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Anders Behring Breivik: A Modern Hero?

by David Yeagley · July 27, 2011 · 30 Comments ·

I feel a strange and profound admiration for Anders Behring Breivik. His actions speak louder than any words. Does he not appear to be a conscious and passionate patriot, not only for Norway, but for Europe? White Europe, consider your son.

There was a day when such men were called knights. National heroes. They drove the Muslims and their infernal religion out of Europe. Because of men like Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula), Europe remained Christian, and white.

Is that day no longer? Is it perished forever? Is there no resistance, in the name of God, or any other name, to the satanic course of Islam?

An unidentified photo grab from a video of Anders B. Breivik.
Perhaps he considers himself a true patriot of his country.
He stood, dramatically, when none else would stand.

Despite the weirdness or peculiarities of his personal life and history, there is no need to get lost in such ambiguities and psychological reveries. His act stands for itself, in the midst of any complexity. Anders Behring Breivik attacked the cause of the problem as he saw it. He sees the white, Christian world submitting to Islam, through the manipulative cowardice of white leaders. The problem is not Islam, but the traitorous leaders of his country. While he was at it, he attacked an anti-Israel summer camp which trained young Norwegians to hate Jews, or, the nation of Israel. The Prime Minister of Norway was there to encourage the same. So was Breivik cowardly? How about simply “unwise.” Breivik said, “necessary.”

Breivik’s “Manifesto” will no doubt become a best seller, of sorts.

Today I listen to Avi Lipkin speak about Breivik, and much more, at Charlie Meadows’ OPCAC (Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee). Lipkin, an evangelical sort of Jew from New York (living in Israel) publicly condemned what Breivik did. “Killing is wrong,” he said. I was completely disappointed in that statement. That’s like saying war is wrong. It is true that murder and war involved two different Hebrew words. The word translated “kill” in the King James commandment (Ex. 20: 13) is רצה (ra-tsach’, which we understand as murder; where as in war the word for kill is מות (muwth). Breivik considers himself in a war–against Islam, obviously, and viscerally. But, that enemy’s immediate ally, the cause of the threat–is not Islam, but the traitors of his own country, his own race, his own religion, as it were.

Not that we necessarily have a choice, as individuals, as to how we go about making war against our national, cultural, or religious enemies, but, surely Breivik’s view itself is natural, normal, even noble. His action may be considered tragic, but his message is triumphant. The price he will pay, according to liberal Norwegian law, appears minimal. But let the liberals suffer the consequences of their own policies.

Most of us only talk about what needs to be done. Most of us are absolutely powerless to do anything. Tyranny, through Islam, advances every day. In America, our Delinquent-in-Chief is determined to make America a third world Communist country and a Muslim haven. “Fundamental transformation,” he calls it. None of us take any effective action. We waste our time and energy through the ego highway called “politics.” It is better than war, of course. Unless politics fails. Then it is too late, and war happens anyway. Why not war to save the country before war to start over? What is the difference? War to save the country is shorter, surer, and less costly in every way.

Geir Lippestad, Breivik’s defense attorney, is notably insecure about the case. The “insanity” plea is completely uncertain. Lippestad cannot describe Breivik. He is different, he is unlike anyone else. “He has a view on reality which is very, very difficult to understand.” Here is the Guardian’s video clip of an interview with Lippestad. Here is a more extensive YouTube clip of the same interview. I would say, Of course Breivik’s ‘insanity’ is difficult to understand. He isn’t insane.

Lipkin, the Jewish speaker I heard today, said that Breivik simply had no outlet, no freedom of speech. America is the only western country in which you can condemn someone else’s religion and not be put in jail. Lipkin felt that Breivik was completely frustrated with a “socialist government.”

Finally, I would say it is critically important not to compare Breivik with Timothy McVeigh, who acted in conspiracy with demonstrated Muslim connections. Breivik and McVeigh both attacked government buildings, but for entirely different reasons. The U.S. government completely covered-up the Murrah Bombing of 1995. Probably, the Norwegian government will cover up things as well, for different reasons.

What is clear is that Breivik had a vision about what was happening in the world, to Europe, and to his own country. It was a horrible truth, and one which he took action against.

Again, he blamed his own government leaders, not Muslims. He considered his own government traitorous.

Perhaps Anders Behring Breivik simply erred in acting alone. Perhaps he saw no other way to take action, to communicate the message all white, Christian people really feel. Islam is a horrible, iron cowl of tyranny and violence, which inflames testosterone and infamy against women and children. Blood and death is the image Islamic leaders have created, and no Muslims in the world have effectively protested. That’s where we stand.

Breivik said that sixty years from now, everyone will know why he did what he did. He took no joy in the act. It was “regrettable,” he said. Of course, sixty years from now, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Lipkin said the Middle East is depopulating, and millions of Muslims will be coming to the United States, as well as to Europe and Latin America. Their countries are plagued with famine and poverty, and their arrogant leaders want nothing more than to get rid of their populations. This is the Arabs. This is the Africans. This is what is coming our way, even as we speak.

I feel a strange and profound admiration for Anders Behring Breivik. I’m not sure what that means, or what course of action it suggests. I just know that something seems terribly right about what he did. I know it screams out as an unspeakable wrong, but, he didn’t attack Muslims. He attacked the traitors of his own country. He was trying to call attention to the problem. He focused on the cause, not the symptom. Dare we do the same?

Posted by David Yeagley · July 27, 2011 · 4:22 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 David Yeagley // Jul 27, 2011 at 4:26 pm   

    I have to add, Avi Lipkin also identified globalism as the larger force which is using Islam to heard people together in masses. This is about Agenda 21, the UN plan to amass populations in concentrated, city areas. Why? People are easier to control in such circumstances. So it seems.

    In other words, the Great Whites, who, for the sake of their elite ambitions, deny all other whites, and are content to herd them together with all the heathen darkies, are simply acting out the part of the Great White Hunter, bragging about his exotic trophies over the fireplace while smoking a pipe and sipping brandy.

  • 2 Thrasymachus // Jul 27, 2011 at 5:35 pm   

    Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

    DISCLAIMER: I do not at all agree with Mr. Klavan’s ridiculous and absurd claim that Jesus preached multiculturalism — it is ignorance that borders on blasphemy. The rest of his remarks are highly relevant to the topic in hand, so I posted the link.

  • 3 Thrasymachus // Jul 27, 2011 at 5:48 pm   

    Here Klavin ridicules the insanity of John Lennon’s political and moral philosophy:

    Imagine There’s No Border.

    This is the same policy involved in the promotion of Islamic immigration to Europe and the U.S. It is the white politicans and major political parties who are to blame. The liberal white elites have imbibed the wine of this insane and irrational philosophy known as Liberalism.

  • 4 Thrasymachus // Jul 27, 2011 at 5:53 pm   

    Yes, it appears that the 1960s Counterculture has seized the reigns of power in Europe and in the States.

    I have more hope for Europe, simply because native Europeans have roots in European soil that go back thousands of years. American Whites are recent transplants to an overly large and excessively diverse country — an empire, if you will. All empires apparently end in dissolution, whereas nation-states may survive much longer.

  • 5 Pamela K. // Jul 27, 2011 at 5:55 pm   

    While Anders Behring Breivik’s motive seems to be his anger at Norway’s immigration policy towards Muslims, a member of his government says that the real reason for this young man’s murderous rampage was due to Israel’s continual occupation of the Palestine.
    During an interview with the Hebrew language newspaper, Maariv, Norway Ambassador Svein Serje said that while he has sympathy for the victims of terror in Israel, “We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel. Those who believe this will not change their mind because of the attack in Oslo.”
    Commentary Magazine writer Alana Goodman called the ambassador’s remarks, “profoundly callous” but hardly surprising.
    “Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Norway’s long-standing anti-Israel sentiment,” she said, but the ambassador’s timing and tone-deafness is striking.”
    Serje’s also offered his solution to Israel on how to combat terrorism, by “engaging” Hamas.
    “Can Israel and the Palestinians solve the problems without Hamas? I don’t think so,” he told Maariv.
    And they’re calling Anders Behring Breivik insane?

  • 6 Thrasymachus // Jul 27, 2011 at 5:56 pm   

    This is great! Sums up the situation.

    We need a bit of humor!

    Ray Stephens – Come to the USA

  • 7 Pamela K. // Jul 27, 2011 at 6:02 pm   

    “In other words, the Great Whites, who, for the sake of their elite ambitions, deny all other whites, and are content to herd them together with all the heathen darkies…”
    I beg to differ with you, sir, but some of your Croatian Muslims are whiter than I am! In fact, they almost look like albinos with their tow-headed (white blonde) hair and pale blue eyes! Kind of scary looking too, like those kids in that old horror movie, “Village of the Damned.”

  • 8 Sioux // Jul 27, 2011 at 6:16 pm   

    MamaMia, Dr.Y- you sure got you some chutzpah and gonads of the highest order! You have dared to say what others of us have kept to ourselves. Why this young man did what he did was a call to Arms. Europe is about 20 years ahead of the US in total annhilation brought on by unfettered immigration and selfish “natural borns” not having enough babies to replenish their culture. My rage seems to be boundless over what goes on in my country, but I am not yet at the point where I can condone killing my avowed enemies….must wait…must be sure that there is no other way….hope it won’t be too late, as you say.

  • 9 zephyr // Jul 27, 2011 at 8:18 pm   

    Breivik was right about one thing–once everyone understands the threat, it will be too late to turn back the tide.

  • 10 geronl // Jul 27, 2011 at 8:24 pm   

    He was not a Christian. He did not even believe in God apparently. His manifesto has now been read by some and this is clear. When he referred to “Christian europe” he means “Christian culture AKA Western culture”

    He is anti-oil, pro-eugenics, pro-one child policies, pro-nationalization of private companies.

    He is anti-American capitalism, anti-American “imperialism”, anti-right wing, anti-media monopolies and thinks Christianity is a crutch for the weak.

    Here is one link about these myths:

  • 11 David Yeagley // Jul 27, 2011 at 9:25 pm   

    It doen’t really matter what all he is, or what all he thinks. His act is come kind of archetype. It speaks for itself. It speaks for all. I say never mind his political nuances or labyrinths of logic. His act is louder than his thoughts.

    And where are all the liberals to psychologically explain and to defend him–the way they love to “understand” the murderous Muslims? Well, right now, most of those liberals seem to be in Norway, in fact.

  • 12 David Yeagley // Jul 27, 2011 at 9:26 pm   

    He in fact may indeed have mental problems, or at least sociopathology. But, in a Nordic (Scandanavian), that would be hard to nail down.

  • 13 David Yeagley // Jul 27, 2011 at 9:32 pm   

    For the record, here is a typical, sophomoric (ignorant) piece by a liberal black, for Washington Post

    Anders Behring Breivik and the influence industry of rage.

    Pretty much every weakness of liberal thinking is on display here.

  • 14 David Yeagley // Jul 27, 2011 at 9:54 pm   

    It is quite true that my reaction to this is an interpretation of what happened–prima facie

    Even if it is completely mistaken, the motivation for Breivik’s actions has to be simple, or it could not be so focused.

  • 15 Following Him // Jul 27, 2011 at 10:59 pm   

    “He attacked the traitors of his own country.”

    Sorry Doc, you got this part wrong. Those kids weren’t traitors … at least not yet.

    Satan takes every opportunity he can find to cause pain and hurt to God’s creation. Breivik was just a tool.

  • 16 John McNeill // Jul 27, 2011 at 11:23 pm   

    I vehemently disagree with all of this pro-Breivik rhetoric and moral equivocation that is appearing on various rightwing blogs. Irrespective of whatever repugnant views these Norwegian Labor youths may have held, they were still teenagers. They had no influence on current events, and may have had a chance to change their minds if Breivik didn’t snuff out their very existence. I was once a Stalinist when I was very young, but now I am an ethnonationalist committed to the preservation of the white race and the American white nation in particular. Should Breivik have killed me when I was 12 for holding unacceptable views back then?

    There is nothing heroic or revolutionary about Breivik’s actions. He is a monster who should be kept in a dungeon for life, and used for slave labor. And then he’ll answer to God for his crimes against his OWN people.

    And let’s not forget to mention the damage he has done to our own cause. Violence against innocents is not the answer. We must fight in a positive direction. Instead of machine gunning children who we think will oppress us in 20 years, why not engage in community activism? Promoting national identity, be it European-American, Comanche, or Norwegian. Help promote ethnic and national pride. Be FOR something other than mindless slaughter. Whites who have children and raise them to be proud of their heritage who will be doing more for their race than this maniac ever will.

  • 17 Asaph // Jul 28, 2011 at 2:49 am   

    I must agree with comments 15 and 16 above. I am rather surprised, David, you have taken this position with the words you have.

    Satan knows he cannot get directly at God, so he causes pain to God by being the destroyer of what God loves – His people, His creation. Breivik played the role role of Satan by taking the lives of children belonging to politicians he loathes. He chose to gun down defenseless children, the same thing Islamists do to make their points against the West or even against the children of their own governments if leaders carry on in ways they believe are wrong. There is no bottom line difference. Breivik is a monster. A deranged lunatic.

    While it may be that Norway will pay the ultimate price for its own lunacy of allowing Islam to gain dominance to Norway’s undoing, killing defenseless children to make that point IS insane.

    I am rather shocked at your position here. Think this through, David. Would you want someone to kill your relatives to make a point against your political thinking?

  • 18 Asaph // Jul 28, 2011 at 3:27 am   

    Did Beivik make a difference?

    Norway’s PM states the nation should be even MORE open than ever:

  • 19 Pamela K. // Jul 28, 2011 at 8:19 am   

    “When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath, your fury or indignation last until the sun goes down.” Ephesians 4:26

    What did Breivik’s rampage prove? If anything it proves how the devil can use anger, unforgiveness, and the spirit of murder to completely destroy someone (Breivik himself) and the lives of many people (his victims and their families.) There is no honor in what Breivik has done. He is no better or no worse than the Arab Muslim terrorists who murdered eleven Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972, or the cowards who unmercifully beat to death American Navy Seal Robert Dean Stethem on board a hijacked airliner.
    These people were angry at government policies too, especially at America and Israel, both of which are usually blamed for causing all the trouble in the world. And while there may be some truth to this, especially because Israel has always refused to compromise with terrorists while America’s latest leader embraces them and their warped religion, it still gives no one the right to kill innocent people.

  • 20 David Yeagley // Jul 28, 2011 at 8:48 am   

    Moral equivalency, of man with God, is not a viable philosophical premise from which to reason, I agree. Just consider: God has many times judged humanity In toto. Entire cities, ethnicities, yea, the entire world, were all destroyed by God–women, children, and beasts.

    Will you judge the Lord the same way you judge Breivik, or anyone who engages in war?

    The Muslims certainly make no distinction between the “innocent” and the vulnerable. You propose to fight such an enemy with less force?

    War is a terrible thing. War is the worst thing that can happen. Yet, the Lord brings it to pass, repeatedly.

    There are no innocents, really. Not to someone with Omniscience. Not to someone who draws the line.

    No, I am not sure what to think of Breivik. I am sure that there is war, and that Islam is an enemy. I am sure that Islam has no standards of morality. I am sure that Islam’s success is due to the traitorous leadership fo the white western nations.

  • 21 Pamela K. // Jul 28, 2011 at 9:59 am   

    God is not the enemy of man. Satan is the enemy. He is the enemy of our souls. He is using the perversion of Islam to try and thwart God’s divine plan for mankind. The Muslims erroneously believe that because Abraham rejected his first born child, Ishmael, that God can not really be seen as a father to his children. Because Hagar was a servant, they believe that they are to be servants. They serve Allah.
    This is not true. God loved and blessed Ishmael and made him the father of twelve nations. Yet, because of the haughtiness and jealousy of Hagar over Isaac, who was exalted in his father’s house as the promised heir, she passed this bitterness and resentment on to her son and the generations of people who claim their heritage from him.
    Islam provides a satanic counterfeit to the One True God. It gives the wounded children of Ishmael a sense of power and authority, albeit false power and authority. Why God chose the Jews to bring salvation into the world remains a mystery to all of us. They are not a morally or spiritually superior people and many Jews are Jews in name only, meaning they do not believe in God and many, especially here in the United States, are hardcore liberals who support many immoral causes like abortion and gay marriage. Meanwhile, most of Israel is secular. In fact, Israel has one of the highest abortion rates in the world. However, aside from these things, God has never broken His covenant with His Jewish people.
    True peace and restoration will only come when the Jews begin to come back into their Church. This is where the ministry of Messianic Jews comes into play. From their ranks will come- 144,000 chosen from the twelve tribes- young men trained to witness the gospel of Yeshua to their people. Many will be saved, but there will be a remnant that will remain opposed to the true gospel message as there will be gentiles who refuse to acknowledge Yeshua as the Messiah. It will only be when the Jews start to come back to the Church that the children of Ishmael who hear the words of the gospel and are saved will follow them.
    This is what God wants, the children of Isaac and Ishmael, Jews and Gentile, the wild olive branch grafted in, to come together in restoration to praise and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Time, however, is, as it is said, of the essence.

  • 22 Asaph // Jul 28, 2011 at 11:08 am   

    “Moral equivalency, of man with God, is not a viable philosophical premise from which to reason, I agree. Just consider: God has many times judged humanity in toto. Entire cities, ethnicities, yea, the entire world, were all destroyed by God–women, children, and beasts.

    Will you judge the Lord the same way you judge Breivik, or anyone who engages in war? “”

    No, because God is perfect and He knows what He is doing and the results, before He does it.

    If the world is at war with Islam, fight Islam with the sword, not gun down defenseless children. This is not about eternal innocence. This is about daily life and human decency and morality. Certainly Breivik would have been seen as a hero by some if he gunned down Islamists holding some kind of pro-jihad rally. But even then, if he gunned down Muslim children, the world would be right to hold him in complete disgust and horror.

    This is not a war like any other war. The whole thing is as much stealth and lies as it is open conflict. That being the case you cannot just go gunning down people by association. Good grief, should we then see liberals gunning down children at Tea Party rallies and conservatives gunning down children at liberal events? (sigh)

    Man, I do not see how this deranged human being can be held up in any kind of positive light.

  • 23 David Yeagley // Jul 28, 2011 at 11:29 am   

    Forget Breivik. It’s the event, objectively. Muslim terrorists have no qualms about mass destruction of “innocents.” We expect to overcome Islam with a lesse approach.

    Who has allowed Islam to prevail? White liberal leaders. They are the enemy. I should say, the cause. They open the door for Islam. They set up the slaughter of western “innocents” about which these liberal leaders do nothing. Let the liberals start paying for their sins.

    Doesn’t matter who or what is the instrument of destruction.

  • 24 Asaph // Jul 29, 2011 at 4:37 am   

    So, now we are out to destroy “white Liberal leaders” and their children, are we?

    If righteous ideals are no better than that, we are no better than Islam. And those who say more blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other force on earth would certainly be correct.

    May as well bring back the inquisition while you’re at it.

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  • 27 Relaxo // Apr 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm   

    This case has interested me for a change. Some people go to court for entertainment to hear lurid, unspeakable details that they can secretly masturbate to within themselves, and some go because a case is compelling, or because they want to cast the first stone at the accused. I didn’t think much of this man when the story first emerged laste year, it was just another mass shoot-em-up as far as I was concerned. But now I see things much differently. This young man may be onto something. In our apathetic t.v. generation where internet children are navigating the real world virtually, is it any surprise that a man of action is so easily vilified and misunderstood? We are accustomed to lone gunmen killing people for outrageous or senseless reasons, but rarely for a good reason. Until now. Islam is on the move. It is a horrible cultural scourge, there is no salvation in it, it is viciously anti-Christ and anti-life, in my opinion.There is no place for Islam in a white man’s world. I am a white man born in Canada. Our own country is caving to these creeps daily. It makes my blood boil. Since we have no spine in Canada, one day Islamic people will be cutting our heads because we refuse to outlaw this vile religion and deport its practitioners. Since we will not make them leave, they will reproduce in our weak culture until they have the upper hand. ONce they sense it, they will not remain peaceful toward us, mark my words. Anders knows this reality too well. He saw his own Norwegian young people being led down the path of treason and love of vileness, foreigh vileness so wicked only Mohammed himself could outdo it. He, after all, started this scourge, and millions of Muslim hordes are poiesed to spreak the cancer today. The nature of that vile religion has not changed. If anything, they are more filled with venom than ever. Anders is a modern knight, and if he cried tears in court, it is because he is a true defender and lover of Norway. I would acquit such a man in a heartbeat, we need more men like him to put the Muslim cancer to flight. They should fear us, not the other way round. Choose this day whom you will serve. Multiculturalism is a great moral evil. It is not because the different races are bad, it is because they are better of when they mind their own business in their own lands. That is the only way to lasting peach and prosperity for all. Respect each other from a distance. Visit a foreign land as a tourist, but respectfully leave and go back home to your , that is the way it should be. The people of U.K. and Netherlands already know this to be true. Need I say more? Acquit Anders Behring Breivik. He is not guilty. Sometimes there is a higher place called justice, higher than mere legality. We should all ponder this case thoughtfully, because we are living in dangerous times.

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