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Sotomayor and The Crypto Jew

by David Yeagley · June 7, 2009 · 19 Comments ·

Probably most people have no concern about the ethnicity of Sonia Maria Sotomayor. It is accepted that she is “Puerto Rican,” and that’s the end of it. (Actually, it’s the beginning, end, and middle. It’s the whole story.)

Sotomayor’s publicity exposures, however, do not present her as a speaker of Spanish; she apparently has not been to Puerto Rico; she was born in the Bronx (New York City). The only traveling she has done which the media has to some extent aggrandized is her heavily sponsored trips to Israel.

Sonia Maria Sotomayor

Aside from this vacuum of evidence or validation of even her cultural ties to Puerto Rico, there is something worth considering in the matter of Jewish identity. It may have absolutely nothing to do with Sonia Maria Sotomayor, but, it is an element in the modern world, and with a name like Sotomayor (which alone is her strong suit in the way of ethnic identity), we do well to look into the matter.

In Spanish, the name means literally “under-major,” denoting a court position of some kind, or a professional position, as an under-assistant, a deputy, etc. There is status to it. Old status. Soto, De Soto, Desoto, Sota, de Sota, de la Sota, Desota, Sotela, Sotelo, de Sotelo, Sotera, Sotero, Sotillo, and many other variations have long existed. We should be able to pin this down to origins.

But when we’re speaking of Spanish things, that’s when we should consider the largest group of crypto-Jews in history. During the Spanish Empire, many Jews outwardly coverted to Catholicism (and were known as conversos, and marranos), but many secretly practiced Judaism. Obviously, when faced with death, they manoeuvered. In 1492, another ultimatum was issued, and some 200,000 Jews fled Spain, rather than join the 300,000 who “converted.”

Don Luis de Carvajal, a converso, ended up with the largest land grant in the New World–El Reino de León, which included nearly all of today’s northern Mexico and half of Texas He developed it from 1579 until 1589. (It is a little appreciated fact that the Jews were the Americas from very early times, in the Southwest, long before America’s New England days. In fact, there were actual, practicing Jews in New Spain [Mexico] since 1521. However, in 1589, some 100 colonists were found to be practicing Jews, and thus the kingdom was overturned by Spanish authority, and renamed, El Cuadrado Trágico (referencing it’s shape on the map). For reference, see, Harriet and Fred Rochlin, Pioneer Jews (Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1984).

There are simply times when Jews have to manage the situation. There is nothing wrong with being a cryptic Jew, inherently. It is circumstantial. (Now, to be Jewish and hate it, and work against it, and work against Jews, that’s an entirely different matter.) Probably the most famous case of cryptic Judaism in history is that wonderful story of Hadassah, who became “Esther,” Queen of Persia. According to the Bible (the book of Esther), she did not reveal her ethnicity or religion until the moment she decided to bid for her people–risking her life to do so (Esther 7:1-6). How she managed to keep her identity secret, even during the first international beauty contest (2:10; 20), or to keep secret even her blood-kinship to Mordecai–who was known to be Jewish, is indeed a mystery. It is a tale of true, successful, crypto-Judaism. In Esther’s case, however, she made her move, at the appropriate time.

That’s the key–the appropriate time. She didn’t parade as a Jewish entry in the first Miss Universe contest. Her personal beauty and demeanor alone won her the throne (2:17).

So, can’t a Jewish person just operate on his talents? Why not? Isn’t that the conservative way? Why, position, success, honor, is not about ethnicity, but about ability, talent, etc. Esther’s is an ancient story, but it flies in the face of modern “affirmative action” ideology, and whatever Jewish influence has ever been behind that.

The cryptic Jew is a conservative Jew! Now there’s a refreshing angle to develop.

Back to Sotomayor, it may be a extravagant flight of fancy that I should have thought she was Jewish from the beginning, but, I see no harm in such an intuition. Of course, it is based on the idea that “Jewish” is an ethnicity. Many people dispute that very highly. And a person who is Jewish who does not practice Judaism is not properly referred to as a Jew at all. That view is intensely meritorious.

I need Ilana Mercer to help out here. She has a new take, which, after she presents it, seems like the ancient, eternal take:

I’m not a religious Jew; I’m a Hebrew—of the civilization that invented equality under the law; a principle that is dictated in Deuteronomy and Exodus centuries before classical Greek philosophy. I believe the passion for justice is in my genes, as transmitted to me by a father—a rabbi—who’d repeat the phrase most repeated in the Hebrew Bible: “Justice, and justice alone, you shall pursue.” (Deuteronomy 16: 18-20)

This is from a terrific piece called “The Genius of Ancient Hebrew Law,” from her Barely a Blog.

“I’m not a religious Jew; I’m a Hebrew.” Sounds reasonable to me. There are many, many “Hebrews” out there. Now, religious Jews will no doubt despise such a position, since it claims the unique status of being Jewish, without paying any price for it. It claims the honor without the effort. But, I have to think of all the persecution Jews have suffered in history–it’s based on both religious practice and ethnicity. I’m quite sure not every Jew Hitler tossed in the ovens was a practicing Orthodox Jew.

In any case, back to Sonia Maria Sotomayor, I would be gratified to know more of her family genealogy. I give up on the Puerto Rican thing. If that’s what she want’s to identify herself as, fine. Ward Churchill, the white trash white trasher, claimed to be America Indian, and got paid $100k for it at the University of Colorado. But nobody cared about that. When they fired him, it was for gross academic fraud, not for falsely claiming to be Indian. Only liberals make a living off fabricated ethnic identity.

Ilana Mercer, Hebrew commentator.
So why do we have to look at Barbara Walters?

So let Sotomayor be Puerto Rican, apparently not knowing Spanish, apparently not having been to Puerto Rico, and making every effort to associate with Jewish interests. That’s okay, too. I just want to know if she’s “Hebrew.” (But, Ilana, I think you may have misunderstood your father. “Justice, justice you shall pursue” [Deut. 16:20] is not the most repeated phrase in the Torah. It’s just emphatic that the word tzedek is repeated in that sentence. We don’t want you associated with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, do we?!)

Sotomayer, Sutermeyer, Sutermayer, etc., etc. There are such names. Mark Krikorian hasn’t latched on to this issue in quite the same way, though he’s miffed at having to pronounced her name as it is in Spanish. Little does he know what another pronunciation suggests!

All in good sport. No ill intentions involved here. It’s just that, the SCOTUS nominee begs the question, “Ethnicity, ethnicity thou shalt pursue.” Isn’t that what’s happening? So let’s truly pursue it.

Posted by David Yeagley · June 7, 2009 · 10:35 am CT · ·

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  • 1 whitetrash // Jun 8, 2009 at 9:25 am   

    Somewhat off topic, but concerning the Jews… a few weeks ago you were advocating the release of the traitor, Pollard. I learned today that a sailor was awarded the Silver Star, more than 40 years after the deliberate and unprovoked attack by Israel on a U.S. Warship. Obviously it would be wrong to lump all American Jews in the treason camp, but it is beyond question that powerful Jews in America put the interests of Jews ahead of the interests of the United States. Could it be that these same treasonous interests would hide the real ethnic identity of the multi-cultist, Sotomayor? Hard to say.

    Here are a couple of links to the story of the Liberty, and the possible motive for Israel’s attack. Note that one Israeli combat pilot was severely punished for refusing to participate in this action against America. Note also that there is strong evidence that the Israeli attack on Egypt was unprovoked, and that seizing the Golan Heights was based on a claim of a Syrian attack on Israel that the intelligence gathering capability of the U.S.S. Liberty might have contradicted had she not been knocked out. What appears beyond dispute is that powerful Jews in America demanded, and received a cover-up of the incident, and went so far as to slander the brave sailors on that ship when they contested the “official” version of that action by labeling them “anti Semites.”

    It’s time for America to question our alliance with Israel. Is the modern state of “Israel” the result of God’s will? Or merely the product of militant, racist Zionism? I don’t think this is a question that should be left to White Supremacists for contemplation. Authentic American Conservatives need to re-examine this blind loyalty to an alien nation and people. If we are going to remain in conflict with Islam, we should at least be clear on how we got to this point and why. The fact that this small segment of our population controls our media and foreign policy demands rational and unemotional scrutiny. It is not our duty to fight wars for Israel, or to defend the dominance of a tiny ethnic group concerning our domestic policy.

  • 2 David Yeagley // Jun 8, 2009 at 10:54 am   

    WT, USS Liberty was a spy ship. It was following Israel’s movements against Syria and Lebanon. Israel tried to knock out all the equipment on the ship, not try to sink it.

    Pollard passed information that was vital to Israel’s safety, which was being withheld for no adequate reason. No harm, loss, or even risk was caused to the US. Israel and US are allies. You spy against an enemy, not an ally.

    Of course, if you Jewish, it’s spying. If you’re the USS Liberty, that’s okay. You can spy on Israel. Right?

    Do you think if Israel didn’t exist, all the problems of the world would be solved, and Arabs would become wonderful, lovable folk, meek as sheep? Do you think of the lying “Palestinian” deception becomes a “state,” that all things are going to be better?

    Apparently, like most American leaders, you don’t understand the Arab-Islamic mind set. It will never rest until there is no Israel. And even then, Islam will only be ignited further to make your neighborhood Muslim.

    That’s what this is about.

    This is what Sotomayor, and another US government official needs to be questioned about: what is her position on Islam? What is her position on immigration of foreign, hostile religion?

  • 3 Sioux // Jun 8, 2009 at 6:07 pm   

    Dr. Y: Do you think if Israel didn’t exist, all the problems of the world would be solved, and Arabs would become wonderful, lovable folk, meek as sheep?

    Excellent point. If Israel were blown off the map tomorrow, who thinks that the Muslims of sub-Saharan Africa and southeast Asia and China, and even Hamtramck, Michigan, will stop their quest for Jihad? This has been going on for hundreds of years, long before the racist, zionist State of Israel was formed.

    Such ire over 6 million people in a tiny spit of land. Such jealousy that a pigsty hellhole was turned into a garden by the Jews – right next door to the current pigsty of the Arabs aka Palestinians. How many billions of dollars have been forked over to the PLO and PLA to help their people. This blood money is kept far away from the people lest they become content with life. Yes, let’s keep everyone at fevered pitch until we kill all the Jews. What WT doesn’t get is no matter what the Infidel does it won’t matter unless we convert, capitulate into slavery, or die. Given those three choices, I would rather fight until death. Take that, Barry Soetoor – we don’t buy your BS for a moment.

  • 4 Mike from California // Jun 9, 2009 at 11:09 am   

    “Slay the pagans wherever ye find them” and extrapolates this to conclude that it is the “duty of every Muslim” to “kill Americans anywhere”.
    Osama Bin Laden, freedom fighter and an individual clearly abused by the great Satan, the USA…

    “You are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind: You are the nation who, rather than ruling by the Shariah of Allah in its Constitution and Laws, choose to invent your own laws as you will and desire. You separate religion from your policies, contradicting the pure nature which affirms Absolute Authority to the Lord and your Creator.”

    Osama Bin Laden, freedom fighter and an individual clearly abused by the great Satan, the USA…

    WT, these are just a few tidbits as to why the crazy Muslims have it in for us. If you truly knew the history of the region you would know that Israel has had to defend itself for almost its entire existence. Be aware that all of the territorial gains the Jews have made since 1947 are the result of a series of defensive wars. Ask yourself this, if the Muslims really cared about their Palestinian brothers then why would every single country allow them to languish in those retched camps for over 60 years? Instead of giving food, medicine and aid, why do they instead chose to send suicide bombers into their midst in order to “Liberate” them? There is an Arab Muslim mindset that western morals can’t grasp. In short these people are bloody lunatics!

  • 5 whitetrash // Jun 9, 2009 at 11:51 am   

    I think you guys are missing the point. I am not siding with Muslims against Israel. I am siding with 34 slain American Sailors against Israel. Just because Islam is out enemy does not automatically imply that Israel is our friend, or that the Zionist lobby in America is loyal to America. I was a strong supporter of Israel until I learned the truth about this attack. At that point, in my view, Israel became fair game, just like the Islamo Fascists.

    The Holocaust did not occur in America. My father was among those who liberated the camps. We owe these people nothing. I am fine with killing Jews right along with Muslims if that is what is required to secure America. I am not conflicted about where my loyalty resides. It would appear that too many American Jews, and even Christians do not see the world with this clarity.

    I don’t think we should abandon Israel, but I do think we need to slap them back to reality. Reparations to the families of those sailors, and admission of guilt, and a sincere, rather than false apology would suffice. If they do not have the character to rise to that level of accountability, then leave their bodies to rot in the field.

    34 American sailors killed in a deliberate, unnecessary, and unprovoked attack. That’s all I need to know.

  • 6 whitetrash // Jun 9, 2009 at 11:56 am   

    Speaking of America’s enemies, I think we probably all share the same response to this… just in from FOX….

  • 7 Mike from California // Jun 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm   

    WT, please forgive me if my response to your original comments seemed too brash. For over 40 years now we’ve been deluding ourselves into thinking that a two state solution is possible. The Israelis time and again have given up land in exchange for peace, and time and again it has only compromised their security. In order for there to be peace in the region one side must go. It’s just not possible for these two peoples to coexist together. The question being then, just who would take over? Hammas? The PLO or Hezbollah? Could you imagine the radical power shift in the region if that were to occur? I truly believe that little corner of the world is more stable because of Israel’s continued existence.

    Now I must confess to not being informed about the incident involving the USS Liberty, nor the political ramifications that came about. However, if we were to lay Israel upon the alter of political sacrifice, as I’m sure Obama and his cronies may be contemplating, we will simply be accommodating America’s enemies.

  • 8 Shiner // Jun 9, 2009 at 12:55 pm   

    David Yeardley is an idiot. To claim it is ok for Israel to attack the USS Liberty because it was a spy ship is beyond stupid. The Israeli scum were killing prople with US resourses. The USA had every right to decide for itself what was going on.

    In full disclosure I am an anti -semite. I am not proud of it but I am not ashamed either. Jews in Israel, AIPAC, Wall St, and the Main Stream Media have done everything they possibly could to make me this way.

    The reason Israel has been fighting for its whole existence is because they stole the land their country is built on.

    You reap what you sow.

    Could it be that David Yeardley is hoping some jew in the media will give him a job? Why else would he write such trash about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty?

    I was happy with Sotomayor until I found out she is Zionist scum.

    I live near many Arabs in So Cal USA. I have never had them try to push their beliefs on me. Claiming they want to dominate us and that is why they resort to terrorism is stupid in the face of the facts. The facts are really clear and you have to try not to see them.

    The people of the middle east are tired of the “west” propping up dictators who hand over their natural resources. They are tired of US made bullitts and bombs killing their loved ones. When fighting a bully “terrorism” is your only option.

    How stupid could a person possibly be.

  • 9 Mike from California // Jun 9, 2009 at 1:29 pm   

    Now onto the USA propping up dictators and robbing the resources of the middle east. I would bet that many of your Muslim neighbors have substantial money in the bank. Money acquired through US oil investment in their respective countries. So we are the devil for buying their oil and trading with them. They hate us for having military bases in the region? Guess what, Shiner? America is not the only nation who has military bases in foreign countries. We have been invited by the rulers of those nations to have a presence there. Whether rich or poor the rulers in these countries would be oppressing and exploiting their populations. How is this our fault? Your neighbors are the worst kind of hypocrites. They wail and bemoan American injustice an yet at the same time have no qualms about growing rich off of American investment. They hate the worlds great bully and yet chose to live here because they know full well the conditions in their own, Islamic run countries are so unbearable. Kind of funny, you think?

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  • 14 Inacio // Sep 23, 2014 at 1:44 am   

    I am not sure that I understood what exactly you are looking for about the surname SOTTOMAYOR. However there are two facts that may be of interest to you:
    First – Sottomayor is the name of a place in the municipality of Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain)
    Second – Sottomayor (also spelt Sotto Mayor) is the surname of a well known family of bankers and philantropists in Portugal. They are originaly from the Portuguese village of Lebução (Chaves) which is located just accross the border with Galicia. There are strong rumours that the Sotto Mayor are of Jews (marranos) descent. This is confirmed by the Inquisition files in what concerns their maternal side. On the paternal side their first Sottomayor ancestor got this surname because he came to Lebução from the locality in Galicia, but according to certain sources he might have been originally a Jew. Please let me know if this information has reached you.
    Inacio Steinhardt
    Israel formely from Lisbon, Portugal

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