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Bustamante: Reds, Whites, and Blues

by David Yeagley · September 10, 2003 · 4 Comments ·

The magic “polls” say Bustamante has the lead in the Californial governor’s recall race, by 5 points.
Well, he’s one of the candidates who, ironically, doesn’t have a foreign accent, unlike Schwarzenegger and Arianna. Yet, clearly, Bustamante is being identified with the foriegn, Mexican element.

Bustamante. Reuters

This is curious, because he himself is of a generation of Mexicans who were born and raised in the United States. Before him, there’s a generation of even more strongly American Mexicans. In that generation we find some of the most conservative, patriotic people in the country, very conscious of being American, rather than Mexican, and extremely proud of it. I have personal experience in all this, albeit in Texas and Arizona, rather than California.

Funny, his official website says, “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante,” meaning he was not fighting against Gov. Davis, but, if there is a recall, Bustamante’s running. Just Tuesday, the Bustamante campaign has decided to drop the “No Recall” slogan. Bustamante is running, all the way.

So, a Greek-born female who married American money (like Jacky Kenney married Greek money); an Austrian-born weight lifter who made it on his own; and an American Mexican, who has no foreign accent, but who is deeply involved with the illegal Mexican take-over of the American Southwest. What a scenario. Isn’t there a white American out there capable of running the state?
This is pathetic, in a way. Gray Davis represents all the middle-aged white men in America who have ruined everything through their own greed, dishonesty, and lust for power. They have lied, swindled, and otherwise defrauded their own people. Like an absolute fool, Davis signed the bill to give driver’s licenses to illegal Mexicans. What could be more traitorous? It contradicts Federal law on immigration, which Congress has direct authority over. All to get Mexican votes! Davis is an enemy of America, clearly.

Davis signing the illegal bill

And Bustamante has been, too. He has been into the “Reconquistador” movement, based on the idea that Southwest America belongs to Mexico and Mexicans. He’s been deeply involved with separatist Latino movements, like MECha. He’s been a white hater. For this, liberal white communists will spare no effort or dollar to make sure he wins California. And of course, he’s already accepted large donations from the Mexican “Indian” pop-up casino tribes of California.

He may not have a foreign accent, but he has some deeply foreign ideas.

I suggested before that Schwarzenegger might actually win as the result of a desparate cry from white people in California who are worried about losing their state to a race of foreigners. His superficial and actually false association with the Nazi regime is reminiscent of racial concern, and a concern that wants to keep the white race independent, strong, and free. Schwarzenegger’s liberal communist enemies have thought this would work against him, but it won’t. It will work for him, at a psychological, even subconscious level.

Remember, this is Hollywood. This is gutsy, rip-roaring drama. What could be more dramatic than race, history, and patriotism?

Arianna married money. Schwarzenegger made his own. No comparison there. Bustamante has an anti-American past, personal and visceral. No comparison there, either. Schwarzenegger will win, unless they count the illegal Mexican votes, which they most assuredly will. It will be a nightmare, a mess completely out-sizing the Florida 2000 presidential election.

In this case, it’s just a pity that we don’t have a real American running for governor of one of our most important states. Mark ye well, patriots.

And if this country has a fascination with foreign-borns, then the person who should be plugged in is Reza Pahlavi. I personally think he actually has too much class as a person to be involved in a pathetic political catastrophy like California, but, he’d be the best candidate of all. Think of him as an ancient Persian emperor, renowned for brilliant management of cultural diversity! I think our country could really use the input of these brilliant American Iranians, if we insist on “ethnic” diversity in office.

Reza Pahlavi

Of course, the Iranians are the original Aryans, so I guess we can’t really call them ethnic, can we? But, if America is charmed by an Austrian, wait till they see a real Iranian! That privilege has been robbed, since the 1979 hostage crisis, but, think again. California is considering the son of a Nazi, and a fairly recently avowed anti-American Mexican, the man himself, Bustamante.
I say its time to consider the American Persians for office.

Posted by David Yeagley · September 10, 2003 · 11:40 am CT · ·

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  • 1 Betty Ann // Sep 10, 2003 at 3:19 pm   

    “This is pathetic, in a way. Gray Davis represents all the middle-aged white men in America who have ruined everything through their own greed, dishonesty, and lust for power. They have lied, swindled, and otherwise defrauded their own people.” Dr. Yeagley writes

    How very true indeed! Time for a change in the color regime.

    Hats off to Bustamante!

    But we must also remember the love Jeb Bush has for Mexicans too (Colomba).

    Betty Ann

  • 2 David Yeagley // Sep 10, 2003 at 3:54 pm   

    Betty, why hats off to Bustamante? Brown crook instead of a white one? He’s been demonstrably anti-American racist in the past. I don’t trust him. The American Mexicans of the previous two generations, maybe. Bustamante won’t win, however, even if they count every illegal Mexican vote in California. Even if every Mexican votes Bustamante, it still isn’t enough votes.

    I’ll bet money that the blacks aren’t going to vote for him.

    Besides, there are a lot of older American Mexicans who will probably not vote Bustamante, either. We can never assume a race will vote as a block. Politicians try to count on it, but it really doesn’t pan out that way always.

    However, if all the minority groups in California , like the Chinese, the Japanese, the and others, then he might stand a better chance.
    He will represent the anti-white vote. Just what America needes. More legal racism.

    I sure don’t want another “ethnic” group in charge of Indians. Though Mexicans have actually a long history of dealing with southwest Indians, there record is equally as unacceptable as is the white record. Bustamante will bring no advantage to Indians. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, might.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

  • 3 Speelyi // Sep 10, 2003 at 4:42 pm   

    Have you read about the support that Bustamante has granted to Tribal Sovereignty in California when he was a representative? They reported such in the LA times. Sovereignty of all tribal nations is important, even if you would prefer to depreciate their value. Bustamante has tirelessly proponed the rights of natives in a state that isn’t exactly friendly to their interests.

    There is also a Tribal Councilman running for the office. Why would you support a Persian over a tribal member as a “True American”. I would like to point out that the indigenous people of what is now referred to as America would be as close to a “True American” as it gets by the nature of semantics. If your definition of American relates directly to the platform of conservativism then there is a decided lack of Americans residing in California. I would like to further remind you that Californians like tribal casinos enough to vote for them in the late nineties.

    As far as viable candidates go I support Bustamante as Governor of California, due to the fact that he is a steadfast ally of Tribal self-governance. If and when Bustamante wins the seat, the office could serve to catapault him into a public policy role in the national government. His advocacy for the tribes could serve sovereignty nationwide.

    To echo Betty-Ann,
    Hats off to the LT. GOV.

  • 4 David Yeagley // Sep 10, 2003 at 5:01 pm   

    Speelyi, if Bustamante offered Indians fenceless land with buffalo on it, I just wouldn’t trust him. He’s using Indians as an anti-American wedge. Lots of socialist/communists do that, and make Indians think they are “for” us.

    True, from the Indian view, it would seem the best thing to do, to support a candidate that at least professes to see it our way.

    I just think that, in the long run, in the larger picture, connections with anti-American sentiments will work against us, that’s all.

    By the way, if we’re really sovereign, independent nations, it is illegal for us to contribute to any American election. How do we get around that one?

    The Persian? I think Pahlavi would have a better balanced view of everything. Just a theory. He certainly hasn’t made any attempts at American politics. I hope I haven’t embarrassed him by pulling his name into this!

    Also, the whole gambling business is, I believe, connected with an international scheme, which is not good for America. At this point, I’m not entirely sure it’s good for Indians. In many cases, I know it isn’t. But we’ve discussed this before.

    I just have a disrelish for “racial” coalitions, especially when they are united against white people. This makes me suspicious.

    (Have you seen article on slavery on BadEagle? Just curious about your reaction. My thesis is that slavery is not about race, but about labor.
    The Mexican “problem” is about labor, too, actually).

    Do you think Mexicans have been treated “unjustly?” historically or presently?

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