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Let White Men Love Their Women

by David Yeagley · July 23, 2003 · 5 Comments ·

There are two lessons to be learned from the Jessica Lynch story: 1) the BBC and British news in general, has never overcome the “yellow news” syndrome of the 19th century, and still thrives on a gossipy, tabloid style of dramatization; 2) white men showed a healthy, visceral regard for their own women. A white female soldier was down, in the hands of those ‘dark, awful Arab Muslims.’ “To the rescue!” was the cry of the entire military.

Funny, the ol’ Brits are the ones we usually associate such drama with. (I published a story of such a heroic Brit, in Persian Heritage, called “Alam I Sugrah.” The main character was stereotypical red coat officer, straight out of the 19th century. He rescues Iranian Muslim girl.) “Jolly good show!” we might have expected the Brits to say, when the US forces went immediately, unhesitatingly, in to Nasiriya, to rescue their damsel in distress. Alas, for the envy of the British journalist got the best of them. I’ll bet it if were a British girl in distress, they’d have been the first to laud her rescue. Instead, they cast apsersions on the American girl, and her rescue by the US military.

Hey, news is all about drama. American news got the upper hand on the story. The Brits had to take a bloody back seat.

It doesn’t matter if she was a hero or not, nor whether Pfc Lori Piestewa was, either. They were women who put their lives in danger, willingly. But beyond that, they were just women, and men can get fiercely protective of their women. This is a good thing, I do believe. If there’s a little extra drama in the story, so be it. It’s even better. Let’em make a movie! I can think of a lot less worthy subjects that movies have been made on.

It’s just a case of white male machoism. I commend it. Love that woman! Protect her. This was a rare case in modern times where feminist, man hating instincts were subsummed by the wave of masculine passion unleashed by Jessica’s plight. Feminists are so fanatical, however, that they probably don’t even see it. They think it a matter of “equality.” Jessica deserves to be treated at a female hero, just like any other man. I’m sure the femininazis love this celebration.

But they’re quite self-duped. This is about men–protecting their women. It is indeed rare, when men can get by with such gesture today.

Now, to be balanced, what happend to the black woman soldier that was held prisoner? Remember her, on video, being interrogated by Iraqi soldier? Spc. Shoshana Johnson, from El Paso, TX. There’s apparently been a great deal of attention paid to her, but, somehow, I’ve missed it all. I haven’t heard her name since the original video from Iraq was shown on TV during the early days of US operations.

There’s a mountain peak named after Lori Piewstewa now, but that’s probably only because she was killed. Yes, the first American Indian woman, etc., but, she would have been insignificant had she not been killed in action.

Shoshana was neither killed nor hurt, nor abused. Just another soldier. Just another black female. This is the general response, as far as I can discern. I venture to say, this is connected to the failure of black men to love their own women. The social ties are too disintegrated. No special passion of black men to rush in and save their black women, or even to celebrate their recovery. I’ll bet if given a choice, most black men would find it much more meaningful to “save” a white woman.

I’m afraid the white woman is queen. So, let white men save her. And let all minorities follow suit– love and honor of their own women.

Posted by David Yeagley · July 23, 2003 · 10:57 am CT · ·

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  • 1 David Yeagley // Jul 24, 2003 at 6:21 pm   

    Alain, thanks for the link!
    I am just making a simple point: every race ought to love itself. Part of that love means protecting your own women, rather than abandoning them to another race.

    Women look for strength and security, if their mind is working at all. If they don’t find this in the men of their own race, they’ll search for it elsewhere.

    I’m just trying to encourage minority men and women to stick together more. Especially Indians, since there are so terribly few of us.

    White men don’t hesitate to protect their own. We dark men ought to feel the same way about our women.

    If we don’t, why don’t we?

  • 2 Bodvar // Jul 24, 2003 at 9:08 pm   

    Frankly, and with apologies to Dr. Y, I was sort of waiting for a point.

    Of course, men in a people should protect their women. By protecting their women, they are protecting the future of their nation.

    In “Gates of Fire”, by Steven Pressfield, a work of fiction about the Spartans at Thermopylae (which I cannot recommend highly enough both as a riveting read and a well-researched peek into history), he states that, as King Leonidas and his “guard” of doomed retainers held a “going away” service. In it, they encompassed the duty of Spartan men exactly.

    He put words into Leonidas’ mouth which stated that it was the duty of the Spartan “equals” — their warrior class — to ensure that Spartan women never saw or smelled the smoke of an enemy’s campfires. Their most sacred duty was to protect their society, or, in short, their women.

    That, I feel, entails more than rescuing them from danger and holding danger at a distance. It involves not referring to then as “bitches”, not minimizing their maturity, asking their advice — as many Native nations have done and still do when important matters such as war or picking chieftains is to be done — and making a safe atmosphere with the women for the next generation to be brought to their place as functioning citizens.

    This isn’t a matter of machismo. It is a matter of simple common sense. Women teach our young’n’s from the earliest age, and families afterward. We can raise suceeding generations of failure, as we seem to be doing now, or we can look back to more logical and honorable times to find out how REAL people lived, before they became tick marks in someone’s “demographic”.

    Sex should be a private matter, and is the icing on the cake. We spend most of our lives vertical, not horizontal, and need to set ourselves the task about living vertically with an eye toward the future.

    We won’t be around forever. Our names will only live, and our cultures will only survive, if we teach our children properly.

    — B

  • 3 Ben // Jul 24, 2003 at 10:22 pm   

    Dear Sir,

    Just think how newsworthy the story would have been if it were a Jewish Black woman. I’m sure she would have been compared to Sammy Davis Jr.


  • 4 David Yeagley // Jul 25, 2003 at 6:22 am   

    Mr. Ben, maybe it’s more about cultural style than race, or even media.

    In David Biale’s “Eros and the Jews,” (Harper, 1992) you’ll not find any such Medieval European notion of the white knight saving the damsel from the dragon. This European libidinal, mythological symbolism of sexuality is not in the Jewish tradition, as far as I can tell. It is a personalization, an ego-ization of the sexual energies. It bespeaks repression, fear, and triumph, etc.

    Now, Jewish tradition is full of rescue missions, but they are not so intimately connected with sexuality. The man saving the woman, as disguised sexual energy, is European, and connected with the repressed sexuality of the Medieval Catholic world.

    Funny, the Moslem cultural sexual repression doesn’t quite pan out the same way. Men don’t try to save women. Men blow themselves up, and lots of women and children with them.

  • 5 Alain // Jul 25, 2003 at 12:01 pm   

    Hmm, Ben, Sammy Davis Jr definitly doesn’t look like a woman you know, or perharps like an ugly one :O)
    Dave, I need to say that your analysis about the french knight’s behavior is true… entirely catholic, and totally Celt. The catholic church made his behavior’s laws copying the Celts (and also the jews). I wish my english was better, I could tell about it during hours and hours…

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