1800’s. The first European colonizers describe the indigenous peoples as Negroes as you seem to enjoy throwing this word around as a matter of fact the word indian it self derives it’s mean from indigo meaning black. This is the reason why so many of you are treated with such an utter lack of respect by the USA because you don’t know or respect any history that they haven’t given to you. Chokmah and Chikasaw where black they were Amaru of modern mexico the people who carved the olmec statues. None of the ancestors looked like you. YOUR ancestors were colonizers at best We were always here WE BUILT THE MOUNDS through out the Continents. I would almost bet that this impostor David Yeagley is more european than Indian all of the leaders were not killed or enslaved are traitors REMEMBER THIS before you try to venerate your white Indian ancestors LOL

  • 35 yaffia // Mar 7, 2012 at 5:22 pm   

    I could not have said it better my brothers mikonabi and lexvortex! these cowardly impostors and sellouts have so much nerve conspiring with these honkies to steal our identity and now complain because their treachery has been exposed. they should all be ashamed of themselves and their ancestors!… And i can’t believe the audacity of the white trash honky that said white people built this country. is he serious! caucasians are an abomination! The sun (the life giver) seeks to destroy them on a daily basis. they are not even genetically equipped to withstand the sun long enough to build a doghouse, let alone a nation! we built the mounds/pyramids. they were a bunch of lying thieving savages…diabolical warmongers that we had to teach civilization to. built a nation?… yes… off the backs and brilliance of us!

  • 36 The Moor 7 // Mar 7, 2012 at 8:33 pm   

    Peace too the all; Thought I might clear up the Confusion; We are Moors here in the AMERICA, We are Not Blacks Colored Negro are any other Misnomored terms you Keep Calling our People, It is Apparent too me that your Men and Women of Learned have no Ideal what you are Taking about when you state that we are “NEGRO” The Proper Term you speak of is Nagus, Not Negro; That word was coined from a river in South America the Nagus River and in Africa the Niger river because the Water is Black, We Moors have Had Our History ; Distorted By you so Called “INDIANS” Which are Not; You People are our “CHILDREN” We are the OLDEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! KNOW FACT! So please know that you are not the Truth in the proper people…. If what I’m saying is not true about the SO-CALLED BLACKS OR NEGROS as you people keep coining US, Why come they just can’t deport us???????? Because they know who we are and your People know who we are!!!! You all sound so ignorant saying that the 40 Million of us are NEGRO, No such a thing, Never was and Never will be…… That NAME Is used for Inferoity reasons such as ” white” which means Purity and Purity Means God and and that Means “THY” are the Ruler of this Land which is Ours……. as a Matter of Fact My Grand Mother is Melungeon Cherokee from Tennessee; Tenashia, Te:Marry Maryham which is Knoxville Tennessee and we haven’t Never Been Slaves too No Man. Free MOORS, SO the Next time you SO CALLED INDIANS CLAIM A THING ; KNOW THAT YOU ARE FROM THE MOORS!!!!! PERIOD Go ask your CHIEF! Grand Shiek Kaluha Esua Malachi El. The Moorish American for REAL! THE REAL NATIVE! AND NOT YOU…..(7)

  • 37 Washitaw_Angel // Apr 2, 2012 at 6:11 pm   

    “I just have to wonder, Are there any Indian warriors left? Are there any Indians who will stand up and fight to preserve our identity, our existence, our people? ”

    For the record, the so-called negro was here as a nation of tribes that stretched from Chile to Alaska before Asians and whites stepped foot on this land.

    You haven’t a clue who the so-called American “negro” is to this land (N & S America) and to this world. I AM WASHITAW MUUR.My ancestors have resided on this land mass since there was a landmass, we didn’t come from anywhere but here and you have the audacity to say otherwise.


    No I think things are happening as they should considering that the real indigenous of this land was told by our ancestors who would betray us and how those betrayers would face dissolution. Time is short for those of you who wear our identity for the sake of getting money from casinos and the federal government.

    Ka sai semai

  • 38 Hebrew7 // Jun 27, 2014 at 7:07 pm   

    Obama did that because he knows the truth. All original peoples of both Americas,, west indies, puerto Rico, Cuba, Australia and the so called African American all come from the 12 tribes of Israel. SO we are the same people. We the African American, Haitian, and Jamaican were the jews. The word jew derived from the Tribe of Judah. Some came from Benjamin and Levy. We were the darker people. We were the kings and priests. The ten northern tribes were the warriors which are now the modern day Native Americans , Mexicans,South Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Dominicans. The kings of those 10 lost tribes were the half tribe of Ephraim who is the modern day Puerto Rican. The Indians better get used to it . We are the same. The difference is that they were smart enough to leave Israel before the birth of Yeshaya who the world ignorantly calls Jesus Christ. The jews on the other hand were fleeing Roman persecution and ran west into North Africa and dwealt there for years. Until they were found in the golden city of Timbuktu where the real African and the Arab sold us to the European and put in slavery because we displeased the Most High God. America is a new Israel

  • 39 RealAmerican // Jul 14, 2014 at 1:44 pm   

    It’s appalling to read such hate. Hate is bread by lies and deceit. If one were to travel the annuls of time they would find that the people that call themselves Indian and Native American have a bunch of frauds included in the groups. Which must be ones making post like this. You should read the journals of Chrisobol Cologne (aka Christopher Columbus) He tells you by description who he saw when he arrived on these shores. He didn’t describe any complexions that were pale. In fact a lot of the pale groups can’t tie their dna to this land prior to the arrival of their ancestors only a few hundred years ago. As of 2014 our children are forcing us to deal with each other. Fortunately they don’t share the same hate as their bigoted parents. People like you are the only common denominator to this problem. Did you know most of the people in your mindset bought the right to be listed on the Daws Rolls for 5$? Look it up. You should delete this evil post. It’s all opinion and a hateful on for that matter.

  • 40 RealAmerican // Jul 14, 2014 at 1:48 pm   

    Here’s another “BIG” give away of how fraudulent your claims are. The fake Indians have English names like Bad Eagle, Lone Wolf, Busy Bear. Lol….. How the heck are those original names that apply to the people that were here long before the creation of the English language which was created in 1828 after the pope added 585 years to the calendar. Do your research. Your lies are done.

  • 41 Duende // Aug 21, 2015 at 3:26 pm   

    where is your proof besides pan African agents and a movie called roots which Alex Haley was sued for plagiarism, Haley later apologized for lying and ruining alot of lives

    also all we had to do is go back and look at all the original maps that were made by the European explores like the British, French and Spanish and all we see is negro people on their maps

    We went back and looked at the journals of the French, Spanish and British when they came to the new world and we found that all they speak of is finding negro people all over the Americas

    All the old emblems of America was filled with negro people

    The Maya, Aztec, Olmec and mound builders were negro people

    Indianizing and dawes roll have you all thinking you are really indigenous.

    I guess u need massa to tell u what u need to know or one of your pan African agent who have made millions of your blame finger point misery genocide. . Good luck
    You don’t want to play this game.

  • 42 Lamar Perryman // Sep 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm   

    Greetings to everyone from the recognized A.I. tribes to those who are unrecognized. In reading all of the articles and statements posted here its up to someone to say what the real matter is.

    That is that BOTH the present N.Amerindians AND the Black groups/orgs on this post has SOME Truths or Facts and MUCH Misinformation and Mis-Representation.

    The REAL conscious person can see a MIXTURE of Socio-Ethnic Facts with A LOT of Racisms, Tribalisms, Sexisms, Racial Politics, “Racial Sciences” and Racial Religions (Islamics and Christians)!!!

    The gist of the matter is That The ORIGINAL peoples of North America known as The COPPER-COLORED PEOPLES OR RACE was and is the ONLY original inhabitant of North America.

    These peoples, WE, have been here since the CONTINENTAL DIVIDES of Pangaia (known to Sociologists and Scientists as Greater Africa), The CONNECTED LANDMASS!!!

    We were NEVER ANY other types of peoples such as Asians, Africans (Moors), Hindus, Europeans (Nordics, Teutonics) nor any other groups including those of CEBTRAL-SOUTH AMERICA.
    The Lastest intermixtures came by The Colonial Wars and Regimes of BOTH The Euro-Christian and The Arab-Africa-Asian Indian Islamic nations and societies.

    Their plans to RULE THE WORLD. And they (you’re) still at it. This continent, North America, is TURTLE ISLAND, better known as ATZLAN from where the modern name of ATLANTIS derives from.

    Our peoples, THE NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN ABORIGINES, are known as The Mound-Builder societies of America. In the new and resurrected ABORIGINE NATION OF NORTH AMERICA we will not HONOR any imposition on our native Heritage by Any One from ay other continents or racio-ethnic groups of peoples!

    We are well aware that everyone here in the USA is RACIALLY INTERMIXED in some shapes, forms or fashions though. All of those matters will be dealt with as we have businesses Old and New to address here.

    The INDIGO, or Aboriginal ranged in Our Complexions from Dark-Skinned to Albinos seen in many TRIBAL/ETHNIC GROUPS OF THE NATIVE POPULATIONS!!!

    This is attested to by ALL eyewitness evidences as well as Paleo-Archaeo-Geneao-Bio-Psycho-Onto-Socio-Anthro-Ethnological Evidences For THESE ARE THE TYPES OF RECORDS THAT DO NOT LIE!!!

    Mikko Sza Ki

  • 43 Callingoutthebullshit // Mar 18, 2016 at 10:56 am   

    This article is racist. But besides the obvious, the Cherokee Nation owned slaves. When slaves were feee, this nation wouldn’t allow their slaves to be free. When they did, they wouldn’t allow their ex-slaves to be considered Cherokee and the United States wouldn’t give them citizenship. These ex-slaves basically had no country.

    So the Obama administration gave them automatic citizenship. That’s all folks. No one is calling them Indians, just now officially, Americans.

  • 44 RealNative // Apr 27, 2016 at 2:04 am   

    Native brothers dont waste your time with these so-called Natives. They know what they are and they know who we are. Thats why they are so against us being. They were crawling on their bellies just like their cousins across the great lake when we found then and taught them to walk up right. The story is the same just a different place. They are jealous and joined with their brothers to rise up against us when their kin crossed the great lake to get here. Dont fight with them their names mean nothing this they know.

  • 45 The Reality of Race at Faith and Heritage // Jun 16, 2016 at 11:27 am   

    […] Indians seek to protect themselves against encroachment from Blacks. Everyone knows it’s absurd, perhaps none more so than the Indian. This entails that no one can begin to live according to the anti-racialists’ standard, because […]

  • 46 Aala4u // Jun 25, 2016 at 8:34 pm   

    David, you are a pale face with a false tongue (IMPOSTOR), You are nothing more than a MUTT with too much of the recessive gene trait, so stop it! The original people of the land they now call America was and still are melanin enriched people in which many of them are classified as “black.”

  • 47 Aala4u // Jun 25, 2016 at 8:44 pm   

    Obama is not a Negro……he is a true African American because his father was African and his mother was a Caucasians born in America.

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