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The Hated White Male

by David Yeagley · March 31, 2010 · 27 Comments ·

The white male is the most hated creature on earth. Specifically, the middle-aged, white, Western male, and particularly the American white male, is the most despised, condemned, and denigrated human being in the world.

He can’t do anything right. Unless he is praising the poor Negro, or lauding some forlorn “indigenous” people of color somewhere in the world, the white male is universally regarded with moral ostracism. He is believed to be the inventor of all ills, the abuser of all races, and the war-monger-in-chief across the globe.

Ann Coulter, a media concession
for conservatism?

These hysterical blatherings, of course, were created by the weaker portion of the white race. Very much expressive of the “slave ethic” so carefully articulated by Friedrich Nietzsche in The Genealogy of Morals (1887), it is today called Communism. It is a process whereby the weak prick the conscience of the strong, and then rise to tyrannical power by the usurpation and elimination of freedom. It is an inverted aggression, a parasitical deception.

Indeed, the worst enemies of the white race are white people themselves.

These self-destructive types are delighted to use every darkie in the world to validate their white self-flagellation, their ritualistic politics of self-condemnation. It is clearly a form of self-righteousness, the repulsive like of which finally gave birth to Protestantism. Today, Communism is giving rise to an American Renaissance, a revival of American values—from ethnicity and religion to economics and political freedom.

Michele Bachmann, another media concession. Is she man
enough to lead the country?

The war is certainly wrought with agonous uncertainties and defeats, and is by no means alleviating in the near future. The strong white male has yet to even enter the fray. He stands by silently, watching white women attempt to wield his power.

A substantial group of mild-mannered middle-aged white American males attempted to hold a conference in Washington recently. It was called the 2010 American Renaissance Conference. They intended to hold a gentleman’s discussion on their plight, and to assess their future. However, Communists harassed and threatened every hotel facility which the conference attempted to secure. The conference was cancelled. Not one word of this outrageous incident was reported in American media.

But when a tall blonde American white female has a brush with a Canadian university, it is prime time news. Media couldn’t get enough of the Ann Coulter story at Ottawa. It was a human rights violation.

This is where the white man is today: unimportant, unattended, and hidden. Worse, he is loathed. Only white women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Ann Coulter are paraded in media. The white male is anathema.

As a Comanche Indian, descendant of a warrior race, I have a word of advice for the white male: do not presume superiority. I know the white man is a grand old warrior. I know his accomplishments are unfathomable. Yet, I see in him a humility which is costing him his world. I see in him a pride that is making him impotent.

The warrior does not have the luxury of choosing his enemies. The warrior must never be too proud to fight.

Sarah Palin, the “guy” gal in conservative
politics. Is this what the white race offers
up for consumption now? White women?

Pride is the secret of failure in Indian country. It is becoming the obvious cause of failure in the white man’s world. The proud white warrior seems too lofty, too indifferent, and too complaisant to fight. He lets his women be used and abused by any and all; he thinks she can do all the work now; he presumes that change is inevitable. He seems to feel somehow insulated, or simply at the end of his era.

Racism is his biggest fear. He cowers before such a thought. Though the term is not defined, the accusation is the deadliest weapon in the ‘slave ethic’ arsenal. The white man, who has mightily defeated all other races in the world, is terrified of the mere word “racist.” What a glorious trick. What a wondrous swindle of his power for his conscience. This is the Communist precursor of defeat. “Racism” is the dope, the anesthetic, before the tyranny of Communism triumphs. The constant drone of moral condemnation for strength and success finally weakens the white man into submission to the immoral imperative of Communism. “You owe me!” cries the morally pretentious Communist. “I’ve been wronged!” he shouts to the ignorant world, which is ever so anxious for justification and significance.

The middle-aged white male—this is the victim of modernity. All that he has accomplished is cursed. Freedom itself is damned. The morally worthless Communist makes his way by words. His lying pen is mightier than the honest sword.

Posted by David Yeagley · March 31, 2010 · 9:25 am CT · ·

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  • 1 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 1:58 pm   

    When I was only 10, I had a schoolteacher who warned me this was coming!

    I once really enjoyed an old 1936 children’s movie — though it was popular at the time with all age groups — “Little Lord Fauntelroy.”

    Though sentimental, as were movies of the Great Depression Era, the hero, a white English 9-year-old boy, was nevertheless a white male. He exhibited all the manly characters and virtues a white male was supposed to possess: courage, appreciation of the pretty white woman, benevolence towards those suffering hardships, and an unselfish humane attitude. The white male had natural affections — for his mother, his country, his race, even his home.

    Though the famous book was written by a woman in the 19th Century (Frances Hodgson Burnett) and romanticized beyond human reality, the movie represented a “covert” statement of what White Pride ought to be.

  • 2 David Yeagley // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:15 pm   

    I suppose we could say that, when women authors had created the image of the daintly, delicate little boy they seem to think they wanted, one with perfect manners and fine clothes, ol’ Mark Twain came along with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Had to balance things out some how!

    I’ve always know about Fauntelroy, but never saw any of those movies, I don’t think. Saw the “Tom Sawyer” movies though.

    So, where do the ideas come from–about how a man is supposed to be? Should women have any input at all? And vice versa?

  • 3 David Yeagley // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:16 pm   

    The not-too-delicate looking Mark Twain:

  • 4 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:31 pm   

    Yes, women who are raised right and in a natural manner — i.e., not indoctrinated with radical feminist ideas — naturally have some good ideas about what their sons should be like.

    I would be interested in your conclusions, if you were to watch the 1936 movie mentioned above.

    The boy was played by the Hollywood child star second in popularity only to Shirley Temple — Freddie Bartholomew — who also starred in Captains Courageous. He was hugely popular during the Great Depression.

    I always insist that “White Nationalism” or any other nationalism is an expression of the natural concern for the proper upbringing of the youngest generation. Though husbands and wives love each other deeply, they also love their children. Remember the supreme test of Abraham? Would he sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac? And God’s sacrifice of his beloved son, Jesus!

    Nationalist of any kind should not forget that parental love of children is just as important as conjugal love. Indeed, the latter is for the generation of the former: “and the two shall become one flesh,” the Bible says. How! Is it not in the child?

  • 5 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:37 pm   

    As I recall, in the 1990s, young Elijah Wood, whom I consider the American “Second” Freddie Bartholomew — the real Freddie was an Englishman — made an excellent Huck Finn!

  • 6 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:40 pm   

    It is interesting, though, that in Paul’s letter to Titus, he says that older women should teach the younger women to love their children. I don’t recall an analogous statement about the men — the husbands — needing to be taught to love their children.

    Certainly, every boy needs a strong and wise father to teach him how to be a man, and every girl needs a strong and wise mother to teach her how to be a woman. Well, this is my opinion, at any rate. :)

  • 7 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 2:46 pm   

    The greatest failure of Liberalism is, in my opinion, that it has not the faintest idea of the measures required to raise healthy-minded children! In this, perhaps more than in all else, liberalism lets everything go to the rankest weeds.

    A child’s mind needs to be carefully cultivated in the things that matter. In liberalism, the parents are selfishly pursuing their own goals — and the children just get in the way.

  • 8 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 3:05 pm   

    Of course white nationalists need to be aware: Mark Twain was also right. White boys have wide differences in inborn natures — they come in many different personalities. White nationalists have a dangerous tendency of wanting to make all white males identical in nature, and all white females the same. But the reality is that there are huge natural differences than cannot — or at least should not — be sifted out by “education.”

    Among white boys, there certainly is the Huck Finn, and there is the Little Lord Fauntleroy, and there are others as well. It is not wise to attempt, as the Nazis apparently did, to make all fit the same mold. And the other extreme, that of allowing radical individuality, is also a danger, as some balance between individualism and conformity is called for. Again, just my opinion!

  • 9 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 3:29 pm   

    Actually, in the 1936 Fauntleroy movie, the boy stands up on his own against a group of street ruffians and gets into a fight and is by no means a weakling. This also is made clear in the book (which I also read).

  • 10 David Yeagley // Mar 31, 2010 at 3:47 pm   

    So lemme ax ya: do you think they’ll ever be a white male candidate for president again? Is the white male completely out of media/politics? (one in the same).

    As I see it, this means bad things for Indians. I should say, worse things.

  • 11 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 3:49 pm   

    Another very interesting “take” on the white male child is Rudyard Kipling’s novel “Kim.” (Kimball O’Hara). It was made into a movie starring Errol Flynn:

    and Dean Stockwell as “Kim”:

  • 12 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:04 pm   

    My guess is that, unless there is some kind of political revolution (not necessarily a violent uprising — but that is a tiny and highly unlikely, as well as undesirable, possibility — No. The white male is defeated!

    There must be a radical revolution in thinking among the American people.

    Now, if there’s another Great Depression — even worse than that of 1929 — maybe, just maybe, a return to conservatism will take place.

    But in this year, 2010, for the first time more non-white babies will have been born than white babies.

    No, this is not good for the American Indians. Actually, I don’t really see who it is good for! A country of competing minority groups — is that a good and desirable development?

    How can the treaties with the American Indian be honored when the power is in the hands of persons who had no part in the signing of those treaties?

    If Whites were to regain power, I’d like to see an improvement in White-American Indian relations.

    But in a multicultural society, every culture is denigrated and weakened and watered down — especially the founding cultures — and that includes the American Indian, who was here first!

    You know, growing up in what used to be an all white town, Blacks were slightly frowned upon by a tiny number of white kids — a very tiny number, as the subject of Blacks was usually not even raised (but Blacks were coming in from the inner city to shop all the time, so they were not unseen or unknown). But the American Indian was never looked down on. I honestly think we white kids had a kind of respect for the Indian, as we knew he was here before us.

    And the Chinese? To me, growing up, they were a mysterious people on the other side of the globe! I was full of curiosity as to what their world and society were like.

  • 13 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:15 pm   

    I, for one, actually found it worse that Obama was a mulatto, rather than a full-blooded Negro. This was, in my view, a subliminal glorification of allowing white women to copulate with black African men — and thus an open and violent attack on the White Male.

    I also have the impression that Obama’s not being a lawful citizen is meant as a statement to the White Male: “Not only have we anti-white liberals put a Black in power over you, we have done it against your laws, so as to prove to you just how powerless you really are now!”

  • 14 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:17 pm   

    “But in this year, 2010, for the first time more non-white babies will have been born than white babies.”

    That’s to say, in the United States!

  • 15 David Yeagley // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:24 pm   

    The thing to remember about Barry Soetoro is that he is not American Negro. Personally, I don’t consider him American at all. I can’t perceive anything about him that remotely resembles even the most basic American stereotypes. He is simply alien, in thought, in attitude, and I personally think, in birth.

  • 16 Thrasymachus // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:25 pm   

    But now that our local schools are integrated, the report I’ve heard is this:

    Some of the white kids resent the Blacks. The Blacks, in turn, resent being resented and, in consequence, attempt to make everybody miserable.

    When I was a kid (before our schools were forcibly integrated here), we had a few bullies and some problems, of course; but, overall, we had a reasonably happy school life.

  • 17 colleague graduate // Mar 31, 2010 at 4:45 pm   

    I am a middle-aged white male who is 2 months and one week younger than David. Do I feel hated and despised because of my race? Not really. There’s no reverse discrimination going on anywhere that I’ve noticed, no white slave ring. I have to struggle to survive though. I’m not a black superstar athlete earning big bucks in pro sports, nor am I an Obama law school grad from the University of Chicago who became Prez, or a black entertainer who becomes rich. I am content, however, by dropping ouit of society and enjoying natural things where I live like the indians who used to live around here used to enjoy. I create art with the stuff I bring back like the indians do with totem poles and carvings of bones of animals. If you visit you will read the thoughts of a Japanese guy with the same approach to life. People might hate you, or let’s say not prefer you, but nature likes you. To see seahawks and turkey buzzards with their huge wingspans flying in the air around where I live is therapeutic. I find dropped feathers and keep them. I find great therapy in driftwood. And my beach which was all my life just a sandy beach with very few shells to collect during beachcombing all of a sudden after a beach sand renourishment became a beachcombers paradise, with oceanic fossil rocks and prehistoric shark teeth all over the place, not to mention fossilized teeth which have been called prehistoric horse teeth on fossil sites, and other fossil animal artifacts such as a small animal’s head with closed eyes that became a rock. I have found what I believe are granite arrowheads and spearpoints also on my beach in the past few years. I have plenty to keep my mind stimulated if social acceptance fails. I have so much driftwood I want to stain and glaze for artistic end results that I will never run out of anything to do. I have opened a Flickr site, and it is private. It is I might take photos of my finds and invite intellectuals on this site to it. I have arranged to have my photos copyrighted. I would trust visitors from this site to not compromize them anyway. I don’t have any photos on it yet. People who’s name’s are cool with David that I’ve already here in the commenting area could send me an email requesting visitation at my AOL address of I have no photos on it, like I said. I have so much art to process and other things to do that I can’t do everything like an octopus could. But please don’t worry about me as a middle-aged white male. I don’t care about what the other white males might think about their status. I became an artist, and relate mostly to art materials, not to other people as Ann Coulter does for her living. I don’t have the gift of gab like she and David have, but I find what I lack is found in nature and the natural materials I use.

  • 18 johnnymac // Mar 31, 2010 at 7:02 pm   

    Good evening Doctor. “The white man is the hated creature on Earth”. Tell me about it. Truer words never spoken.

  • 19 MariaAnastasia // Mar 31, 2010 at 7:11 pm   

    Thras, You have given me some insight I didn’t have before. What I hated about Obama being mulatto was that it is known that mulattoes generally cannot be trusted due to their divided loyalties. I would have trusted a 100% black man more than him; at least I would have been more sure of which ‘side’ he would come down on.

    With persons of mixed race, neither race fully trusts them because they want to know with whom they identify….and they are never “allowed” to identify with both equally. I know because I am of mixed ethnic heritage, and I get the same treatment from people in my two ethnic groups who are All One Thing, unlike me.

    About the White male: my husband is one. He is of 100%pure Northern European stock…on one side he descends from Revolutionary War soldiers…on the other, from Kansas pioneers.

    Me? My ancestors were Italian peasants and Jewish shtetl-dwellers. Desperately poor on both sides.

    I fight to defend the White Race because it has given so much to the world, and I feel I owe them a debt of gratitude for creating this country which gave my ancestors a safe haven from poverty and persecution. Plus, I am White myself (yeah, I know…some would say I’m not.)

    But as racially aware as I am, it seems as if my husband is not, and IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE! Is there something inherent in the White Northern European that makes him racially suicidal? What is wrong with a race that wants to die? Dear God someone explain it to me!

  • 20 David Yeagley // Mar 31, 2010 at 9:00 pm   

    Conscience. An artificially, methodically, aggressively pricked conscience.

    But, it’s not really the whole race. The Communists were originally very small in number. But, they knew the target well. They were all white. They knew how the white personality works. It is almost as if the white race is the only race that does have a conscience. That’s what’s interesting about it. Yes, they wanted to make everyone like them, since they assumed they were the best. They didn’t just go out to destroy. They actually wanted to make others like them. How missionary of them!

    But, these noble ones, these strong ones, these creative ones–were attacked by the weak among them. The weak wanted power. They could only get it through manipulating the strong–throught the conscience.

    Communism is like a woman. Socially. Psychologically. (No offense intended any women on!!!)

  • 21 Eileen // Apr 1, 2010 at 6:19 pm   

    colleague graduate, No reverse discrimination? What about Rev. Wright? Al Sharpton and his Tawana Brawley fiasco? Discrimination is not just slavery which was abolished in 1863. Not one of my white ancestors owned slaves and some fought for the Union in the Civil War. Yet there are plenty on the net and in my country that believe I should feel responsible just because I am white for an injustice ended 148 years ago.

    Meanwhile the Euro’s are the ones that brought the slaves her to begin with. They were sold to them by their own people and Muslim slavers. Yet it is the American white male who gets all the blame.

    Euros were so happy us Americans got over our racism by electing Obama, well for about a week anyway. Now on the forums and blogs we are all a bunch of racists to Euro’s and many Canadians.

    Do I really care what they think? No I find it laughable to some extent, but also a threat to our culture that they have little knowledge about. They have put pressures on our government to become more like them. Right the people that originally pushed the Indian off the land and brought slaves from Africa.

    I am glad you find nourishment in your art, but it should feed you to protect the social structure you live in.

  • 22 Eileen // Apr 1, 2010 at 6:24 pm   


    Do you remember during the campaign how he threw his own grandmother under the bus on racism? Politics is thicker than blood it seems.

  • 23 Eileen // Apr 1, 2010 at 6:33 pm   

    Communism is like a woman. Socially. Psychologically.


    Only once a month. 😉 In any case this is why our men have to be strong doers to balance out their feeling women. Your point is right on. May be why we see strong women taking more and more a lead. Not good in my opinion if the mean are not also doing it.

    In the Iroquois nation the clan mother’s chose the war chiefs. Reasoning their women knew the true cost of war. They still had lots of wars regardless.

    Not too many women like that anymore. Womens lib distorted both the roles of men and women.

  • 24 Attack the System » Blog Archive » Updated News Digest April 2-4, 2010 // Apr 2, 2010 at 10:55 am   

    […] The Hated White Male by David Yeagley […]

  • 25 AndrewYeoman // Apr 2, 2010 at 11:13 am   

    Mr. Yeagley,

    Thank you for frank, kind, and well intentioned criticism of white people. We certainly need it. You are the type of leader that it would be an honor to be associated with.

    Andrew Yeoman

    Bay Area National Anarchists

  • 26 2Good Hands // Apr 8, 2013 at 7:53 am   

    I am wondering if Colleague Graduate were born a black woman would he be a tenured college professor in a city of his choice? Affirmative Action has been very effective. Most people don’t realize that it was quite firmly established du jour as early as 1965. In that year, at age 14, it influenced my life very negatively.

  • 27 2Good Hands // Apr 8, 2013 at 9:12 am   

    In correction of the very embarrassing mistake above (I blame it on the topic – it gets me so upset I can’t think straight): Affirmative Action: De Facto – 1965; De Jure – 1978; Revision – hopefully in a yet-to-be-born grandson’s lifetime.

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