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Pope says Mexicans Go Home

by David Yeagley · April 30, 2006 · 27 Comments ·

Well, that isn’t exactly what he said. And it wasn’t exactly the present pope (Benedict) who said it. It was Pope John Paul, in 1996, on World Migration Day. But, Ratzinger was very close to John Paul, and is known as the architect of Pope John Paul’s policies. “Elected” in the case of Ratzinger was more like a natural succession. So, we can be assured that Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) does not differ from the positions he engineered for John Paul.

I bambini circondano Papa Giovanni Paolo II durante un pubblico generale all’atrio
di VI di Paul schell di Papa nel Vaticano.
AP, February 27, 2002.

Speaking of charitable institutions (i.e., churches) and their attempts to effect positive change in the immigration predicaments, Pope John Paul said,

When no solution is foreseen, these same institutions should direct those they are helping, perhaps also providing them with material assistance, either to seek acceptance in other countries, or to return to their own country.” Vatican Document: Undocumented Migrants, point No. 4.

Of course, all such statements must be read in context. The Church has always been in favor of helping the needy, no matter who they are, where they are, or where they are from, or why they are needy. The above statement is not to be taken to mean that the Church is averse to immigration. (Indeed, in other statements, Pope John Paul declared it the responsibility of the Christians to care for the needy, regardless. See, Address to Congress/Pastoral Care of Immigrants, 1998, esp. point 5.)

However, the statement does lend itself to the discussion of the Church’s role in the present situation in America, and the Mexican invasion. The American Church, particularly the Archbishops of the Roman faith, such as Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, DC and Roger Mahoney of Michigan, is widely accused at this point of encouraging illegal Mexican invaders, because the invaders are Catholic, and because they are expected to contribute to the Catholic treasuries. But worse, the accusations against the Church are due to public statements by the radical bishops.

According to, Mahoney is guilty of “sedition” against the United States, because he has publicly instructed the priests of his diocese to ignore and defy any legislation against immigrants. Dr. Daneen G. Peterson says Mahoney is also in defiance of the Pope.

This is a crisis of authority. Father Mahoney claims his authority is the Holy Scriptures. In this, in defying the Pope in favor of the Bible, Mahoney behaves like a Protestant. Yet, in defying the United States government, he behaves like a traitor. It is a most curious predicament — all for the sake of criminal invaders.

Church leaders, Catholic or otherwise, must be prepared to face the consequences of their positions. They are not above treason, sedition, or criminal behavior. They are subject to law and imprisonment. They should also remember that they are responsible for their pejorative effects on the First Amendment as well — specifically that which allows the church a tax-exempt status. American bishops have no place defying the laws of America. (Ah, but they’ve always been a bit more “American” about their Catholicism. They’ll have it their way, like most Americans, when it comes to difference of opinion. Shall we call them the Protestant sector of Rome?)

Mexico is 89% Catholic, therefore, let the wealthy mobsters in Ciudad de Mexico take care of their own. Let the American archbishops rebuke their “federal” brethren south of the border.

Posted by David Yeagley · April 30, 2006 · 10:33 pm CT · ·

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  • 1 AntiCom // May 1, 2006 at 1:21 am   

    It’s in the bag. This government no longer represents the interests of the AMERICAN people, and has sold us down the river.

    The Republicrats are alike…their goals are obvious. The Demons want to accept these illegal alien invaders because it gives them cheap votes. The Repukelicans want to welcome them because it means cheap labor and higher rents.

    In regards to these two sides of the same criminal coin, they both benefit from the illegal alien invasion. It is the American citizen, the blue-collar worker, who is crushed under the weight of higher taxes to pay for increased public services, hospital ER usage, public education costs, police services, etc.. And let’s not forget the increase in crime, disease and poverty that these illegal alien invaders also bring.

    My wife said it best, “We couldn’t go over to Mexico and speak English and get away with it while taking their jobs and services, so why should they be allowed to run over us?”

  • 2 concha // May 1, 2006 at 1:28 am   

    Thank you for this, it nicely illustrates how dedicated Mahoney is to his treason. I guess the Vatican does not condone these protests, glad to hear it.
    Mexicans practice “folk Catholism,” which is based in magical thinking, ancestor worship, and the devotion to the Aztec moon goddess Tonanztin (masked as Our Lady of Guadalupe). So, really, Mexicans wil never be as devoted to mainstream Catholism as that dummy/traitor/homosexual Mahoney thinks. They just fake it while they’re here illegally, then when they go home, it’s back to their magic( not that I’m judging, they have a right to their beliefs).
    Most Mexicans will see a cuerandera (witch doctor) before they’ll see a physician, for various reasons(the medical establishment there is corrupt, for one thing).
    Mahoney, the traitor/liar/homosexual, must take the blame if people lose jobs, or social standing because of his New World Odor stench.
    If ya get close to him you can smell the booze, too!

  • 3 the merry widow // May 1, 2006 at 5:25 am   

    As I have said before, the mexicans HAVE TO own thier own country! If they will not they should not be allowed to bring thier superstitions, poverty thinking and ILLEGALITY here! The neighborhoods the illegals live in(saw this in Ca.) were dangerous and undesirable. Coming here illegaly appears to put people in a mindset that increases thier misery! They just don’t leave it behind, because of the welfare and medical support available they are having many children with no care for the fact they are anchoring themselves in poverty. Having fewer would free up resources for the improvement of themselves and thier children. But, no, the more the merrier(not!) We are NOT the garbage heap of the world! We do not HAVE to accept just anybody! And if the truely stupid and ignorant want to come, because it is easier than owning thier own country. We don’t have to take them, being discriminating is not being prejudiced, it’s being realistic!


  • 4 Beakerkin // May 1, 2006 at 6:51 am   

    Today is May Day and you will not read about the organizers of todays protests in major media. Nor will anyone remind you of the 100,000, 000 dead via Marxism and climbing. You will not be told of anti semitic placards and speeces. Nor will the term Communist even make its way into the paper.

    KPS is fairly typical of a communist in that he cries about free speech here but has a site that does not allow acsess much less comentary. He cries about being banned from Bad Eagle but thinks he is the only person in this predicament.

    A true Conservative such as myself goes out and builds my own house. Conservatives are yes we can types while the other side makes 1001 excuses.

    The Communists at ANSWER are coopting the illegal immigration rallies. No doubt when inner city poor start their anti illegal immigration rallies ANSWER will organize those as well. There is a patter of big media negligence in not reporting this story.

  • 5 Bodvar // May 1, 2006 at 11:04 am   

    A few things about juxtaposing today’s outrage with the Roman church:

    * Mexico has, since the end of the 1910 revolution/civil war, been hostile to the Roman church as one Mexico’s historical oppressors, along with the hacendados, Spaniards in general, US citizens, and anyone pointing out that the country is a basket case.

    * Elements of the Latin American flavor of the Roman church has long been at odds with Rome over leftist ideology. John Paul himself scolded a priest/government minister of Nicaragua, for instance, right there on the tarmac as he was arriving in Nicaragua for a visit. The priest in question was/is one of the Marxist “liberation theology” types.

    * The North American flavor of the Roman church is in downright rebellion, especially in matters of sexuality, as well as in matters of secular policy and the role of the Church. Both John Paul and now Benedict were and are secular conservatives, particularly on “reproductive matters”, where many in the American heirarchy are in the pocket of the left. Furthermore, the American church has put the Vatican in a REAL bind in its failure to control its own sexual predators.

    So, this is one more sign that the Roman church, where America is concerned, cannot be counted on either as a church or as a social force where America’s sovereignty is concerned.

    Then again, why should it be. Consider that the Roman church is hardly democratic, being among the strictest aristocracies existing today. Other nations long relying on their dukes and barons have marched on with history, but not so the Roman church. Furthermore, the Roman church is a multi-national fully as much as is Exxon. It is no respecter of borders, and never has been.

    By way of opinion, though, I don’t think that Mahoney, et. al., are supporting uncontrolled invasion in order to fill church coffers. I believe that they’re doing it because they’re chablis socialists who live in a world of theory. The money is welcome, but it’s gravy.

    — B

  • 6 Bodvar // May 1, 2006 at 11:10 am   

    “Mexicans practice ‘folk Catholism,’ which is based in magical thinking, ancestor worship, and the devotion to the Aztec moon goddess Tonanztin (masked as Our Lady of Guadalupe).”

    Nail right on the head, concha. While there’s a LOT of paganism surviving in the Roman church — the cult of saints (not “worshipped”, mind you, but “venerated”), magical ceremonies, imbuing matter with holiness — the Latin American church, most plainly the Mexican church, has folded pre-Conquest religiosity in with Catholicism quite handily, which I think that the Roman chuch and their conquering minions worked to their advantage.

    In the American southwest, we’re familiar with hispanic “santos”, taking the place of alter figurines. They pray to the one God, but still rush out to curanderos and curanderas when they get the sniffles. Paganism survives. As Calvin said, the human mind is an idol factory.

    Mind you, paganism thrives all over, in other indigenous Roman-affiliated churches all over, as well as in Protestant churches in this very country. People guess at Christianity, often times, and get it wrong.

    — B

  • 7 Bodvar // May 1, 2006 at 11:17 am   


    I don’t know if KPS is/was a communist (is/was because I don’t know if I’m speaking of him here in the past tense or not), but communism shares with fascism the willingness to use the tools of pluralistic democracy against itself. Hitler used elections and Stalin’s Comintern used America’s open society the way the 9/11 conspirators used America’s free travel, opportunity, and lax security against it.

    I’m not sure if, when America is finally pronounced stone dead, if the diagnosis will be “death through inattention”, “death through neglect”, or “suicide”. I do know what I’d chisel into America’s tombstone:

    Here lies the United States of America.

    It thrived in freedom, but did not value that freedom enough to survive. It prized freedom above self-preservation, and ultimately suffered death by diversity.

    Rest in peace. Citizens, run for the hills.

    — B

  • 8 concha // May 1, 2006 at 2:12 pm   

    I am home today because I am fearful of the parade of hispanic half-wits.
    So, home watching the t.v., I view these people as cattle–with their pacifist pall, plodding way through our streets.
    Everyone’s got the same dimwitted glare–I really believe these people have no idea what they are marching for, other then paranoid fantasies about whites.
    There are many, many illegal Chinese, and Canadians for that matter, but they’re too smart to show themselves on t.v. and stand on their feet all day in the sun.
    The socialist/communist puppet-masters made a good choice when they picked Mexicans to do their bidding, because most Mexican are not taught critical thinking skills, and believe everything they are told. What’s sad, is that Mexicans are not the worst people in this world–they have some morals, generally, but are now inviting hostility, of course.The commie puppet-masters can kill two birds with one stone by underming us, the American patriots, and them, the Mexicans.
    Oh, and did I mention that this is an unofficial overthrow of the black community?

  • 9 concha // May 1, 2006 at 2:59 pm   

    And I am not kissing up to David Yeagley when I say that I cannot equate modern Mexican men to the grand, heroic, American Indian Warrior – there’s no comparison.
    Maybe that is part mythology anyway, I don’t know–but Latino men seem so passive, so easily controlled. There’s no fight in ’em, or they would stay home and battle their own government.
    Not showing up to work, prancing about in the street to stop traffic–if my Dad were alive he would personally go down there and kick some ass, and call them “fake Mexicans without honor.”
    Used to be, a real Mexican would rather “die on his feet” (die fighting) then bully and upset old white people, or disallow citizens to do business or see a doctor.
    i’ve been told that there is a high pesticide runoff in Mexican drinking water–could this be the culprit?

  • 10 David Yeagley // May 1, 2006 at 3:07 pm   

    Concha, Mexican people are a lovely people. They are peaceful, warm-hearted, sentimental farmers. Rare it is when they unite for war. Emiliano Zapata may have been the last of the warriors.

    Think of original 1960 Magnificent 7 movie, with Yul Brenner. It is a typical Mexican story. The masses of farmers were “sheep to be shorn,” abused by the nearest hoodlum. This is the case today, as well.

    Pacifism in itself is not a fault. It is the unwillingness to fight for freedom that causes oppression, and make others who love it have to fight twice the battle.

    The problem now is the arrogance, the haughty, cocky, ignorant arrogance–masquerading as bravery. It is sheer ego, in great foolishness, (but not as great as in those who allow it!), and not courage at all. It is the march of fools, the demonstration of the misinformed, led amiss by their own desires.

    These people have been betrayed by two countries, their own, and ours.

    But, having said all that–thank you for your comments on the Indian thing.

    And it’s sewage in Mexico’s water, not pesticide, for the most part.

  • 11 the merry widow // May 1, 2006 at 3:08 pm   

    Concha- Sorry that the situation is so worrisome for you! Hope you don’t suffer for your decision! Here in Fla., so far Orlando is the only place I’m getting info about. Not to bad, about 40 students tried to walk out of an Orlando HS. The principal made them call thier parents, 20 went back to classes. That was the only school walkout I heard about! This thing is being fed, someone needs to pinpoint the guilty parties and remove the meat!


  • 12 ecology // May 1, 2006 at 4:30 pm   

    I love these comments. Thankfully there are some real men and women left. Prof, If I remember my studies correctly Mexico does have high levels of Pesticides, herbicides, sewage, etc.. issues. There are no regulations. Many farms are finally going organic down there. We trade with some up here in my region. we get avacodoes and send them apples type stuff.
    also concha my nutritional anthropologist family member discussed the corn based diet of the sw/mexico populations. Corn has a low protein level and is not conducive to complete brain development. and as the soils lose there minerals through profit motivated land management. wwll u get the picture. also replacing math and biology/ecology with more pretty pictures and multicultural studies. IQ’s dropping likes stones and zero understanding of basic common sense and science. Blame game conditions. They are driving out their gravy train as well. Dum dum.

  • 13 ecology // May 1, 2006 at 6:40 pm   

    Watch it in its entirety
    America the Rape Tree

  • 14 concha // May 1, 2006 at 6:59 pm   

    Thank you merry widow–I think we’ll make it through the day!
    And I mean it about the American Indians: what a treasure they are, fighting for our country, being so patriotic, yet having had so much tragedy.
    Today’s debacle just reinforces my feelings.
    I’m sure everyone here will agree with me (and I would love to hear your comments) that they (American Indians) should get preference over all of the rest, maybe, dare I say, even us!
    Again, not being a kiss-up but having a “crash” moment.
    I really really enjoy reading everyone’s commentaries–what brilliant people you all are!

  • 15 the merry widow // May 1, 2006 at 7:31 pm   

    Concha- I wouldn’t go as far as brillent, except for our host(but don’t tell him, he might get a swollen head!) Just people who read, observe, many of us only discuss what we observe on blog sites and with certain select friends. Dr. Y. just gives us a safe place to exchange ideas and grow. Just regular folks! You have ideas and observations to offer as well, so don’t think you are out of your depth, you bring your own gifts to the table.


  • 16 Bodvar // May 1, 2006 at 10:44 pm   

    Thanks for the video, E.

    The Romans had the Goths and the Huns. Today, we have illegals.

    As I watch the doings of today’s well-spun establishment news, I’m struck by something: the left and their minions are advocating the importation of an underclass.

    In a figure I read earlier today or yesterday evening, the majority of hispanic day laborers are employed by homeowners. Those advocating open borders refer to “$10 avacados” and elevated prices for lettuce, fruit and sweat-shop clothing, the majority of folks who steal their citizenship AREN’T picking oranges or slapping up pine ‘n’ spit houses. They’re watching junior, folding underwear, doing dishes and helping folks clean out their garages.

    I want to know something: what is going to happen when these folks are successful in stealing citizenship? What about their children? Will they accept $40 from some suburbanite to carry boxes when they move from that loft to their new tract home?

    No. While they will never have been called upon to assimilate, and in fact will serve as impetus to actually change the society they’ve invaded (rather than adapting to it, as previous immigrants have done), and will continue their primary loyalties to “the old country”, they’ll be a demographic force to be reckoned with.

    The Democratic Party, overwhelmingly in favor of “a humane solution to our immigration problems” will not be shy in reminding Don Jose and his sprouts who fought for their rights to both steal their place in America and then to keep it. Slowly becoming irrelevant at the ballot boxes, they’ve found a new way to regain power: import voters.

    So, we’re going to see increased agitation by illegals, DEMANDING and not requesting, for the benefit of suburban householders to have cheap fruit and servants IN THE SHORT TERM, and will only be asked to pay for the subsidized college tuitions and healthcare and public school educations of their children, and for the subverting of our democracy by a people who’ve NEVER been able to manage self-government on their home turf. They’ll end up importing more than themselves. They’ll import a tolerance for corruption and oligarchy…something our leftist friends understand perfectly.

    So, enjoy your avocados, folks. They’re brought to you by the new tenants of America. Eat up and enjoy the end of your nation’s history as it unfolds.

    — B

  • 17 concha // May 1, 2006 at 11:32 pm   

    David Yeagley,
    I appreciate your affection for the decent Mexican -American people but you know what, we’re going to go down in history as the jerks-offs who ruined America.
    And we’re not even the worst of ’em–ever come across illegals from other countries–those people are much more low-down but we are the stupid ones, making a scene in the streets.
    Yeah I said that–we blew it–for ourselves, and for all Americans.
    Now I SAID NOW is the time for all good Hispanic Americans to come to the aid of their country–no pussyfooting around, let’s organize, the patriots are in the majority.
    I still think this is also orchestrated to bring down the black communities–no one is talking about how this hurts black Amercians.
    Also, the children of these illegals usually become vatos, so they are not beneficial in the long run.

  • 18 Camille // May 2, 2006 at 12:10 am   

    What are “vatos”? No kidding…I really don’t know.
    PS: I loved the “no pussyfooting around”…haven’t heard that in a long time!

  • 19 Camille // May 2, 2006 at 12:40 am   

    FYI: There’s an interesting article on the World Net Daily site titled, “Secrets of the Invasion.” The info is actually quite disturbing. As of this writing, the article is the headline but also in the commentary section of WND.

  • 20 concha // May 2, 2006 at 12:43 am   

    Hi Camille (loved the film!)
    Vatos are just your run-of-the-mill gang-members, of whom Greta Garbo, was not.

  • 21 the merry widow // May 2, 2006 at 5:30 am   

    Bodvar- On a fixed income we can’t afford avocados! Do all my own laundry, raised my own children, did my own cooking and had a lawn service only for a while after my husband died! My son does it now, we do our own house cleaning! Hasn’t killed us yet!
    Concha- I don’t think anyone in this area would rail against hispanics, we have a neighbor who is first generation, legal, her father owns a roofing company in Texas, wonderful family. G is retired AF and is in the reserves. She speaks English and is the nicest person and if anybody gave her a hard time her German background husband would cheerfully disassemble them! Terrific neighbors! Why should I place the blame on innocent parties? I am more likely to blast the nitwit whites who marched yesterday to support illegality! That is the crux of the issue to me, are you here legally with the intent to BE American? or not? If you are American that’s settled, if you’re not, don’t let the door hit you when you leave! No race involved!
    Good morning all!


  • 22 Betty Ann // May 2, 2006 at 8:03 am   

    We do not HAVE to accept just anybody! And if the truely stupid and ignorant want to come, because it is easier than owning thier own country. We don’t have to take them, being discriminating is not being prejudiced, it’s being realistic! tmw posts

    *Sounds familiar. Different time, same place, different people.

    *America is made up of immigrants. All of you are immigrants to this country. Legal or illegally what is the difference or what does it matter. Many of your ancestors fled their homelands also to better their lives and families.

    *You want the illegal immigrants to leave and take care of Mexico, but no one in America can really tell them to leave. The statue of liberty a symbol of freedom and home of the brave and land of the free and all that crap…along with give me your tired and poor has given anyone the right to enter America.

    *You see you white folks can just sit back, relax and watch what is happening on because you have that superior mentality that you OWN America and her soil and to have darker skinned people entering her borders is a great sin and disgrace to you American people. Sad huh. Well guess what America doesn’t belong to anyone, we belong to America…she owns us we don’t own her. If we had any say or power in what is happening here in America we would have stopped all this nonsense years ago. While we watch the illegal immigrants march in America our children are in foreign countries fighting for their lives and for America.

    *The Pope nor the Catholic church and its powers do not have the right to tell anyone to go home.

  • 23 David Yeagley // May 2, 2006 at 8:49 am   

    If anyone claims he HAS a home at all, he has the right to kick other people out of it. If he has the power. If he has the strength and self-discipline.

    America does, but America won’t, or isn’t. Why?

    It is uncomfortable. Americans like to be “good.” It feels “bad” to kick somebody out.

    My, how things have changed.

  • 24 the merry widow // May 2, 2006 at 10:08 am   

    Betty Ann- Do you allow just anybody into your home? Would you invite in drug dealers? how about wife beaters? drunkards? those who treat you with contempt? don’t obey YOUR rules of the house? those who always track in mud? thieves? gang bangers? violent people? those who argue just to aggravate you? car jackers? murderers? rapists? How is discriminating against criminals racist? That is what we are discussing, criminal, in your face behavior! We are talking about those who enter illegally! Not what race they are, it just so happens that the majority of illegals are from the south! So they are identified as that is what the majority are! Do you want your house to become a garbage dump or stay a home?


  • 25 ecology // May 2, 2006 at 10:35 am   

    Bodvar, could not have said it better. Your welcome for the video. It was made in april by some minute men members. Thats just a one area. Thats all the sw public land now. and private too.
    Hey I think everyone is brilliant here: we dont seem to bicker over trivial nonsense. Now thats brilliant. Its best to deal with the truly critical issues.
    Now back to the farms. I go down to the farms and either pick my own fruts and veggies or get it right off the conveyor belt. The migrants have a differnet attitute then when I was a boy working in the fields with the migrants back then. They laugh at the gringos and make fun of me sometimes. Not many younger gringos down there getting their own food I suppose. I guess there is some kind of hidden jokes. Maybe its weird to them to see a gringo work those “jobs the americans wont do”. The farmers are a bunch of traitors and whiners as well. Never making profits, its so hard, boo hoo hoo. and they have nasty entitled attitudes for the most part. I guess its is intense feeding the monstrous hords. Costly socially and ecologically. Food is a globalized profit driven business. That is truly scary the cultural consequences. Most americans have zero hands on experience with their food. It just shows up on the shelf. I have little compassion for the ones wanting their cheap stuff. I would be happy to pay extra.

  • 26 ecology // May 2, 2006 at 10:42 am   

    Concha your right its not jsut the mexicans. Its the russians, south americans, africans and others as well. we are getting the chaff. The prison system can not withstand much more. and the tax base is not there to built more and mroe infrastructure. There are limits to growth! do we want to make the hard choices now? or leave horrifyingly hard choices to our healthy responsible children. Becuase the best ones will have to pay. Hopefully not with their lives.
    hey Prof, You should do a peice on the Ukrainians. They came to this country and are a joy! A role model for the hordes.

  • 27 Rightwingmac // May 3, 2006 at 10:26 pm   

    Betty’s assumption that we are all white only illustrates her racism toward whites.
    She sounds like the rest of the reconquista scum.

    I say, keep em coming, because the sooner we reach the flash point the better.

    I’ve had my fill of arrogant, braindead, leftwing racists and their commie comrades.

    I’m locked and loaded.
    Let’s get it on.

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