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Bill Clinton Honored by anti-Christian Albanian Muslims

by David Yeagley · November 2, 2009 · 14 Comments ·

We knew it was true all along. Bill Clinton loves Muslims–or any other force that undermines America. This is the liberal position.

The historical betrayal. One of the greatest disgraces in
modern American history: Bill Clinton is honored by the thieving
Muslims of Albania, whose robbery of Serbia was aided and praised
by Bill Clinton.

The thieving Muslim masses of Kosovo have honored Clinton for his perceived loyalty to them, by naming a boulevard after him, and now hoisting an eleven-foot statue of him in downtown Pristina, capital of the Kosovo province.

The American government leaders since Clinton, have all promoted the independent nationhood of Kosovo. Why? Kosovo is a precious piece of land. The problem? Kosovo was owned by someone else. Kosovo is a province in Serbia. Kosovo is a special land, with special meaning to the Serbians. It is like the Black Hills of the Sioux, or Medicine Bluffs to the Comanche. The problem is, Albanian Muslims (along with Turks and Arabs) have been migrating into Kosovo for a long time, and now there are so many of them that they are the majority, and they are claiming this cherished land of Serbia as their own! Just by being there.

But their migration was encouraged. Their take-over was planned. Bill Clinton was a great supporter, all along. Under Clinton, NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark bombed the daylights out of the Serbian Kosovites, destroying cities, civilians, and infrastructure. This was hailed as a wonderful accomplishment. The white, Christian Serbs were to be denigrated, destroyed, and displaced, while the great Liberal powers of the West would uplift, promote, protect, and deliver the trespassing Muslims from Albania.

The whole world seemed anxious to honor the thieving Muslims, with the corruption, the cocaine connections, the mineral wealth, and strategic advantages they would bring in Kosovo. Liberals must always honor such advantages.

And so now, the supreme evidence of the international travesty, a statue of Bill Clinton is displayed in Pristina, the “capital” of “Kosovo.” The disgusting betrayal of Serbia, by the West, by Bill Clinton, is ‘immortalized’ for all future generations. Like his successor, Barry “Obama” Soetoro, Bill idolizes himself, and much of his actions were about making history for himself, making a name for himself. Ah, but in the matter of Serbia, and the international alliance against Serbia, George Bush was no different. He visited Albania, where he was greeted with hysterical “rock star” enthusiasm. has always taken the side of the Serbians. To this day, we are bewildered at the betrayal which the United States government wreaked upon the nation of Serbia. In this strange case, it was only Russian Muscovites who seriously supported their linguistic cousins, the Serbians. So, what does this mean, the United States valued relations with Muslims more than Serbians? That the United States chose to side with the Muslims than be associated with Russia?

The Albanian Muslims who have moved into Kosovo have committed, openly, a war crime. They have robbed a nation of its land and its sovereignty. Of course, they could never have done this without the support of the United States, and the Muslims of neighboring nations. “Christian” Europe did not support Serbia. Why? Who knows? Most of Europe is Roman Catholic. Serbia is Orthodox (Eastern, Serbian Orthodox). Serbia stood completely alone. Even Russia’s support was ineffective.

It is a strange, blatant, egregious phenomenon in the modern world, that a civilized country of the West (Europe) could be robbed of it’s national land–in broad daylight. It is unforgivable, and unthinkable, that the United States would support such an international crime.

However, is it not unthinkable that Bill Clinton would snatch a permanent, historical ‘photo-op’ out if it. Personal glory was probably not his only motive, but, that’s the one that generally meant most to him, as it does to the even more vainglorious Barry “Obama” Soetero. This statue of Bill Clinton, in Pristina, is a monument not only to Bill Clinton’s unprincipled betrayal of Serbia, but the traitorous liberal attack on all things American. Never was there such a vomitable event in modern world history. Bill Clinton, associated with the American flag. Honored in the cesspool of Albanian Muslim stolen property, lauded in a political ghetto–of his own making. This is Bill Clinton.

And this is where America is. Still.

Bill Clinton, in awe of himself, in the heart of illegitimacy: Kosovo.

Posted by David Yeagley · November 2, 2009 · 9:40 am CT · ·

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  • 1 David Yeagley // Nov 2, 2009 at 12:45 pm   

    The “rock star” mentality of politicians like Bill and Barry (Obama) is unmatched. Look at this slide show of Clinton’s recent visit to the Serbian province of Kosovo–which he help steal for the Albanian Muslims.

    Clinton in Kosovo

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  • 3 David Yeagley // Nov 2, 2009 at 3:40 pm   

    I just discovered this healine while skimming the net. This is how Michael Savage introduced the same AP article I used:

    Muslims build statue to Clinton,
    who killed Serbs in Kosovo

    I’ll try to transfer a screen shot into a jpeg. I thought this was interesting. So very, very few media people are willing to recognize that the Kosovo crisis is just another Muslim move in-take over scheme. I’m proud that Michael Weiner “Savage” was willing to acknowledge this.

  • 4 Smile // Nov 3, 2009 at 12:13 pm   

    I too am glad to see it acknowledged.

    We don’t get a lot of accurate history these days. The history on this story goes way back. A peek into the last two thousand years is a telling volley back and forth. An objective look at this history explains so much about our situations today.

    Islam is from the root word al-silm, which means losing oneself, submitting or surrendering. It does not mean peace and isn’t a root of the word for peace.

    Arabic word Salam, Hebrew word Shalom, means peace.

  • 5 David Yeagley // Nov 3, 2009 at 2:15 pm   

    Generally, I have always been fascinated with Albania. It has been one of my favorites. So very unique.

    However, the Islamic episide of its history brings a terrible blight upon an otherwise fascinating place, and a strangely beautiful people.

    I blame Islam for this crisis, not Albania. When Islam controls, a people forget their nationhood, and all honor and dignity concomitant.

  • 6 Smile // Nov 3, 2009 at 3:38 pm   

    And isn’t this another case of Islam and Muslim immigrating then taking over?

  • 7 David Yeagley // Nov 3, 2009 at 4:18 pm   

    That’s the plan. All liberals support it.

  • 8 Awen // Nov 5, 2009 at 8:01 pm   

    “It’s not on the screens that the public sees. Right. I see it on this screen now. But this internal screen only. So he is holding a head, the head of a Serb that he cut off. So those are the 20.000 Mujahedin that were brought to the European • theatre of war through Clinton’s policy, and most of them remained there
    and some went to America and to other countries, and they went all around Europe. And then when they start beheading your own people in wars to come, then you will know what this is all about.”
    Slobodan Milosovic

    Serbian patriot and defender of his people against the Muslim terrorists

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  • 11 graco // Dec 21, 2012 at 9:21 am   

    Hi. My name is Blerina and I am from Albania. I gave a quick look at your article an I think there are a few things you should know. I’ll begin by telling you that Albania is Albania, and Kosovo is Kosovo, meaning: two different countries. So, when you talk about people from Kosovo don’t call them Albanian, one is Albanian when he/she is from Albania, not when he/she is from Kosovo, it sounds a bit strange if you do so, don’t you think. So stop calling people from Kosovo Albanian, or I’ll be obligated to call you German. “Albania was officially declared to be the world’s first atheist state, in 1967.” You can search that on the internet, if you want, of course. And one of the most important things to know about religion in Albania is that, in Albania live people who belong to five or more different religions, and last time I checked there is no religious war going on :”Gallup Global Reports 2010 shows that religion plays a role to 39% of Albanians, and puts Albania in the list of the 14 least religious countries in the world, with Albania the thirteenth least religious country in the world.” During W.W II , the Albanians not only protected their own Jews, but they provided refuge for Jews from neighboring countries. The Albanians refused to comply and hand over lists of Jews. Instead they provided the Jewish families with forged documents and helped them disperse in the Albanian population. Some 1,200 Jewish residents and refugees from other Balkan countries were hidden by Albanian families, according to official record Albanian. was honored with. Only one family was deported.
    I assume you understand what I’m trying to explain to you.
    One thing I also suggest you to do, is to read what Serbians did in Kosovo during the war. I mean, reading they that raped almost every female who could breath, including pregnant women, open one pregnant woman’e belly, while she was still alive, to see if the baby was a boy or a girl, killing hundreds of men and children, only because they were male, fearing their revenge when they grew up, and buried them into massive graves look at all the pics on this page) I believe you didn’t make a search before writing your article. And let me tell you, Serbian are Orthodox, you know what that means, don’t you? It means they go to church and pray to Jesus, not to Allah.
    And I am so confused knowing that you have Indian American Native roots, I know your people’s story, how you were treated from European explorers and colonists ( I can assure you there were no Albanians or people from Kosovo involved, they were fighting their own wars).
    I myself converted to Protestant when i was a little girl,I was born to Muslim wonderful parents and I am married to a Roman Catholic amazing man. And I am about to have a glorious Christmas this year as we will be celebrating all together!
    Next time you will think about writing another article, do a little search, there might be thing you don’t know!
    p.s Albania, or as we call it Shqiperi, means the land of the Eagles! Isn’t that a strange coincidence?! DON’T YOU THINK????

  • 12 graco // Dec 21, 2012 at 9:33 am   

    It’s me again, Blerina. I saw there are some mistakes (orthography or phrases) in what i wrote, but i’m positive, because I know you will get the point. Bye

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