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A Tale of Two Indians

by David Yeagley · August 21, 2006 · 1 Comment ·

It remains an egregious affront to Indians that Ward Churchill, a non-Indian, was honored as an Indian with tenure and a top salary at a major American educational institution, the University of Colorado. It says that Indian identity means nothing.

But since Churchill was an America-hating radical, the university left – which claims to honor Indians – was ready to rally behind an Indian imposter because his views were politically correct.

But it’s a different story when a real American Indian loves America, and publicly advocates patriotism. The radicals on campus can’t stand that. An American Indian patriot is politically incorrect and dangerous. I found that out by personal experience. Once my views were known, I was never given tenure, was eventually dismissed from Oklahoma State University’s Oklahoma City campus, and barred from coming on grounds.

The Association of American University Professors did not rush to my aid as it has to the Indian imposter Ward Churchil’s. There was no dramatic investigation into why I was fired. There were no public statements defending my freedom of speech, or my right to promote American patriotism. There was certainly no faculty petition drive in my defense.

But the Left was not content that I be driven from campus. Since I have continued to propound my patriotic views, the Left has decided to adopt a new tack to silence me: deny that I’m an Indian.

I’m the only conservative Indian in the media, but apparently that’s one too many. So they have taken to saying I’m an adopted child, not the son of my Comanche mother, therefore not Comanche. But that lie failed, so now they’re saying the Comanches have banished me from the tribe. Bald Beagle, one of the more sardonic anti-Yeagley blogs, announced that the Comanche Nation had officially banished me, July 28, 2006.

Any Comanche knew immediately that it was false.

There was no “tribal council” meeting in July. (There was a special session oin August 5, and the authoritative body is called the “General Council.” It includes all Comanche Nation members, not a select group of elected officials.) And contrary to the Bald Eagle article, Mike Burgess is not the tribal chairman. He wasn’t then, and after a run-off election August 19, he still isn’t. The chairman is Wallace Coffey. (And, contrary to Bald Beagle, Wilma Mankiller, Tex Hall, Winona LaDuke and Ben Nighthorse Campbell have never visited the Comanche Nation headquarters as a body, and certainly not recently, and not about me or my alleged banishment.)

“Bald Beagle” is an obvious take-off on Bad Eagle, my official web site. That’s the first sign of foolishness. There is no identification of who is behind Bald Beagle. The only identified author is Dr. Bald Beagle.

Yet the piece was immediately picked up by two other anti-Yeagley bloggers: Voice of a Native Son, and The Try-Works. Soon I was contacted by supporters of Bad Eagle anxiously inquiring about my banishment. Word gets around quickly in Indian country, even without the Internet.

I have not been banished. I don’t know if the Comanche Nation has ever banished anyone, at least in modern times.

I note that Try-Works was created by John Moredock, a Churchill disciple. Also, Voice of a Native Son is obviously a take-off from the title of Churchill’s book, From a Native Son. (In Leftist Indianism, “native son” is a code word for “not Indian,” or “fake,” like Churchill.) Churchill endorses both Try-Works and Native Son. I’ve certainly voiced critical opposition to Churchill, so, I should expect as much.

So the rumors of my “banishment” have been greatly exaggerated. And I am, in fact, applying for Churchill’s job at the University of Colorado.

Reprinted from FrontPage, August 21, 2006

Posted by David Yeagley · August 21, 2006 · 12:00 am CT · ·

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  • 1 wyattearp // Apr 13, 2010 at 12:28 pm   


    good luck with the Univ of COLO. I congradulate you SIR, on helping DE-THRONE CHIEF ” WALKING EAGLE”. So full of sh_t, he is to heavy to fly. I bet ole WINSTON is not to happy with sharing his last name either.


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