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Obama: The Destruction of America?

by David Yeagley · November 4, 2008 · 5 Comments ·

How could America elect a foreign black Communist? How could the majority of the population be so deceived? How could the nation commit treason against itself?


Americans want more—without earning it. They believe the government owes them. The majority of Americans find fault with America. They blame the government for their problems. At this point in our cultural history, enough people have been misinformed and misled that they are prepared to sell America to whomever offers them personally the most advantages.


Americans voted for an African black to assuage their pity for the miserable race, and to indulge a sense of spiritual purging. Americans felt guilty for their own revulsion toward the Negro. To compensate, they happily voted for a remote black man. True, many non-white Americans voted for him, from pure racism—against the white race. But the non whites minority did not elect the new president. White people did.


The youth vote, the woman’s vote, and the vote of all who cherish dependency, went to the candidate who appealed to their sense of want, entitlement, and self-justification. These people have never understood the glory of manhood, and the will power within the individual. They look to someone else to provide for them, always. This attitude is contagious, especially when carried into adulthood. If one gets freebees, then they all want freebees.


American media is almost wholly propagandistic. Having become entertainment, whereby we are circumstantially coerced into being exposed to the same personalities daily, news is now obviously a free enterprise business, and as such, can be bought. It definitely sold out to the anti-American movement.


The 2008 election was the result of a half century of Communist campaigning in America. Having long controlled the educational system, liberals defaced all American history that reveals the truth of how America came about. In due time, an entire population was created which has little or no understanding of what America is, and what being American means. Such a population is most vulnerable to deception.


The conservative, Republican Americans have too long ignored the signs of decay. They have been too willing to indulge the niggardly, begging spirit of the dependents and their political pimps. They have allowed the courts to corrupt themselves for decades. By now, the American legal system serves the anti-American cause. Unlike the founding fathers who signed the Constitution, the conservative Republicans have been unwilling to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

And now we have a president who hates white people, hates America, and hates the American constitution. He has openly declared these positions in his own words, but so selfish and infantile, so slavish are the people that they identify with his anger. They support his paths of destruction. “Change,” he calls it. “Change,” they think it is. The change of indulged, legalized, aggrandized hate, which their president-elect offers.

But he loves being popular. This is the only hope of the patriots. The president-elect will probably not veer too far off into his resentments, lest a remnant of patriots rise up against him. His vanity is their last hope. Otherwise, he has no regard for any.

It took half a century for Communist liberals to achieve this turn about into anti-Americanism. The future damage is immeasurable. It will never be quickly reversed or undone. The American education system, the American legal system, the American media, these things were long in making. They cannot be simply removed or remedied. They have produced the population that elected a foreigner black African Communist. The white liberals, with their Oedipal complex—a murderous impetus toward the American Constitution, have achieved their goals. Why would they agree to dismantle their machinery? On the contrary, they will defend it with all power and lying wonders.

What’s left for conservative Republicans? Radical surgery, according to Ron Paul. But it was too frightening to loose an arm, or a leg. Paul didn’t speak enough about recovery. Would we be able to walk again, or pour our own orange juice? He never said. He simply diagnosed America to have terminal cancer. He prophesied, If you don’t have this tumor of anti-Constitutionalism removed, you will die. America evaded his message.

The president-elect is the result, the result of fear, national negligence, ignorance, immaturity, and covetousness. The president-elect represents dependency, self-justification, entitlement of material advantage—all without labor, without effort—everything that America was created to overcome.

Americans have betrayed their own identity, and they know it not.

Posted by David Yeagley · November 4, 2008 · 10:09 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 BobC // Jan 14, 2009 at 5:35 pm   

    Dr. Yeagley,

    You might want to add one more reason to your list: Covert Hypnosis. (See this analysis: Obama’s Hidden Hypnosis )

    It’s unlikely that Obama would learn these techniques on his own, so it is an indication of the organization and planning of his backers (whoever they may be…).

    Has anybody noticed if Obama has discontinued the use of the awkward “pencil grip” gesture he made all the time during the campaign?

    Covert hypnotic techniques work best on people who are not in the habit of “meta-thinking” – that is, thinking about their thinking. Such as:
    “Why do I think I like this guy, when I know nothing about him?”
    “Why do I think I agree with him, when he hasn’t really said anything?” (“Change”)
    “I really don’t have enough information about (insert subject) to justify a firm opinion yet.”

    I have a friend, with a PhD in biochemistry who is convinced that Obama is a “man of integrity”. When I ask her what reason she has to believe this, and point out that his public record is not consistent with this belief (he didn’t even keep solemn campaign promises for the duration of the campaign, for heaven’s sake!) she has nothing to say. It has never occurred to her to wonder where these thoughts came from or what validity they might have.

    Perhaps the hope lies in the home schooling movement – a critical thinking / anti-propaganda element could be introduced there much easier than in the public school system.

  • 2 BobC // Jan 15, 2009 at 10:07 pm   

    Now that I think about it — believing in an absolute moral code and testing one’s actions and thoughts against that code is also a form of ‘meta-thinking’. I remember reading a study from the 60’s that found that Korean war POWs who were strongly religious held out much better against brainwashing attempts than non-religious soldiers.

    Everyone I know who is (or has) home schooled their kids includes a strong moral component.

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  • 5 bs1952 // Oct 14, 2013 at 8:03 pm   

    I didn’t vote for Obama either time. I see right through his evil, self righteous, communist, take over self. He sickens me. I am a white woman of the south and proud of it. actually I am part Cherokee Indian, part Creek Indian. part Switzerland, part English and part Alabamian. I am an American! light skinned, blue eyed, blonde hair. have a blessed life and I am a Christian. I think America is in a lot of trouble with our present administration. It scares me but I know who wins this battle and it’s not Obama.
    I don’t believe there are 100% of any race left actually. But I love being “white” if that’s what they want to call me. Thanks for all your wisdom. I enjoy reading your post.

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